A Very Important List Of Celebrities Posing With Unlikely Animals

In tribute to Miley Cyrus's nude photoshoot with a pig, for Paper Magazine.

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Overnight, Paper Mag announced the contents of their new Summer issue. Themed ‘Use Your Voice’ the magazine will be taking a contemplative look at the intersection of activism and creativity. There’ll be an interview with Al Gore about Live Earth 2015, a talk with Pharrell Williams about “why ‘Happy’ is a revolutionary song”, conversations with gay country music stars on their experiences in the traditionally conservative genre, and news from Miley Cyrus about her new advocacy and support nonprofit for LGBT youth.

It’s really compelling and complex stuff, but — because this is the same mag who wanted to break the internet with Kim K’s lubed-up butt — the cover takes a slightly more outrageous approach.


Photo by Paola Kudacki, for Paper.


It’s naked Miley Cyrus. Covered in mud. Crouched over her outrageously happy pig. A pig whose name is Bubba Sue. Naturally, it’s made all of the headlines. But amidst all the excitement and/or condemnation, very few seem to acknowledge how standard this really is. This picture isn’t the result of Miley Cyrus being especially strange. This isn’t the isolated work of a particularly absurd magazine. For better or worse, this is just the way the world is.


David Bowie and Judgmental Tabby Cat, The Depths Of The Internet, Circa 1980s


With bonus tiny kitten on head:

Michael Jackson and Forlorn Tiger Cub, Thriller, 1982


One Direction and Adorably Apathetic Puppies, Wonderland Magazine, 2012


Zsa Zsa Gabor and Obnoxious Pink Poodle, Peak Hollywood, Circa 1940s


Helena Bonham Carter and Very Content Dead Fish, Fish Love, 2015


Helena Bonham Carter and Slightly Scorned Dead Fish, Fish Love, 2015


Gillian Anderson and Inquisitive Dead Eel, Fish Love, 2015


Oprah and A Grown Man Inside A Lion Costume, The Oprah Magazine, 2014


Lena Dunham and Socially Awkward Pigeon, Vogue, 2014


Paul Rudd and Some Poodles Which Definitely Need To Be Dyed Pink, GQ, 2014


Matthew McConaughey and Scary-As-Shit Vulture, Esquire, 2011


Naked Rihanna and Suggestive Snake, GQ, 2013

Screen Shot 2015-06-09 at 11.37.04 am

Naked Jennifer Lawrence and Suggestive Snake, Vanity Fair, 2014

Screen Shot 2015-06-09 at 11.37.14 am

Clothed Zac Efron and Confused Snake, Black Book Magazine, 2012


Jennifer Lawrence and Disinterested Cockatoo, Vanity Fair, 2014

Screen Shot 2015-06-09 at 11.39.09 am

Leonardo DiCaprio and Absurdly Small Polar Bear, Vanity Fair, 2007

Screen Shot 2015-06-09 at 11.44.20 am

Leonardo DiCaprio and Needy Swan, Vanity Fair, 1997

Screen Shot 2015-06-09 at 11.47.26 am


Leonardo DiCaprio and Baby French Bulldog (Full Stretch), Your Dreams, Circa 2000s


Leonardo DiCaprio and Cautious Bulldog, The Best Pool In The World, Circa Leo’s Dad-Dancing Era


Zac Efron and Secret BunniesBlack Book Magazine, 2012


Zac Efron and Adventurous HedgehogBlack Book Magazine, 2012


Zac Efron and Adoring Forest Rat, Black Book Magazine, 2012


Zac Efron and Foreboding Cougar, Black Book Magazine, 2012


Fuck It, Zac Efron IS AN ANIMAL, Black Book Magazine, 2012


The new edition of Paper Mag will be out in the US on June 22, though they’ve already warned more photos are going online tomorrow.