A Collection Of Roxane Gay’s Delightfully Bemused Tweets About Australia

She LOVES Real Housewives of Melbourne.

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Seeing your country through the eyes of a visitor is interesting enough.

Seeing your country through the eyes of a visitor who also happens to be a brilliant thinker, writer and speaker on racism, sexism, feminism and the spaces between? Even better.

Roxane Gay, the author of Bad Feminist, is in Australia. So far she has humbled the Adelaide Writers Festival and, yesterday, the Wheeler Centre in Melbourne; this Sunday, she’ll be speaking at All About Women in Sydney, and the following night she’ll be appearing on the first ever woman-hosted all-women Q and A. 

In the meantime, those who follow her on Twitter have been treated to her observational snippets about our country, and (save for a poorly-worded question, and an overblown reaction) it’s been kind of delightful.

On Airports:

On Money: 

On Diversity In Advertising:

On Television:

On Rugby:

On The Real Housewives Of Melbourne:

On The Food:

On Adelaide:

So far Adelaide seems to be winning. But Sydney’s still in with a chance.

Roxane Gay’s Australian Tour:

Sydney: Sunday March 8, 11am, 1pm, and 4pm — All About Women @ Sydney Opera House

TV: Q and A on Monday March 9, 9.35pm on the ABC.