Here Are All The Best Memes About The Clusterfuck That Is The 2020 US Election

"Why Alaska taking so long? They got like 5 people and 2 polar bears."

Us election memes

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24 hours since most polling locations officially closed, the world is still waiting to know the result of the US Election.

With the race being so close, mail-in votes will be what determines the final result — and there’s a lot of them as a result of the pandemic. So while Joe Biden and Donald Trump are on pretty even playing field with the votes already counted, it’s the millions of absentee ballots that will determine who the next president will be.

Namely, the status of few key swing states remain undetermined as mail-in votes are still being (slowly) tallied, including Pennsylvania, Arizona, Nevada and Georgia.

Yet, even with these key states still being in flux, Trump has already decided to prematurely claim victory in the election, complain about mail-in votes being a “fraud” and threaten to take the still undeclared result to the Supreme Court.

To make it all that much more ridiculous, thanks to Trump’s claims that the mail-in votes are a scam, Republicans have even stormed vote tally sites, in the middle of a pandemic, just to protest legitimate vote counting. And this civil unrest is likely to continue once the election is over, regardless of who ends up winning.

Really, the US election is exactly what we thought it would be: An absolute clusterfuck. But it’s exactly times like these that need a bit of levity, you know, so that we don’t all collectively lose what little sanity we have left in 2020.

So as America and the rest of the world bit their nails as we await the result of the 2020 US election, please enjoy these memes that’ll hopefully take some of the pain away:

Oh, what could’ve been.

At time of publishing, the result of the 2020 US Election is still unknown. To know the latest information, follow along with Junkee’s live blog here