9 Things You Need To Know About O-Week As A First-Year

Go in prepared.

9 Things You Need To Know About O-Week As A First Year

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Orientation week is the week of activities that kicks off the start of the uni semester. You’ll see things like games, bands, parties, food stalls, petting zoos, campus tours and much more!

It’s strongly encouraged for first years to come down and see what your uni has to offer, not only to get a feel for your new campus, but to meet friends and enjoy the festivities. But before you go, here’s some things you should know.

#1 There’s A Lot Of Free Stuff

People want to let you know that you made the right choice by choosing their university. So during O-Week they’ll pull out all the stops and give you a load of free stuff. I’m talking food, coffee vouchers, clothing discounts, magazines, toothbrushes. It’s really random but hey, it’s free stuff so who’re we to complain?

#2 It’s The Perfect Time To Network

O-Week is the perfect time to meet some third-years who’ll be your saving grace when it comes to asking any burning questions you might have. They also make excellent study buddies because they’ve been there, done that.

Lecturers are always out and about too. Try to strike up a conversation with your professor (don’t be intimidated, they’re not like your high school teachers – they’re friendlier!) and it never hurts to ask for some tips on getting extra credit. O-Week is a time for making friends, experiences and getting information – enjoy it!

#3 Take All The Leaflets People Give You

Enter your name in raffles (even if you think you’ll never win) and sign up for anything that looks fun – you never know what you’ll get out of it!

There’ll also be people handing out leaflets for help with referencing and how to get a parking permit. Don’t just throw it at the bottom of your bag: read it! Learn from it! And take whatever anyone throws your way, you might need it for later.

#4 Everyone Is There To Help You

Don’t be afraid to approach someone and ask questions. Orientation week is for you, the first years. So there’s no such thing as stupid questions.

#5 Take Advantage of Free Study Courses

There might be some essay writing or how to reference seminars available at your uni for you to try. They’re not always free, so take advantage of it while you can and attend as many free lectures as you like!

#7 Join The Student Guild

Do yourself a favour and join the student guild right away. It’s free to join and it will be the most beneficial thing for you as a student. It means you might get discounts, movie tickets, you get to vote within the university amongst many other benefits. There should be a few booths dotted around campus encouraging you to join – you won’t regret it!

#8 Take The Damn Tour!

There will most likely be people taking first years on tours around your huge and scary campus. GO ON ONE OF THESE TOURS. It will save you from showing up to your first lecture sweaty, crying and 20 minutes late. Or at least find out which room your classes are in to spare yourself the stress. It also helps to know where all the good cafes and public study spaces are.

#9 Look After Yourself

O-week can be a scary at worst, stressful and draining at best. Make sure you check in with yourself to see how you’re tracking. And of course, if you struggle with depression or anxiety make sure to seek out your campus counsellor, and find some support groups that are available for students.

Sophie Nicolas is studying a Bachelor of Arts in creative writing and is an aspiring writer, dog enthusiast and thrift shop fashion icon.