Hilariously, Mining Giant Adani Wants Individuals To Step Up And Fight Climate Change

It’s always only *individual* responsibilities & solutions to save the planet that these planet-plunderers coax us to endorse.


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The Adani Group have been blasted for publishing a social media video that first acknowledges the reality of climate change and then shifts the focus onto “finding individual responsibilities and solutions”.

The Twitter video starts with the statement “climate change is here” and then rolls into a montage of its most severe impacts including droughts, bushfires, and melting icecaps.

Rather than claiming responsibility for the Adani Group’s contribution to climate change or stating a new climate commitment from the multinational conglomerate, the video attempts to shift responsibility for climate protection onto individuals.

The narrator proceeds to ask the audience questions like, “can you help in mitigating its impacts?” and “can you lower your carbon footprint?”.

The video is part of a new campaign called ‘iCan’ that has been rolled out on the Adani site that calls for people to find solutions to climate change and encourages audiences to alter individual choices around food, clothes, and shopping in order to mitigate its effects.

‘iCan’ is also encouraging students between 10 and 17-years-old to submit their own “simple and innovative solutions that anyone can adopt in tackling climate change”.

Meanwhile, the controversial Carmichael coal mine in Queensland’s Galilee Basin that will produce around 10 to 15 million tonnes of coal per year is well under way.

Adani, which has renamed itself Bravus in Australia, has been a central target of climate activists since the Carmichael project was granted federal approval in 2014.

Despite the project downsizing significantly, the mine will still have profound environmental impacts, according to the #StopAdani campaign.

#StopAdani continue to campaign against the increasing number of coal ships that will be permitted to travel through the Great Barrier Reef World Heritage Area ever year, as well as the use of billions of litres of groundwater, and the mine’s contribution to emissions.

The Adani Group have also faced hefty criticism in the past for allegations of corruption, fraud, and illegal pollution.

In 2017, Adani dumped polluted stormwater into the sea off the Great Barrier Reef.

The water was dumped just before a cyclone was about to hit and Adani scrambled for a license to release more pollution due to the severe weather.

However, they exceeded even that license by 800% and were only fined $12,900 by the Queensland government.