Can You Guess How Many Times “Coal” Is Mentioned In This Huge Adani Ad?


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If you were lucky enough to sit down for a nice relaxing read of Fairfax’s Sydney Morning Herald on Sunday, you would have been confronted by four pages (four!) of advertising for mining giant Adani.

The ads didn’t say much really. It’s the kind of thing a company does when it has received a bunch of bad publicity, which makes sense when you remember that Adani is the target of one of the largest environmental campaigns in Australian history.

You probably know Adani as the company that wants to build Australia’s largest ever coal mine in the middle of Queensland. At its peak, the Carmichael coal mine will produce 60 million tonnes of coal a year. The coal will be shipped through the Great Barrier Reef to India, where Adani says it will provide electricity for 100 million people.

Scientists and environmental campaigners generally agree that the mine will be a disaster for the already-fragile Great Barrier Reef.

But the federal and Queensland governments are both huge fans of this project, which they say will create 10,000 jobs (it won’t). So you’d think the shiny new coal mine would get plenty of mentions in a four page ad in one of the country’s highest selling newspapers.

Let’s Take A Look

On page one we’re told that when we hear “Adani”, we should think ~energy~, ~future~ and ~long term~.


Mentions of coal: zero.

On pages two and three, we’re told about the company’s plans for rail, steel and solar energy. The rail and steel in question are actually a train line from the mine to a coal terminal near the Great Barrier Reef. Adani is currently asking the government for a $1 billion loan to help them build that train line. So, obviously they mentioned coal here, right?


Mentions of coal: zero.

Oh cool, so I guess they left all the GREAT NEWS about coal to the last page. Finish with a bang, y’know? Page four contains lots of talk about “responsibility, sustainability and diversity”, and a call out for job applications.


Mentions of coal: zero, zip, nada, bupkis.

So there you have it. In a four page ad paid for by a company that wants to build Australia’s largest coal mine, coal is mentioned precisely zero times.

Clearly, producing 60 million tonnes of coal a year is something we can all be truly proud of.