5 Ways To Go Out And Have Fun When Your Friends Are Unavailable

Nothing more badass than enjoying your own company.

Do you ever find yourself in one of those moods where all you want is to head out the door and just explore the world and DO something? If yes, then you’re certainly not alone!

If your usual gang of friends is already busy or happily curled into a blanket at home, don’t fret. There are plenty of things to go out and do solo that will satisfy your lust for adventure when everyone else is unavailable.

#1 Go To A Gig

Great gigs are one of the most exciting things that pop up in my calendar. Unfortunately not everyone has the same (incredibly rad) taste in music, so finding friends to accompany you to those metal or Peruvian pan flute gigs can occasionally be a bit of a struggle. In these situations, I say just go! There’s nothing worse than looking back on the year and wishing that you’d just gone and seen that band. You might even meet some cool new people at the gig since you already like the same band as them.

#2 See A Movie

Everyone loves movies, right? So why not go see one at the cinema? When you go to the movies alone, you are met with overwhelming power. Not only do you get to pick exactly which movie you want to see, but you also get to pick the time, place, and importantly – you get to decide on the snacks. Sure, hanging out with friends is great, but you must admit it’s hard to combat those levels of freedom and convenience.

#3 Go To A Gallery

This one’s for all you Sex and the City fiends – you too can be like Carrie Bradshaw and go out to a gallery in a pair of stilettos. Of course you may opt for some comfy converses instead, but the main point is that going out and looking at art is always a fun adventure. Going to galleries on your lonesome can also be incredibly rewarding because it gives you the time to really look at the art and see how it makes you feel. It also does wonders for your inspiration levels when you’re stuck halfway through a 2000 word essay and feel like you’ve already said everything there is to say about a topic.

#4 Just Explore!

Sometimes the best way to go out and have fun is to just leave the house with some good tunes and no plans at all. If there’s a suburb near you that you’ve never been to, why not go check it out? You can find some of the coolest street art and best cafés by just heading out on a tram and seeing what there is to find. Then next time you and your friends are thinking of somewhere cool to catch up you can suggest that adorable little café that you discovered on your walk.

#5 Go To The Botanical Gardens

Really any pretty park will do, it doesn’t necessarily need to be a “botanical” garden. In any case, buying yourself an ice cream or coffee and just strolling among the flowers is nothing short of lovely and relaxing. It can also be a lot of fun to take a camera along with you for some lovely, artsy snaps of the flowers. You could even treat yourself to a full afternoon of relaxing in the sun with a picnic blanket and a book.

Renee is a third year Media and Communications student from Melbourne who enjoys drawing and writing. She also loves rock and metal music and plays the cello, although sadly not in either a rock or metal band.

(Lead image: Seinfeld/NBC)