Adrian Dzvuke Sucks: ‘I Used To Be Wrong About BBQ Sauce. I See The Vision Now’


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Doesn’t it suck when you leave something in the oven for too long? The joy of baking something new quickly turns to annoyance, as you’re left with a smouldering mess.

Not fun at all, especially when you have to clean up a lot of mess afterwards. Thankfully, Perth’s Adrian Dzvuke’s cooked his new EP, DON’T WORRY BOUT IT SWEETHEART, to perfection. The result is a smorgasbord of Afropop tracks to sink your teeth into, from the swaying ‘ECSTACY’ to the booming ‘NEW LOOK’.

DON’T WORRY BOUT IT SWEETHEART also features cameos from a quartet of Australia’s finest artists: Julia Stone, Beckah Amani, Ms. Thandi and Tasman Keith. The EP’s title is a reminder to Adrian that things aren’t always as deep as they seem, and we caught up with the Afropop star to find out what he thinks sucks (drinking beer) and what he loves (takeaway). Just don’t ask him about the first time he tried to bake cookies. 

Junkee: A mistake that turned into an opportunity? 

I wish I had one in particular for this but I can’t think of anything. I guess all my mistakes have just been mistakes to learn from.

Cringe quote you used to live by?

“You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take.” I used to say this all the time until I realised it was so cringe — even though it’s very true.

Worst advice you got and blindly followed?

Not advice per se but I used to care about people’s opinions in regards to my art to the point where it would inform my creative decisions. I’m so glad I got out of that because I think artists should always believe in their creative decisions. Most times it’s hard for people to understand where you’re at mentally and creatively, but you have to do it for yourself and just trust your instincts.

The worst failure you’re up for sharing, and what you learned from it? 

The first time I tried to bake cookies I burnt them so badly. What I learnt from this was to set a timer on the oven and not get distracted by Ozark on Netflix.

Anything you used to be wrong about?

I used to be wrong about BBQ sauce. I see the vision now.

Embarrassing internet habit?

Scrolling endlessly on TikTok for hours, I’m sure we all have done this to some extent. I have a love-hate relationship with that app.

Ideal morning routine versus actual morning routine?

I’d love to wake up early and go for a run/walk/gym session, then come back and have breakfast and then get on with my day. The actual reality 80% of the time is just scrolling on TikTok for hours. I have discovered that if I tell myself to not look at my phone in the morning, my days are so much better so I’ve been trying to do that recently.

Something very off-brand for you?

Drinking beer is something you’ll never see me do, I just can’t do it.

Bad health decision?

Definitely eating too much take away. I have been trying to cook more though but I’m a work in progress in that regard.

What do you waste money on?

Food and parking fines. I live in the city so sometimes when I drive somewhere I’ll just park for five minutes thinking I’ll be back in no time but they always get me. I have learnt my lesson.

Worst procrastination habit?

Scrolling on my phone is the standard one.

Adrian Dzvuke’s new EP DON’T WORRY BOUT IT SWEETHEART is out now. To celebrate the EP’s release, he’ll be heading around Australia on tour from May 25th to June 30th, playing shows in Brisbane, Newcastle, Sydney, Wollongong, Melbourne and Perth. You can check out when he’s coming to a town near you here.

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Illustration credit: Matt Lauricella, @pigeonboyart