6 Feels You’ll Understand If Your Work BFF Has Resigned

Why did they do this to you?!

Two things happen when the roster’s up: you see if there are any shifts next to your name, and if there are, you suss out if your work BFF is doing the same shifts as you.

But what happens when your bestie resigns? As one user tweeted, “Not being dramatic but your work pals getting a new job is legit worse than a break-up.”

Read all about them feels, below.

#1 Your Thoughts Are Basically Katy Perry’s ‘Hot N Cold’

When your fave tells you they’re resigning, your thought train goes from, “OMG CONGRATULATIONS!!!” to, “BUT WHY?!” to, “I am so happy for you, I truly am” to, “But I’m also not happy that you’re leaving me” to, “I knew this year would be your year” to, “Can you please, please, please stay for another year?”

#2 “I’m Ready To Wallow Now” A La Rory Gilmore

You’ve just done your last shift with your work bud, and even documented your last shift together on Insta stories. As you part ways, you play the maudlin music of the university station, as Cher from Clueless puts it. While said maudlin music plays (HSM’s ‘Gotta Go My Own Way’.), you reflect on the first time you both met, the first time you both clicked, and all the tomfoolery that followed. You grieve, and you grieve hard. Kleenex?

#3 Surprise! You’re At Salty Station

Example? My BFF did fits shifts at work. Once she left, I started getting fits shifts. And what’s worse was it was during peak season.

I was #blessed to have a Chrissy casual with me, but a part of me went, “I’M NOT HER EFFING REPLACEMENT, SIS.” What I realised was that I was one of the few workies trained in fits and that this was temporary – I was at the counter the following week, where I was back in my element.

#4 It’s Not Personal, It’s Professional

Maybe your BFF scored a casual job where they finally feel like they’re being valued as a staff member. Maybe your bestie nabbed the full-time job of their dreams either before completing their degree, immediately after graduating, or after months of job searching. No matter the sitch, it’s got you in the mood schmood to get out (leave) too.

#5 You Get To Know Your Other Workies More

While you and your bestie were insanely tight, some were on the “Hi, how are you?” level. But the convos aren’t confined to the niceties no more. There’s some common ground between you and them, like the shared hatred you and your workies have towards your HBIC, maybe even That One Casual.

And while you vibed with the others, you felt they didn’t reach the level you and your fave were on. Not anymore. Hangs outside of work got them through the line, as did sending each other ugly selfies, and memes that make you all go, “OMG US!”

Work sucks a little less now, right?

#6 What’s Better Than Being Work BFFs? Life BFFs!

Now that’s not to say cut ties with your former work BFF. God no. You can still be friends, even if your OG quits for a new job. Enter: Life BFFs.

Yes, it can be difficult to organise a time you are both free. In fact, the only time you do see each other is when your fave pops by your work for a brief chit-chat. But something is better than nothing.

And just remember, twice the workplace equals twice the workplace tea. Sip on that.

Ryan Bautista is an Arts (Media, Culture, Technology) student at the University of New South Wales. Don’t @ him but pineapple belongs on pizza.

(Lead image: Keeping Up With The Kardashians/E!)