5 Reasons Why Moving To Canberra Is A Good Idea

Truth be told, Canberra’s pretty awesome.

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It’s officially time to release any last prejudices the country is holding against our capital city because truth be told, Canberra’s pretty awesome.

There’s no use denying it; life in Canberra is good and the city has a lot to offer. Even Lonely Planet has seen the light and recently ranked Canberra as #3 in its top ten cities in the world to visit next year.

To make up for the years of belittling Canberra, we’re going to be straight up about why making the move there might just be the best idea you’ve ever had. These are our top five reasons why Canberra is actually pretty damn great.

#1 It’s Cheaper

Let’s kick things off with one of the most seductive aspects of life in Canberra: it’s cheaper. Relative to Australia’s other cities, it’s much easier to get by for less in our capital city. Canberra comes in at 15% cheaper than Sydney and 5% cheaper than Melbourne, which basically means more dollars to spend on brunch, booze and booking holidays.

You can scout out considerably cheaper rent in Canberra and there’s a whole lot more available for the taking, unlike the cutthroat real estate games you play in Sydney and Melbourne. Students can get an even sweeter deal as Canberra has more on-campus accommodation available than any other Australian city, with over 90% of new undergraduate students guaranteed a spot.

If you’re keen for city life on a budget, Canberra is the place to be. Get around hot spots like the food truck/arts market collective, The Hamlet, and local faves Tilley’s and Griffith Vietnamese to have a good time without breaking the bank.

#2 Young People… Everywhere

Canberra has the highest student population of any Australian city. It’s lovingly referred to as a student town and it is just that. So if you’re keen to live amongst a lot of young people then voilà, we give you Canberra.

As home to some of Australia’s best universities, Canberra is bursting at the seams with students and all of the fun that that brings along with it. So whether you’re keen to make mates or potentially more-than-mates, what we’re saying is that living in Canberra is kind of like fishing in a small pond with a whole lot of fish. Like, a lot of fish.

Over the years the city has morphed and shaped up to facilitate the young crowds and now it’s a thriving hub of millennial culture and good times. Who saw that coming? Canberra you sneaky minx!

If you’re young and considering the move to Canberra you definitely won’t be alone.

#3 Life Is Good

Alight now I don’t say this lightly, but life is pretty damn great in Canberra. First off, the city has come into its own as a foodie haven and now there are amazing eats practically everywhere you go. There is nothing boring about eating out in this city. Plus, Canberra’s coffee culture guarantees you access to delicious roasts any time, any place, and it’s the official home of Australia’s Barista Champion.

When it comes to getting around, Canberra is super cruise-y compared to city life anywhere else. There’s pretty much zero traffic congestion and there are bike paths all over the city, so it’s always a very chilled commute. As far as job-hunting goes, it’s generally not too tricky to find work in Canberra, which makes the idea of moving a whole lot less intimidating.

#4 Nightlife

Whether you’re into bars, beer gardens, clubs or pubs, Canberra has you sorted for a good night out. Partly thanks to the hefty university population, and the tendency of that population to enjoy a rowdy night on the town, Canberra has a thriving nightlife.

While it may seem ironic that Canberra, home of Parliament House and destination of your low-key boring middle-school excursion, is also home to some of the best nightlife in the country, such is life.

The city may still be (incorrectly) considered ‘dull’ by rival cities, but look past the (uninformed) bad attitudes and resentment and the truth is, Canberra is hopping, and everybody’s jealous.

#5 Location, Location, Location

Canberra cops a lot of flack for being far away from everything when really, the location is one of the best things about living there. It’s perfectly positioned in between Sydney and the Snowy Mountains, so micro-adventures in either direction are an easy win.

This is a particularly hot commodity during those trans-seasonal periods when you could drive a few hours and soak up the sun, sand and salt, or drive in the other direction and get stuck into the snow. Canberra is primed to enjoy a little bit of everything.

You can also take a little trip and check out places like Tidbinbilla Nature Park or the Murrumbidgee River corridor or any of 140 wineries, which are within 35 minutes drive of the city. The ACT is one of the most underrated spots in Australia and it’s time to give it the appreciation it deserves.

Lead image: ANU Med Revue/YouTube

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