Some Of The Absolute Best Things About The Month Before Uni

February is the best month of the year. Here's why.

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After three whole months of kicking it, we’ve finally reached the home stretch before uni goes back.

It’s been a wild ride: most of us have gone travelling, seen friends, eaten our weight in Doritos and actually gone to the gym for the first time in forever. And while we’ve been having a great time, it’s reached a point where we actually want to do something with our days other than watch TV.

The last month before uni is truly one of the most exciting in the year. Don’t believe me? Here’s some foolproof reasons why.

#1 The “Back To School” Fever

The constant advertisements on TV, the stationary littering the front of every Kmart ever, feeling extremely keen to learn: it’s that time of year!

#2 Officeworks

Oh, Officeworks. You sweet, comforting relative. We love your all-encompassing papery scent and your endless supplies of highlighters. We love your rows and rows of notebooks. We even love your confusing scrapbooking section! But most of all, we love that we spend far too much money and don’t even care. Take all of it, we are at your mercy.

#3 Staring Sweetly At Our Timetable

Having a look at your upcoming timetable for the semester is the definition of “good intentions”. We’re truly our best selves when we look down and swear to attend every lecture, “promise” we won’t skip the 5pm class on a Friday and ensure that the back-to-back tutes won’t get extremely frustrating.

#4 Writing In Our Brand New Diary

The other great thing about getting our timetable is writing all our commitments for the semester into our diary. It’s another beautiful beacon of motivation that will shine throughout the semester. It won’t be until week 7, when we haven’t washed our hair in four days and need to remember which day’s which, that we look upon our excessively neat handwriting and remember the days of excitement to study.

#5 Reading Stuff We Want To Read

We know fully well that once O-Week hits, we’ll be swamped with readings from the textbook. Now, we get to read the trashiest novels and beauty reviews on the internet for FUN. We don’t need to feel guilty or feel like we’re procrastinating. We’re lapping it tf up.

#6 Feeling Like We’re Really On Top Of Things

At no other point in the year will we feel as organised and as hopeful than in February. It was like the break acid-washed any bad memories completely out of our brain and we’re ready to start fresh. It’s a wonderful feeling.

#7 Self Care

Self care in February is turbo-charged because you know exactly how hectic the next few months are gonna be. You face mask, get massages, go on long walks, stay inside and watch Netflix all day and don’t even need an excuse.

#8 The Constant Partying

All our friends are likely on the same page about making the most of our last month before uni. As such, there’s house parties, barbecues and endless hangs. You’ve had a few months to finely tune the perfect gatho too, so they’re all great fun. I’d go so far as to say that the best of summer happens in February.

(Lead image: Billy Madison/Happy Madison productions)