A Cloud Of Drunken Ronald McDonalds Has Descended On Inner Sydney And We Are All Completely Doomed

This is how the world ends.

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They came out of the north like a plague. Like a storm.

Faster than any horse can ride, they swept into the city on cold metal wings. Death went before them, and followed from behind.

They were led by a shade, all cloaked in black, a nightmare from the corners of your eyes made flesh. He steals food from the mouths of babes, and mothers weep to hear his footfall. Old Darkness, Night-Thief, The Ruiner; he has many names, and all are dread.

Like moths to the flame, they were drawn to the Poison-Well, and they drank from its unholy depths and drew strength. Thunder flashed from their burning eyes, their pitted mouths. Their jagged laughter knifed the sky. They rejoiced in the ashes of collapsed worlds.

Gather’d about their fell chieftain, they gazed into black mirrors with no depths, blinded eyes that see all things. They stood upon the precipice and smiled at the void they found, smiled with rotted teeth. They stepped into the abyss, and were glad of heart.

All is lost. All is lost.

Props to @rpy for documenting the plague’s beginnings.