Adele Helped A Fan Pull Off A Surprise Proposal During Her Concert And The Footage Is So Pure

Adele organising surprise proposals while doing promo for her divorce album? Iconic.

Adele Proposal Adele: One Night Only CBS

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During the Adele: One Night Only CBS special, Adele previewed a few new tracks from her upcoming albumsat down with Oprah to discuss some pressing topics, and even took the time to help a happy couple get engaged in front of a celeb-filled crowd.

While chatting with Oprah for the televised special, Adele revealed a few things about her divorce that heavily inspired her new album, 30. 

Choosing to leave her marriage because she wasn’t happy, Adele explained that she decided on divorce after realising that she was just “plodding along” in the relationship instead of truly living. And while the singer says that she and ex-husband Simon Konecki are still friends — and that Konecki is well-aware that 30 will discuss the couple’s split — Adele shared that she still feels a lot of guilt over “choosing to dismantle my child’s life for my own”.

But despite 30 being an album focused on divorce, Adele proved that she still loves love by using her comeback concert special to help a fan propose to his girlfriend of seven years.

Asking the audience at the Griffith Observatory in Los Angeles to be “really bloody quiet” as Quentin Brunson and a blindfolded Ashleigh Mann came out, the lights dimmed and Adele moved out of view to give the couple their moment.

“I need every single person to be really bloody quiet, alright?” Adele said before slipping into darkness. “Let’s turn the lights down. If you make a noise, I’m gonna kill you.”

After removing her blindfold and noise-cancelling headphones, Ashleigh was visibly confused by the huge audience that was present to see her finally get engaged to her longtime partner, which included the likes of Oprah, Drake, Gordon Ramsay, Leonardo DiCaprio, Selena Gomez, and Seth Rogen.

Nonetheless, Ashleigh got over her confusion and eventually said yes to Quentin which was swiftly followed by the shock of a lifetime when Adele emerged from the darkness to serenade the newly engaged couple.

Getting the couple to sit front row right next to Lizzo and Melissa McCarthy, Adele broke out into ‘Make You Feel My Love’ and dedicated the track to Quentin and Ashleigh.

“Thank God you said yes, otherwise I didn’t know who I was gonna have to sing this song to next — you or him, oh my God,” Adele quipped as McCarthy handed Ashleigh a glass of champagne. “Look at her, she’s so in shock. Ah-HAH. Oh, that was lovely, I had a little cry. This is for you two.”

Speaking to CBS Mornings about the experience, Ashleigh shared that she actually thought that the couple was headed to “a hayride” because they had been talking about going to a pumpkin patch together.

“I’m like, ‘OK, this is a dream, for sure. This is definitely a dream,'” Ashleigh said of the experience.

“I’m pretty sure we’re all best friends now,” Mann joked about sitting with Lizzo and McCarthy. “Hopefully, they’re coming to the wedding. But all I was thinking is thank goodness someone had a tissue. He knew I was going to cry like a five-year-old.”

“I’m very thankful. Melissa, thank you so much for the tissues. I needed them. Still there was make-up all over my face. But yeah, it was pretty awesome.”

You can catch Adele: One Night Only on November 21 on Channel 7.