10 Ways To Score Free Stuff If You’re Tired Of Spending Your Hard-Earned Cash

Buying things is overrated.

Yes, life is tough for millennials. But millennials who also study full time? It’s a nightmare. With the New Year gearing up and all our 2018 plans starting to take shape, we’re gonna need to be precious about our hard-earned cash.

I mean we couldn’t possibly give up our Sunday brunch dates or not buy, y’know, things we want. So, instead of sidelining your lifestyle to cater for a trip to Europe, score some stuff for free so you can put all your dollars away for better things. And no, you won’t just end up with junk you don’t need, the stuff you’ll score from these tips will actually save you money.

#1 Community Gardens 

Joining your local gardening group will not only mean you’ll score yourself some new pals and a love for horticulture, community gardens also offer free veggies and seedlings. Check out your local council, community groups and uni because it’s likely at least one will have something floating around you can dig into.

#2 Dumpster Diving

Not the most glamorous lifestyle but hunting around in dumpsters behind shops and warehouses will sometimes offer you fresh, edible and food that is still in date. Dumpster diving is a great way to combat unnecessary waste, but beware because it’s technically illegal in Australia.

#3 Birthday Promotions

There are so many freebies available to you on the anniversary of birthday, including free food, cruises and discounts on linen and clothing. Check out this list from The Cusp to see who’ll give you what for free on your birthday.

#4 Free Samples

Some brands give away free samples on their websites. Mostly single use stuff like sanitary items and protein powder, but if you’re bored and keen to stop scrolling down social media, sample hunting is a fun way to kill time.

#5 O-Week 

Perfect timing because O-Week is just around the corner. Even if you’re not a first-year student, O-Week stalls hand out some pretty impressive stuff. Diaries, dinner vouchers and stationary are just some of the things I’ve scored during uni orientation.

#6 Hairdressing Schools

If you’re not fussed about the style or the amount of time you’re there for, hairdressing schools will give you a thorough and polished haircut for free. The stereotype of walking out of the salon with a Tucker Fry cut isn’t true – students are supervised throughout the entire process, just set yourself up with a book or podcast.

#7 Gumtree

People are always giving away free stuff on Gumtree. If you’re lighting quick, you could score free furniture, clothes, outdoors tools… really anything you’re allowed to sell in classifieds.

#8 Verge Collections

Your local council is likely to offer some sort of roadside hard waste collection. Be it once a year or once a quarter, people often throw out perfectly good stuff, such as furniture and plants, so they don’t have to deal with selling it. Check with your council to see when the next collection is and get ready to hunt your local streets.

#9 Free Facebook Groups 

You’re city or town is likely to have a freecycle Facebook group where people post the stuff they don’t want and people who do it want it, pick it up. It’s that easy. If where you live doesn’t have a group, start one!

#10 Libraries 

Libraries aren’t just places to flick through your uni textbooks so you can avoid buying them. Some offer access to movies, audio books and newspapers, as well as an abundance of workshops, talks and torturing.

(Lead image: Parks and Recreation/NBC)