Everyone Wants To Run The ABC Now That Michelle Guthrie Has Been Fired

"Michelle Guthrie is cancelled and that's tea sis"

abc managing director

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It’s been just over an hour since the ABC announced the sacking of Managing director Michelle Guthrie, and already everyone and their dog wants to be the new chief.

People are taking to social media to put the “public” back in “public broadcaster”, and as it turns out, they have a fair few ideas about what the ABC could be doing differently. Whether those ideas are good…well, see for yourself:

Meanwhile, others are taking the lead of outgoing director Michelle Guthrie and letting ABC Larry do the talking.

In seriousness, though, the media union is encouraging the public to voice serious suggestions as to what they’d like a new ABC director to focus on. If you’ve got thoughts on what the public broadcaster should be prioritising, now’s the time to make them known. And if all you’ve got are jokes, well, maybe it’s worth calling for a new managing director to support Australian comedy.