A Guy In Melbourne Is Turning Crappy Anti-Abbott Graffiti Into Modern Art

As burns go, "Hey Tony Fuck Fuck You" isn't up there.

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While Tony Abbott has been overdoing it on the sake consumption and the crotch-revealing front with old mate Shinzo from Japan, his less-than-popular movements have been generating some rather volatile responses back in his home country.

One irate constituent has been ferociously tending to garage doors in Easey Street, Collingwood, to vent his spleen about our less than favourite PM, with some not-particularly-powerful messages of protest:

hey tony

It seems the owner of this particular garage fancies themselves not just a curator, but a commissioner of such “artworks”. In entrepreneurial fashion, they’ve taken the liberty of placing a laminated “plaque” next to the message to give observers some insightful context to the “piece”.

And it’s nothing short of brilliant.

halfwit simpleton

“The love heart adds a level of ambiguity to the piece: does the artist actually like Abbott? Or is it a different Tony altogether? is there significance in the repetition, or did the artist simply get confused and lose their way in such a long sentence? Like all great art, Idiotic Protest leaves the viewer with more questions than answers.”

“Fuck you” indeed.