2019’s Final Meme Is A Perfectly Dumb Way To Send Off This Evil Year

Twitter is obsessed with a ball of dough getting spanked, because of course it is.

Ball of dough -- 2019 meme

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It’s been a rough year, filled with apocalyptic weather and evil politicians. Which is why it’s a nice little treat that the final meme of 2019 is a sweet and innocent video of a ball of dough getting its ass spanked.

Okay. Context.

Earlier this week, Twitter user @boys4yuta posted a video of a ball of dough being beaten around a vibrating bowl. It’s not clear why someone is wailing quite so hard on the dough — some viewers have posited that it might be to make mochi, a chewy Japanese sweet treat.

But the trick with memes is never to try and understand the whys or the hows. It’s just to sit back, and let the thing wash over you.

So, uh, let’s do that right now.

Of course, this kinda shit is catnip to the internet. It’s weird, it’s cute, and, most importantly of all, it’s desperately horny.

So, within moments of it going up, the video went viral, attracting thousands of likes and retweets, and eventually spawning everything from parodies to honest-to-God fan art.

So, here’s the ball of dough with a pair of flashing googly eyes:

Here it is drawn as a wet-eyed, incredibly lusty cartoon character:

And here it is folded into a meme about Twitter scolds desperately ruining everyone else’s fun:

Of course, given the intensely sexual nature of the meme, some Twitter users have found themselves at a loss to explain it to their friends and family. But hey, isn’t that what the internet is all about: forcing you to have awkward and bizarre conversations with those who care about you to justify your interest in some niche, horny bullshit?

This is all ridiculous, obviously. But sometimes, ridiculous is exactly what you need. And what better time to sit back and relax with a video of a ball getting its fantasies fulfilled than at the end of a tough year, in a political and environmental climate only getting tougher?

Praise be the ball of dough, is what I’m saying.