6 Aussie TV Shows Every Young Person Should Be Watching Right Now

Being in your 20s is hard. These shows will make you feel less alone.

Josh Thomas Everything's Gonna Be Okay

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Australia is producing some seriously good TV right now. Not shying away from topical issues such as mental health, race, feminism and just plain heartbreak, these local shows will have you wrapped up in a blanket and binge watching all weekend.

Supporting home-grown talent is super important, so we’ve rounded up the best that we think every young person should be watching. Watch out American pop culture, Australia’s coming for you.

#1 The Other Guy

Not your usual puppy-eyed male lead who does nothing but sleep around, The Other Guy’s AJ is inspired by Matt Okine’s ‘better version of himself’. Facing the ever-enduring challenge of heartache, AJ struggles to find his feet after getting out of a long-term relationship.

Impulsive, witty and fun to watch, you’ll be rooting for AJ while he works his way through his suffering and tells a story we can all relate to. This show is one of Australia’s newest and most treasured gems.

#2 Please Like Me

Photo: Please Like Me/Facebook

Set in the streets of Melbourne, Please Like Me is a four season dive into a range of social and mental issues that reflect Josh Thomas’ own experience.

This show doesn’t shy away from the real world problems that affect almost all Australians at some point: from Hannah’s self harm, to Josh’s mum’s suicide attempts, to abortion, homophobic discrimination, heartache, and just being a lost twenty year old in a big city.

This show is comedic gold that will leave you running to Coles for a tissue box.

#3 Utopia

Photo: Utopia/IMDB

This satirical comedy will answer all your questions about the Australian government’s efficiency and effectiveness (or lack thereof).

A group of government workers at Nation Building Australia build a really fast never-sees-the-light-of-day train from Melbourne to Brisbane as well as a train from Melbourne to the airport we still can’t ride on.

Utopia taps into Australian politics with full throttle comedic value and wit. It’ll make you want to write an angry letter to the PM yourself.

#4 Glitch

Photo: Glitch/IMDB

Sargent James Hayes, played by Patrick Brammall, is a country cop who will steal your heart. Although with his dead ex-wife coming back to life and his current wife about to have a baby, he’s got his hands pretty full.

Set in the fictional rural Victorian town of Yoorana, this emotional drama ticks all the binge-worthy boxes. Glitch unravels a dark mystery and captivating tale of a bunch of Australians who come back from the grave.

#5 Growing Up Gracefully

In Growing Up Gracefully, Hannah & Eliza are sisters who rediscover a 1950s advice book given to them as young girls. They decide to compare it with modern day advice to find out just how to grow up.

Dissecting generational shifts in views of womanhood, this show explores sex, spirituality, hosting parties and everything in the middle. These girls are daring, clever and full of charm.

#6 Twentysomething

Jess and Josh are the friends you love to hate. Struggling to make rent on the reg, these two get up to a bunch of get rich quick schemes on the streets of Melbourne. They often find themselves in challenging situations where their friendship and true characters are tested.

Twentysomething is an easy to watch comedy that will definitely be your newest Netflix pick.

Marnie Vinall is a Marketing and Media Communications student at Monash University. She loves reading, writing and her huge collection of plant friends.

(Lead image: Please Like Me/Facebook)