7 Things You Defs Won’t Miss About Uni

As graduation looms, you might be feeling a tad nostalgic about your time at uni. Here's a few things you definitely won't miss.

With graduation looming closer, you might be feeling a tad nostalgic. Of course uni has been stressful at times, but now it’s so close to ending you’re probably realising how good you had it. Student discounts, sleeping until noon, no real adult responsibilities and how about those four month summer holidays?

Everyone says uni is the best years of your life and that might be true. But before you start sobbing, I’ve compiled a list of things that you won’t miss, to help beat the post-uni blues.

Sitting In A Morning Lecture With A Hangover (Or Just Morning Lectures In General)

The shrill buzzing of your alarm goes off and you check the time. Its 6am and you have to be at uni in an hour. You have a rushed breakfast and sit for what feels like years in morning traffic. Before you know it you’re slumped in your chair, bleary eyed and irritable. You’re not even listening to this boring ass lecturer and you honestly feel like death would be a welcome escape.

Good news graduates, no more morning lectures!

Constantly Being On The Verge Of Homelessness

When you’re employed full time, you won’t have to shop at the lowest budget stores or be forced to eat cereal for dinner because you ran out of food money that week. The most wonderful thing? There is no overpriced textbooks to purchase! Which, let’s be honest, you’ve probably never used.

Realising Halfway Through An Essay You Have No Idea What You’re Talking About

You’ve just bullshitted your way through the conclusion and you can’t even remember what the essay question was. Thesis? It’s in there somewhere *clicks send*.

Lonely caffeine-fuelled nights of essay-writing will definitely not be missed. At least if your boss asks you to write an essay (although we sincerely hope not) it will be a topic you know a lot about (hopefully).

Feeling Like You’re Forgetting To Do Something Important

You know the feel. When you’re enjoying some downtime watching Netflix and you get that nagging feeling in your gut telling you that you’re forgetting something.  But you can’t quite put your finger on it. Oh well. If it was really important you’d remember, right?

Only when you’re in bed staring at the celling will you realise, absolutely horrified, that you had a paper due yesterday. Shit.

Skipping Lectures To Catch Up On Other Lectures And Falling Into A Vicious Cycle

The biggest addiction in uni is skipping classes. Remember the good old days when you were actually excited to attend lectures and soak up all that knowledge? Then in your second year, you skipped a couple of classes because it’s healthy to ditch sometimes, right? In your third year you honestly couldn’t care less. You tell yourself you will just read the lecture on blackboard. But you know, deep down, you never will.

We all wish we could just skip days off work, but since you are being paid to be there, it makes getting up in the morning that little bit easier.


Enough said.


While your first few trips to the library with study snacks and a few mates was fun in your first year, by final year you’re more than happy to never step foot in the library again. You definitely won’t miss the feeling of turning that first page and wondering if you’re in the right exam, because when the hell did we learn this?

Take relief in the fact that constant assessments are a thing of the past!

Sophie is currently studying a Bachelor of Arts and is an aspiring writer, dog enthusiast and thrift shop fashion icon.