5 Signs You Treat Yo’ Self Way Too Much

I mean, you do deserve it after all.

We’re all guilty of going a bit over board with the whole treat yourself thing.

If you’re finding it’s getting a little harder to justify those random treats you like to give yourself, you might just be over doing it. Here are the warning signs that it’s gone too far.

#1 Every Day Is Treat Yo’ Self Day

Treating yourself is a fun and exhilarating experience. And it’s hard to stop once you get started. Hard day at work? Treat yo’ self. Passed all your exams? Treat yo’ self. Actually went to your uni lecture for the first time this year even though you’re in semester two? TREAT. YO. SELF.

#2 You’re Constantly Broke

Bank account always looks depressingly empty? If you’re a treat yourself addict, then you are constantly living that broke life. It wouldn’t be an actual treat if the thing you wanted to buy was easily affordable, right? Whoever said money doesn’t buy happiness has obviously never felt the adrenaline rush of buying a $200 Seafolly swim suit.

Sometimes I just imagine about all the extra money I would have if I didn’t treat myself so often. I mean I’m not going to stop doing it, but just imagine.

#3 You’re Not Sure If You Even Deserve It

You know it’s bad when you need to find random excuses in order to spend money on yourself. Does getting out of bed with a hangover count as a treat yo self moment? What is the line between a normal accomplishment and a treat yo’ self worthy one?

It’s normal to feel a little guilty when we keep spending money on ourselves. But you know what? I’m a full-time third year uni student who managed to get out of bed this morning and put on pants to go to class instead of ignoring my responsibilities. If I think that’s treat yo’ self worthy then no one is going to tell me otherwise!

#4 You Have A Loyalty Card To Your Fav Store

This is another perk of treating yourself. You become a regular at all your favourite stores and the staff will most likely treat you like an old friend when you walk through the doors. Nothing wrong with that, right?

My regular treat yourself store is Dymocks and they know me by name and what I like to read. The best part is that my rewards card gets used so much I always get extra credit to spend on more books. Once you reach this level of treat yo’ self there’s no going back. 

#5 You’ve Spent More Money on Yourself Than Others This Christmas

So you’re walking around doing some Christmas shopping and you can’t seem to think of anything to buy your family. But suddenly you can’t stop seeing gifts that would be great for you. It feels like a sin to buy yourself nice things in the lead up to Christmas since it’s supposed to be about giving and not being a selfish prick. You could always just add it to your Christmas list?

Nah, I can’t wait that long. * buys 23 gifts for myself *

Sophie Nicolas is studying a bachelor of Arts in creative writing and is an aspiring writer, dog enthusiast and thrift shop fashion icon.