Anthony Albanese Is Our Next Prime Minister


albanese wins election

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Well there you have it, folks, it looks like Labor has won the 2022 federal election and Anthony Albanese will lead us through the next three years of government. It remains unclear if it will be a Labor majority or minority government.

The victory is to be expected after ABC election analyst Antony Green confirmed that the Coalition would be unable to form a majority government earlier in the night.

“The Coalition will pick up seats when Western Australia come in. Labor will pick up seats when Western Australia come in,” he said earlier.

“They’re expected to hold and they may pick up one or two seats, so that gets Labor above 70. With the independents doing well, I can’t get the Coalition to 70. I can’t see the Coalition getting to majority government on these numbers. At the moment the Coalition, I can’t get a path for them to get to 70 seats. Maybe in the mid to high 60s. I can get Labor over 70.”

Labor polled ahead for most of the pre-election polls, but as we know all too well from the 2019 election, nothing is certain until we actually vote.

ABC election analyst and man we all depend on Antony Green made the call, noting that “it’s not clear what Labor government we will get.”

Anthony Albanese is yet to officially comment on the predicted victory.

It has been a particularly bad night for the Liberal party with Peter Dutton — who has repeatedly been touted as the next Prime Minister — looking likely to lose his seat of Dickson.

Josh Frydenberg, the other man predicted to be PM has also likely lost his seat to hugely successful teal independent Monique Ryan, who fought to fix telephone voting laws yesterday.

Other major losses to the Liberal team include Dave Sharma in the seat of Wentworth, who looks to have lost to independent candidate Allegra Spender and TERF Katherine Deves, who looks to have lost to independent Zali Steggall in Warringah after dominating headlines all election campaign.

Zoe Daniel, independent for Goldstein looks to have also ousted Liberal Tim Wilson in Goldstein.

United Australia Party leader Craig Kelly is also predicted to lose his seat after spending a literal fortune on political ads throughout the election.

More to come.