A Loving Round-Up Of Our Favourite Adam Levine Sext Memes

"The beautiful banality of the Adam Levine sexts is like poetry to me."

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If there are two events we weren’t really expecting to collide, it’s the Day Of Mourning for Queen Elizabeth II and a bunch of memes honouring Adam Levine’s leaked sexts.

“It’s truly unreal how fucking hot you are,” one of the Maroon 5’s singer’s texts to Instagram model Sumner Stroh reads. “It blows my mind.” On Monday, the Instagram model alleged that Levine had an affair with her (he denied the accusations); and by way of providing receipts, released a collection of cringeworthy texts she allegedly received from the man himself. A deeply entertaining meme format has kicked off as a result.

So without further ado, please enjoy some of the best responses to Adam Levine’s texts that we’ve come across so far.