6 Places You Should Just Never Go On A First Date

Don't make it more awkward than it already is.

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First dates are daunting enough as it is, so why have them in the worst possible places? You’d think that the movies or a live-music event at the pub might not actually sound so bad, but if you think about it, they’re actually terrible. You want to get to know someone and give off a good impression – you don’t want to do it screaming.

Here are the six places you should never go on a first date.

#1 The Movies

Going to the movies for a first date is actually kind of awkward. You get to the movie and you’re basically forced not to talk because, well, you’re watching a movie in a public place. You haven’t gotten to know one another yet, it’s too soon to be making any moves on each other, so you’ll be sort of just sitting there with hands in lap – it’s just all wrong.

Movies for a third date is much better. By then, you would have break the ice and getting all huggy and mushy with each other come more naturally.

#2 Candlelit Dinner

A fine dining experience or some sort of fancy dinner is just too much for a first date. It’s intimidating, there’s too much pressure and it’s not the ideal setting for getting to know someone genuinely. The person invited on the date might feel like they need to amp up their persona to fit the expectations that the choice of date has forced upon them.

If dinner is already the plan, change it to a more casual place or get fish and chips on the beach instead.

#3 An Adventurous Activity

You don’t know this person yet. Even if they agree to something like ice-skating or paint balling, they might just be agreeing to sound polite. In reality, an adventurous date is too distracting and nerve-wracking to get an actual read on a person.

To play it safe, get to know them first before rock climbing or bungee jumping like a maniac.

#4 Live Music

I can’t think of anything more uncomfortable than trying to have a conversation with someone for a few hours with live music right in my ears. It will be a distracting date and you’ll probably end up going somewhere else anyway.

Live music at the pub is always fun with a group of mates, but when you’re trying to get some one-on-one time, it’s a little different.

#5 A Place You’ve Been With Your Ex

You’ll be comparing this date with your previous dates in that place, you might get distracted thinking about your ex, and worst of all, might give up on giving this new person a chance. Start fresh, take your business elsewhere and keep that place as a beautiful memory.

#6 Anywhere On A Double Date

Um, way to make it awkward! It might be OK if you all know each other, but still, it’s not ideal. Save the double date idea for a time in the future and don’t be afraid of some alone time.

(Lead image: Riverdale/The CW)