Adani Is Seriously Trying To Convince Kids To Skip The Climate Strike By Showing Them A Graph

How do you do, fellow kids?

Adani Climate Strike

As thousands of kids prepare to take to the streets today for the School Strike 4 Climate, mining giant Adani has made a last-ditch effort to stop them…with a pie chart.

“Put that school strike placard down and check out this poster first”, Adani Australia tweeted this morning, presumably addressing its millions of adoring teen followers. As we all know, nothing appeals to the youth like a tastefully designed, technically inaccurate infographic.

Naturally, Adani is getting slammed. At the time of writing its infographic has accrued just six retweets and 15 likes, compared to 156 angry comments pointing out problems with the graphs.

And problems there are: the charts Adani tweeted are deceptively simple, claiming that mining 10 million tonnes per annum at the Carmichael Mine equates to less than 0.04 percent of Australia’s emissions, and less than 0.0006 percent of global emissions. That’s technically correct, except that the Carmichael Mine is projected to produce way more than 10 million tonnes per annum (Adani was originally planning on 60 million tonnes per annum, but the mine has been scaled back to begin at around 10 million tonnes per annum and increase to around 27 million tonnes per annum within a decade).

Then there’s also the fact that the emissions figures in Adani’s lovely charts don’t appear to take into account the emissions generated by burning the coal produced by the Carmichael mine — just the emissions involved in mining it.

Not to mention that the kids heading to the Climate Strike are advocating for no new coal whatsoever — even if the Adani mine’s total emissions were only 0.04 percent of Australia’s emissions, they’re still emissions. Honestly, read the room.