5 Part-Time Jobs You Can Have Right Now To Help Your Future Career

Don't underestimate the value of office skills.

Right now, your part time job might be simply a means to an end: a way of paying for your rent, bills and the two bottles of $6 riesling you sink on the odd Saturday night. But instead of wasting your precious time scanning fruit and veg, turn your part-time job into skills that’ll help you get paid now as well as help your career later.

The job market is getting more competitive by the day and applicants need more than degrees to start their careers. Interning is fun, yes, and you’ll learn a lot. But you don’t have to wait until graduation to gain skills that will help you be employable. Get them now.


Working in admin can be boring, repetitive and isolating but spending time behind a desk will give your CV tangible evidence of basic office skills.

Along with the ability to use a photocopying machine and answer the phone confidently, getting an admin job will show your future employers you know how to use a computer in a professional environment. These skills are not as common as you think, so learn how to function in an office environment now so it’s not such a shock later.

Event Planning

Volunteering is frequently recommended to our generation, but you can volunteer without it chewing up all of your time.

Sporting leagues are always in need of extra hands to organise events and logistics. Offering to plan a fundraiser for the league that hosts your Tuesday night netball game will teach you how to liaise with multiple parties and collect the correct tools and products. It’ll demonstrate your ability to offer an exceptional service to your customers and see projects as a whole. All qualities of an outstanding employee.


A good employee understands managing a business isn’t just about getting angry with staff, going home early or cleaning up messes when things go badly.

Managers need to be proactive and productive, and the best person to help a manager get the job done is someone who has been in his or her shoes. So, instead of wasting away behind the coffee machine, take some initiative. Impress your future employers by learning how to delegate tasks to staff, manage personalities, co-ordinate logistics and, most of all, support your future boss. 


Knowing how to write well is an indispensable skill for all industries. Considering you’ll likely be drafting emails one day, writing proposals and communicating with clients and colleagues directly, having a writing job while at uni will show your future employers you have experience writing outside your assignments.

It’s likely every applicant you’re going up against also has some sort of writing experience at uni so get an edge by learning about things like structural editing, style guides and tailoring to specific audiences.

Starting Your Own Business

Entrepreneurial experience is a classic example of showing you’re a go-getter. Besides racking up desirable skills like dealing with clients, business logistics and crunching numbers, you’ll be able to show future employees you’re aware of your skills and the need for them in the market.

Your business doesn’t need to be anything giant—think cleaning, walking dogs, personal shopping—just an opportunity to gain experience in things like enterprise marketing, sourcing leads, creating business plans and strategies, networking…. The list goes on and on!

These jobs aren’t substitute for work experience in your industry, but they just may be the stepping-stones you need to your first industry-related job. So, put your thinking caps on and get creative. Don’t just work for the money, make your job work for you.

Kelly Walker is a creative writer and recovering bagel addict based in Melbourne. When she’s not writing or playing roller derby, she’s searching for the best smashed avo ever. She’s on Twitter at @kellywalker89 and promises to start tweeting, one day.