Adele Lost Her Shit While Watching Beyoncé At Coachella And Honestly, Same

Even Adele knows when to bow down to Queen Bey.

In years to come, people will ask where you were the day Beyoncé delivered the greatest festival performance of all time. And if your answer is “at home on the couch”, rest assured that you’re in excellent company.

Beyoncé’s two-hour headlining performance at Coachella on Saturday night — which featured a surprise Destiny’s Child reunion, a Solange dance break, a Jay-Z guest verse, and over 100 tightly choreographed dancers — set a new benchmark for music festival performances.

Just ask Adele. The Beyoncé mega-stan tuned into the Coachella live stream from her London living room to catch the performance and, well, she had a bloody good time.

She even attempted to keep up with Beyoncé’s gravity-defying dance moves, which were well beyond the rest of us normies. Watch it all below:

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Adele definitely wasn’t the only muso to bow down at the Bey altar: Chance the Rapper, Janelle Monae, Lily Allen and Sam Smith all declared their love over socials.

Rihanna, of course, was front and centre at Coachella losing her shit in real time.

If you missed the full performance, you’ll be able to see it in full when Beyoncé steps up for her second performance at weekend two of Coachella in a few days time.

In the meantime, catch some snippets of it below.

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