5 Electives That Will Help Your Future Career

Spreading your electives around is a great way to beef up your resume.

Electives just seem like something you do so you don’t die of boredom between your Intro 101 classes.

But spreading your electives around is a great way to beef up your resume and gain skills to set yourself apart when applying for a job.

So, instead of wasting your time doing classes you think might be fun or units your friends are doing, diversify your resume by selecting electives that will help you in the long run.


Don’t know if oui oui is Spanish, Italian or French? Contrary to popular belief, you can be a complete virgin in a language before studying it at uni; no prerequisites required!

All you need is a whole lot of brain space and the confidence to recite a well-rehearsed French colloquium on demand during every single job interview you have after graduating. Learning a language isn’t just something that will help you stand out, having an understanding of other language means you will likely be a valuable resource in the future and have an active and expanding brain.


Having a little bit of knowledge about #auspol and the political climate shows you’re interested in the world around you. Studying politics demonstrates your ability to see things on a grand scale, understand other ways of life and have a grasp on how political decisions affect businesses and the lives of everyday people. It also serves as a memorable talking point in interviews.


We’re all suckers for marketing, even if we’re not willing to admit it. So if you want to be a valuable asset to your future employer, having an understanding of how relationships are formed between the business and their consumers will go a long way in showing you invested in the company as a whole, not just the area you’re in.

You’ll also learn tools on how to cater to audiences, human patterns of behaviour and how to take advantage of search engine algorithms.


Writing units at uni aren’t often about constructing a sentence or planning a paragraph. They’re about considering your audience, figuring out appropriate content and planning the purpose of your report, social media campaign or magazine feature.

If words like zeitgeist, persuasion and authenticity tickle your fancy, compliment your resume by learning how to write.


We are children of the technology age so to make sure you’re ready for the tidal wave, an Introduction to IT unit will serve as a beneficial addition to your resume and university experience. And don’t worry, you probably won’t need any previous experience either.

Thinking about your post-uni life might be kinda dull right now but remember, your future competitors are likely using every opportunity they can to set themselves apart in the job market. So, I’m sorry to say it buddy, but you probably should too. You can thank me later.