7 Healthy Habits To Get Into If You’re Starting Online Study

Less procrastination and more getting stuff done.

Studying is hard in general. But what about when you no longer have to go into a physical building to learn? That makes the whole “getting things done” part of it a whole lot harder.

Over the past few years, more students have chosen to study online. And we think it’s a really positive thing! If you want to combine your love for travel or just hate face-to-face interaction, then online study is the option for you.

Guess what, we’re here to be that helping hand, offering some super healthy habits for you to get into this semester. 

#1 Look After Your Health

Looking after your health (especially your mental health) is a vital tip to studying online. Half of being a good student is making sure you maintain a balanced diet. Fuel yourself with lots of veggies and fruits and drink plenty of water, ensuring you’re in the best position to get those top grades!

Don’t forget about tactics to tackle your mental health either. 

#2 Create A Theme Around Your Study Space

In a cramped or crowded room, it’s easy to fall into the trap of feeling too restricted to study. A simple solution is to create a neat and organised work space. This can easily be done by theming your study area. Whether it be beachy, minimalist, have pretty pinks or urban vibes. Make it represent you and your study goals.

Obviously, if you’re the type of person who spends hours googling flights and picking future destinations than DO NOT put up a world map. Unless you’re studying a degree within the field of geography or travel… Then you’re in the all clear. 

#3 List It Out

Lists will become your saving grace. Write them daily to get into a healthy habit of knowing what you need to achieve that day. Buy a journal or even just a simple white note-pad and start getting organised. A clever mind trick is the act of drawing up a list and prioritizing the items, therefore, forcing you to do a little extra work. There is an oddly satisfying feeling with ticking things off – give it a go! 

#4 Get Comfortable (But Not Too Comfortable)

Get a good, comfortable chair to sit in cause you’re going to be doing a lot of that and your back will thank you down the road. Even if your chair is super comfy though, make sure you take small breaks in between study periods.

This is vital for not only stretching your legs but giving yourself some space for creative energy to flow. Get up and move around through the workday to boost energy, engagement and efficiency. In this break, step outside, clear your head, drink some water and then jump back into it.

Just so you know, coffee dates with friends DO NOT classify as healthy breaks from study. They only distract you more from the purpose of the task at hand.

#5 Light Some Candles

Invest in candles. Wow, I never thought I would make this point sound legit. Honestly, candles create an aroma in the room that makes you feel all fresh and relaxed inside. An instant calming technique for all your studies!

However, you might have to sacrifice four smashed avos to buy one as those nice, crackling, candles are quite expensive these days!

#6 Put Your Phone On Airplane Mode

We all know how strong FOMO is in our lives, but turning off your social media is another healthy study habit to get into. Getting distracted is a very real issue whilst trying to study and with 64% of US students stating that social media hinders their productivity, we know who’s to blame. So, turn your phone onto airplane mode and get to work!

#7 Time Your Study

Always set your study periods on timer. I do this often to know when I’m supposed to move onto a different task. If you have ever been to an in-class university lecture or tutorial then you will recognise that the tutor usually lets you work on certain projects in a time frame (i.e. talk amongst yourselves for five minutes or, try to brainstorm some assignment ideas for 20 minutes).

There are many time management apps available to help plan study periods around times when you’re most alert. Boost the efficiency of your studies by clicking over to that app store. Let’s get serious.

(Lead image: Grownish/ABC Family)