10 YouTube Spirals We All Fall Into When We’re Supposed To Be Studying

Sorry we did this to you.

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Ah, the YouTube spiral. A state of being all too familiar to those of us who have ever tried to get something done on a computer, ever.

Falling into a YouTube binge is by far the most detrimental thing for your productivity. Hours pass before you even look up from your screen. And when you do, it’s to discover that the afternoon light has turned to darkness. It’s chilling. But look, it’s definitely going to happen, so why fight it?

Here are the best YouTube videos we always end up watching when we’re trying to complete an essay or assignment. You’re welcome, we guess.

#1 Best Vines Of All Time

All we need to say is RIP Vine. RIP. We never the deserved you. The perfect 6-second video platform may be sorely missed, but it still lives on in our fav memes and countless Youtube compilations.

But if you start watching one Vine compilation vid, you’re going to watch all of them. Don’t say we didn’t warn you.

#2 WatchMojo

If you asked me IRL if I cared about the top 10 scenes in trailers that aren’t in the actual movie, I would ask you if you were drunk.

But 12 videos deep on the WatchMojo YouTube channel, it’s not even a question. Gimme that top 10!

#3 Soldiers Returning Home From War

OK you might think this is extremely weird, but hear me out. Watching soldiers return from war is the kind of sappy emotional release you truly need after hours of study. So beautiful.

#4 Unlikely Animal Friendships

I’m sorry, but a cat and a dog putting aside their differences to spoon each other? A goat riding horseback? A cat nestling a mouse in its arms?

It’s all too much :’)

#5 Interior Design Envy

When your desk is littered with chip packets and highlighters, it feels soothing to look at beautiful, clean apartments. How cool are real adults?! How good would it be to be one?

#6 Will It Blend?

If you’ve ever stopped to ask yourself if the world’s largest gummy bear will blend, look no further than the video above.

#7 Trailers For Movies I’ve Already Seen, But A Long Time Ago

Is this just me? Do you guys also like watching trailers for movies you’ve already seen? Specifically from the early-to-mid-1990s-2000s era that tend to feature well-known actors at the beginning of their career?


#8 Dance Routines

If you’ve gotten to the point of your study where you need a bit of exercise, dance routines are perfect.

They also double as a fun party trick you can pull out on a weekend. People will think it’s really impressive that you know a cool dance from the pop culture cannon and not realise the real truth: that you only know how to do it because you’re extremely behind in your uni work.

#9 Stand Up Comedy

This one usually starts from looking up a particular bit and ends three hours later after I’ve watched a comedian’s entire back catalogue and know their full “coming up in the industry” story. Help.

#10 Giant Food You Can Make

These videos are just watching people make giant versions of fast food favourites. Giant chicken nugget, giant Big Mac, giant french fry. At this point in the spiral, why not?

Sorry we did this to you.

(Lead image: Joanne The Scammer/Twitter)