Happy 4/20: Activists Have Hidden Weed Plants All Around Sydney

Blaze it.

legalise weed 4/20

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It’s 4/20, and in celebration of weed and the recent push for legalisation, a bunch of activists have hidden cannabis plants all around Sydney.

Sadly, the plants are not real marijuana — that would be a hugely illegal and very expensive hill to die on — but they really are all around Sydney (in the outer suburbs, too!), and they look the part.

A spokesperson for the collective behind the stunt said the plants are there to get people really talking about legalising weed, and what that might mean for this country. “The sad fact is everybody knows that cannabis isn’t nearly as bad for people as, say, alcohol or cigarettes,” the collective’s spokesperson said, “but no-one wants to talk about it because it has such a stigma. We’re just hoping to get people talking.”

legalise weed

The plants are also there to encourage people to attend the upcoming Hemp Health and Innovation expo on May 12-13, which is a conference centred on having those conversations about weed. This year, the conference is asking the question “who are we hurting?”, in the hope that people will turn up and engage with the actual benefits and harms of cannabis, rather than the stigma the plant has developed.

If a conference isn’t really your style, though, fret not: why not just spend today on a blazing scavenger hunt around the CBD in search of the (often quite craftily hidden) plants?

There’s a map to all the locations here if you’re too lazy to just look around. Get in quick, and you might just get the perfect 4/20 selfie.

legalise weed