The ABC Is Getting A Brand New Live Music Show, With An Eye-Watering Guestlist

It's called 'The Sound', and it's hitting screens very soon.

The Sound ABC Recovery style show

Ever since the coronavirus pandemic hit and the touring industry folded, we’ve all been trying to get our hits of live music however we can.

Hence the staggering popularity of Instagram live concerts, drive-in gigs, and the constant promise that old favourite festivals popping up on the horizon will get to go ahead.

But if even all that isn’t enough for you, and you’re still desperate for some good old fashioned gigging, then you’re in luck, because a brand new music variety show is hitting the ABC this weekend.

Called The Sound, the show is packed with pre-recorded performances and informative interviews. Better yet, the roster of guests is already impressive. Episode one, co-hosted by Australian screen legend Bryan Brown, features everyone from the DMA’s to Lime Cordiale and Eskimo Joe.

But the show isn’t just catered for the contemporary. Some Australian legends will also be making appearances: Jane Gazzo and Zan Rowe will both be on deck, the latter outlining the latest in music news, and episode one will feature a performance from Nick Cave himself.

The show premieres this Sunday July 19 at 5:30, a perfect time to sit back into your couch and soak up some of the live music coronavirus has robbed you of.

Photo Credit: Supplied