50 Cent Is Beefing With Melbourne Graffiti Artist Lushsux, Because 2020 Makes No Sense

Lushsux's murals of 50 Cent as Taylor Swift and Donald Trump have pissed off the rapper.

50 cent lushsux beef

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Over the last week, 50 Cent has entered into a feud with *checks notes* a Melbourne-based graffiti artist.

Famed street artist Lushsux has been painting murals of 50 Cent for the last two weeks. Starting with a digital manipulation of 50 Cent as Donald Trump, Lushsux has continued his attack on the rapper with six other 50-related artworks.

Adapting digitally manipulated images created by Mister Morris, Lushsux has now painted 50 Cent as Donald Trump, Post Malone, Chairman Mao, Taylor Swift, without teeth, wearing a Yankee with no brim, and as 50 Pence, a mashup of him and US Vice President Mike Pence.

Declaring the project ’50 Week’, Lushsux decided to continue painting the murals after seeing just how annoyed 50 Cent was getting by the paintings. On his upload of Swifty Cent — a combo image of Taylor Swift and 50 Cent — Lushsux captioned the photo: “I might turn 50 week into 50 month and turn this war on 50 into some Iraq-type quagmire.”

From the first Donald Trump creation, 50 Cent noticed the art and shared it on his own Instagram page. “Look at this shit man,” 50 captioned the photo. “The fuck is wrong with these people? LOL.”

However upon realising that these murals weren’t letting up, the rapper stopped finding the humour in the street art. When the second piece of art popped up, 50 asked: “Who the fuck keep painting these murals of me all over the place? This is fucked up man.”

After the third, 50 Cent’s anger turned to awe, as he just questioned how Lushsux was able to pump out these artworks so quickly. But after letting the fourth one slide, 50 Cent’s irritation returned when photos of ‘Swifty Cent’ appeared online.

“Man look at this shit,” 50 said. “TF is wrong with this guy? He won’t stop.”

But 50 Cent was sure to pay credit to where credit was due, labelling Lushsux ‘talented’ for being able to do the street art so fast. However, the rapper still had questions around why he was the chosen subject for the countless murals.

The last straw for the rapper was Lushsux’s latest artwork that depicted 50 Cent as Pence, where he just called the artist a “fucking lunatic.”

Just rolling with the punches, Lushsux didn’t seem too bothered by 50 Cent’s reaction to his art.

“I think 50 secretly likes my work or maybe he’s gonna get someone to break my legs next time he’s down under,” Lushsux wrote on Instagram. 

Answering all of 50’s burning questions, the artist shared that he wasn’t getting paid to whip up the iconic artworks and joked that the way he gets them done is crack.

Even Ja Rule weighed in on the current beef between the pair, calling LushSux his new favourite artist thanks to ’50 Week’. Anyway, stay tuned to see if 50 Cent comes down to Australia post-coronavirus to actually hit Lushsux in the back of the head or not.

Music Junkee reached out to Lushsux to try to understand why exactly he chose to target 50 Cent — he has yet to respond.

You can follow Lushsux to see whatever 50 Cent creation he comes up with next and you can follow 50 Cent to see his reaction to whatever happens next.