Adam Scott And Seth Rogen Should’ve Been On The Office Based On These Old Audition Tapes

John Cho as Jim would've been incredible, too.

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Earlier this year, The Office star Rainn Wilson posted a notice of the show’s original casting call on his Facebook page, which brought to light the exciting revelation that Adam Scott had auditioned for the role of Dunder Mifflin’s resident beanpole, Jim (made famous by John Krasinski). “Oh shit!”, we all said. “Imagine if Ben Wyatt was actually Jim Halpert!” And then all our brains exploded from trying to imagine it.

Thankfully, you needn’t risk blowing up your brains with strenuous imaginings anymore, because as Entertainment Weekly notes, the greatest DVD bonus feature of all time is included on the show’s upcoming Season Nine Blu-Ray release: snippets from the original casting tapes taken way back in 2003. Let us now carefully venture into this bizarro TV world…

Woah. Seth Rogen (still in his post-Freaks And Geeks obscurity) trying out for the role of Dwight! Mr Show and Breaking Bad hero Bob Odenkirk smirking his way through a Michael Scott line-read! Modern Family‘s Eric Stonestreet nailing Kevin’s doofus blankface! Parks And Recreation regular Kathryn Hahn reading for the role of Pam! John Cho and a possibly coked-out Adam Scott battling for the much coveted role of Jim! (obviously, they both lost).

That’s a pretty fascinating bunch of parallel universe scenarios. Just ponder how different the show would’ve been with a lovable Dwight? Or a Korean Jim? Oh my God, that would’ve been incredible. In summary, the last ten years of our lives have been a complete waste of time.