29 Article Ideas For Your Brand New Women’s Site

News Corp's female-focused news and opinion vertical launched this morning. Assuming these sites would soon begin to run out of ideas, Elmo Keep and Maddie Palmer came up with a few.

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[Update November 21, 2016]: Good news, ladiez! Two more local ‘women’s interest’ sites have been announced this month, both promising to shake up the now extremely crowded market.

The offering from the Nine Network is called 9Honey and recently launched with Helen McCabe, former editor of The Australian Women’s Weekly, at the helm. The other has just been announced today. Whimn (or the With Her in Mind Network) is going to launch as a portal combining News Corp’s existing titles such as Kidspot, Taste, Primped and Body and Soul.

“Welcome to whimn, home of hangover-free wine and guilt-free cheese. Just kidding!” the site’s landing page reads. This and the name are the only things people have to judge on so far, but that’s not stopping anyone.

To their credit, Whimn’s new editor Melissa Overman has stated the site will be dedicated to content that “doesn’t devalue women”. That’s great! I hope that is true! At the very least it would put them one step ahead of 9Honey.

Screen Shot 2016-11-21 at 2.46.34 PM

Fuck extremely off. (via 9Honey)

As the curtain is lowered on beloved female-focused news and opinion site The Hoopla, another is raised: this morning, News Corp announced their first entrant into the women’s publishing arena — the awkwardly named and stock photography-laden RendezView.

Selling itself somewhat nonsensically as “the meeting place for news-making views”, RendezView will feature news and opinion from News Corp writers including Sarrah Le Marquand, Wendy Tuohy, Claire Harvey and Miranda Devine (the latter of whom has already used the platform to denounce marriage equality and the United Nations, and pen another love letter to Tony Abbott.) ‘Nobody knows what Cindy Crawford looks like anymore’ reads a particularly alarming headline (really? NOBODY?), and in another op-ed, Rita Panahi denounces the modern feminist movement as “baying banshees“.

RendezView not the only new entrant into this particular space. Daily Life continues to offer up the goods, Mamamia recently unleashed their offering for older readers, DeBrief Daily, and the Daily Mail‘s FeMail is on its way as well. Assuming these sites would begin to run out of article ideas soon, Elmo Keep, Maddie Palmer and Steph Harmon came up with a few.

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Feature image by Vladimir Pustovit, under a Creative Commons license on Flickr.