19 People Have Been Hospitalised After A Crowd Crush At Falls Festival Lorne

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Nineteen people have been hospitalised with serious injuries following an incident at the Lorne leg of Falls Festival last night.

Punters reportedly lost their footing trying to make their way from DMAs on the Grand Stage to London Grammar on the Valley Stage, just before 10pm. Witnesses on social media and ambulance officials have described the scenes as chaotic.

“Shoes were torn off, phones crushed and bones broken,” posted a mother of a punter who was lucky to escape the incident on Facebook.

The ABC reports of injuries including leg, rib, hip, pelvic, spinal head and facial, as well as cuts and abrasions. More than 60 people were assessed by paramedics at the scene, with 13 women and six men taken to hospital for further treatment.

“We had a good medical presence on site and worked closely with first aid providers and local hospitals to coordinate the treatment and transport of those injured,” State Health Commander Paul Holman told The ABC.

“While the injuries are significant, this could have been quite a tragedy and we are grateful that the outcome was not worse.”

Falls Festival organisers issued the following statement last night:

Lead image: Falls Festival Facebook