A Teacher In Belgium Is Punishing His Students With Game Of Thrones Spoilers

This is a very clever new teaching technique.

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Remember when, as a class clown with magnificent comedic shops, you’d hilariously disrupt your tedious Modern History class with clever jokes about Alexander Kerensky’s post-October Revolution Provisional Government, before your teacher would calmly call you to the front of the room and swiftly flick a wooden ruler across your knuckles? Yeah, that kinda thing doesn’t fly anymore.

Nowadays, like Michelle Pfeiffer in Dangerous Minds or Edward James Olmos in Stand And Deliver, teachers need to come up with unique new ways to deal with disruptive school students, and some evil genius in Belgium has come up with the best strategy yet: Game Of Thrones spoilers.


An understandably shocked student relayed the horror on the French website, DansTonChat. According to the kid, during a particularly rowdy maths class, his teacher asked the class how many of them watched Game Of Thrones. Three-quarters of the 70 kids in the class raised their hands.

“I’ve read all the books,” the teach told the class. “If there is too much noise, I will write the name of the dead on the board. There are enough to fill the whole year, and I can even describe how they die.” Like a boss, he then walked over to the blackboard and wrote down the names of all the people killed during the show’s third season, face as smug as Joffrey’s and chalk probably dripping blood.

“I can tell you that there was a religious silence during the last hour of class,” the kid said at the end of his post.

Times change, but school continues to be hell on earth.