Steve Buscemi Just Recreated His Iconic ‘How Do You Do Fellow Kids?’ Meme For Halloween

Pack it up, Steve Buscemi just won Halloween 2021.

steve buscemi halloween meme how do you do fellow kids

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Everyone can pack away their 2021 costumes, because Steve Buscemi just won Halloween by recreating his iconic ‘How Do You Do Fellow Kids?’ meme to give out candy.

Handing out lollies to the trick or treaters walking by his home in Brooklyn’s Park Slope, Buscemi was spotted sporting his infamous backward red hat, red hoodie, grey “music band” tee, and skateboard seen in the 30 Rock meme.

Poking fun at himself and the meme that’s still used nine years after it came out, Buscemi could’ve dressed as any of his iconic film roles like Buddy Holly from Pulp Fiction, Norther Winslow in Big Fish, or Donny from The Big Lebowski. 

But instead, Buscemi decided to give the people what they really wanted: a recreation of one of his most-loved moments.

The meme is so loved that despite airing in 2012, when Buscemi cameoed in 30 Rock as private detective Lenny Wosniak — a very old cop that was allegedly part of a “special task force of very young-looking cops who infiltrated high schools” in a spoof of 21 Jump Street — it’s still one of the most popular reaction images used online.

And love for the meme isn’t just reserved for the internet. When Buscemi was spotted in his legendary meme outfit out the front of his Brooklyn brownstone, people passing by snapped pics with the walking meme and living legend.

And because it’s New York, it’s only natural that singer Elvis Costello was right by Steve Buscemi handing out candy to the kids and happily taking photos with the excited adults passing by, too.

But Buscemi taking time out of his busy life to do something silly like dress up as the ‘How Do You Do Fellow Kids?’ meme just to amuse the world isn’t surprising. Steve Buscemi is actually a great guy.

Before Buscemi became a big-time actor, he was actually a New York City firefighter for four years — and even headed to the 9/11 crash site to help out in 2001 — so you just know he has a lot of love for the city and everyone who lives in it. And according to his iconic Halloween outfit for 2021, Buscemi’s love extends to everyone in the world too because we are truly blessed to witness this meme recreation.