Abbi From ‘Broad City’ Singing Lady Gaga Naked In The Loungeroom Is The Ultimate Ode To Sharehouse Living

On the edge of glory.

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I’d like you to have something. It’s a scene from the latest episode of Broad City‘s second season, where Abbi comes home one day and finds that Bevers, her forever-absent roommate’s hideous, couch-masturbating, neckbeard-scratching, shoe-pooping, ice cream sundae-spilling boyfriend, has finally gotten off the fucking couch and gone away, leaving Abbi in peace for one beautiful, transient moment.

What happens next is more than Abbi dancing to Lady Gaga naked in the loungeroom, although it definitely is that too. It’s an ode to every person who’s come home after a day’s work to a pile of dirty dishes they didn’t eat off of; every third wheel who’s stuffed their earphones in to drown out the sound of unnecessarily-loud sharehouse sex; every guy who’s run down to the bottle shop only to get back and find their housemate has put awkward teenage photos of them up on a widely-read drunk blog about the Masterchef finale.

It’s a tribute to anyone who, at some particularly bleak point in their lives, has thought to themselves: “Fuck sharehouses”. And it’s wonderful.

Here. Take this gift I have given you, and go in peace.