The 5 Best Apps To Help Keep You Organised Online

Paging everyone with a cluttered desktop.

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As we get further along in the year, we tend to start accumulating a lot of digital clutter.

It’s important to keep things organised, so that it’s easier for us to find what we’re looking for later on. Here are some of the best apps to keep that virtual filing system tidy.

#1 Pocket

This app is the hidden gem of the internet. It not only works on your iPhone, iPad and Android phone, but also has a web app for your computer. Pocket allows you to save anything from anywhere in the internet, such as videos, photos, articles and Instagram posts into one place, and lets you organise all your saved items by tags. It even downloads your saved webpages for later, so you can read important articles while offline.

Pocket starts off completely free, but the premium plan is ad-free and has a more advanced search experience. Sign up and download Pocket here.

#2 Reminders

Possibly one of the most underrated stock apps, Reminders is — well, unsurprisingly — great at reminding you about things.

A trick to using Reminders more efficiently is to write more than one thing to do in each one. You can group little things to do in one reminder, then only hit complete on once the whole list is done. It’s a great way to stay on top of things. You can also keep multiple lists — perfect for keeping stressful uni to-do lists separate from the bills.


IFTTT, or If This Then That, is an app that allows you to make basic programs to keep your life organised. The app allows you to make “recipes” that have a simple layout — if this happens, do that. You can also browse recipes made by the community. A few examples of these include “automatically back up photos you’re tagged in on Facebook to an iOS Photos album”, “automatically save your Gmail attachments to Dropbox” and even, “get a notification every time an astronaut enters space”.

Not only is IFTTT amazingly useful, but it’s also free, and works with just about any internet-connected device you could have. Get it here.

#4 Evernote

The king of note-taking apps, Evernote is probably one of the best-known productivity apps – it allows notes to be transferred over any device almost instantly. One somewhat hidden feature it has, however, is the ability to search through your handwriting and allow you to categorise your (probably) messy handwritten class notes into tags and notebooks. Like Pocket, Evernote starts free but offers a Premium subscription for those power users. Find it here.

#5 iBooks

Commonly mistaken for being just an e-book platform, what iBooks really offers is a way to store all sorts of PDFs on your mobile device, as well as a way to organise them into collections for easy finding. It even keeps your files up to date across all your Apple devices, and offers a reader mode that makes it easier on the eyes.

iBooks comes standard on most iOS and Mac devices, so you don’t even need to download anything.