Behold The Terrors Of This ‘Adult TikTok House’ Tour

The accidental horror hit of the year.

@honeyhouse provides 'adult tiktok house' tour, striikes accidental horror

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@househoney is a house consisting of adults aspiring for TikTok stardom who spend their days creating content together — actually not that new of a concept, with Vine (RIP) stars once moving into the same LA complex together. This doesn’t make the idea of a TikTok house any less terrifying, though — especially once you watch one member give a tour.

“Here’s what goes on at our adult TikTok house, called the honey house,” begins the video, essentially a warning sign. Abandon all hope ye who watch this TikTok.

The video’s a response to a question a blank profile posed, asking the house what they do all day and how they actually make money. Great question!

Well, we first meet Sam, who is filming workouts for YouTube on the house roof with a team of cameramen. Then there’s Nick, who is face timing brands because he works at a “big time agency”.

Don’t forget Bea, mindset and meditation coach who is running sessions via her laptop! And what about Erin, an ‘econ’ wisdom who is “always” crushing it on her computer which has a mirror directly above it for some reason?

Of course, there’s Jared, an actor and fitness instructor who works out while reading scripts and eating, and Nick, a motivation coach “firing people up on the phone”. And then some more fitness influencers!

It is hard to pin-point the worst part, but is arguably the fact that the house obviously sent this question to themselves, unless @heyhey08211992  is a real account, in which case I apologise.

Watch the video below.

If you’d like to gaze into the abyss further, know that the house are seemingly divided into “honeys” (girls) and “homies” (boys).

They mostly seem to do weird ‘challenges’ together, such as voting on who does the dishes and seeing who can get a reply to a text first. They also turn book pages and blow candles as a challenge. Just 20something things.

Some of their videos, such as one where they try not to flinch while a car trunk opens in front of them, have around 9 million views. That’s cool!

Oh, and if you’re worried that the adult TikTok house might not be a diverse content hub, they later clarified via comment that they do have POCs who live in the house. Assumedly, they were simply not available to film at the time (or, seemingly, for most of their videos).