A Guy Strapped A GoPro To His Dog When He Left The House And The Footage Is Heartbreaking

If you leave your dog at home, prepare to feel guilty as hell.

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You love dogs, because you’re a human and not an unfeeling robot person from the Moon, which is going to make this super difficult to watch. Turns out dogs don’t have secret adventures when you’re out of the house; they just miss you heaps and cry a lot instead.

To try and find out what Secret Dog Business looks like, Reddit user nigelandtheghost strapped a GoPro to his dog’s collar and left for the day. The battery ran out before he got home that evening, but when he checked the footage he found out his dog goes frantic with worry and misery the second he leaves it alone.

You can watch it below. I can predict, to the second, when your heart will break like an old rockmelon.

So when you leave your dog alone for the day, he’s probably sitting on a pile of your laundry, howling desolately at the ceiling because he misses you so much. This is devastating.

Feature image via Nigelandtheghost/Reddit.