10 Types Of People You Simply Do Not Need In Your Life

People who stand up as soon as the plane lands: what are you doing?

There are people out there in the world who really know how to push our buttons.

Usually they’re strangers and they have no idea what they’re doing. Hell, you might be one of them without even knowing it, but one thing is true – they are the worst types of people and you don’t need them in your life.

#1 People Who Order Complicated Coffees

“Hi, can I get a double-shot, almond milk, dirty chai latte with organic coffee, not the regular coffee you use, and fill it three-quaters with one sweetener, not raw sugar, but organic stevia if you have that.”

Whether you’re the barista or the friend of the long-coffee-order-person, it makes you want to roll your eyes straight into the back of your head.

#2 People Who Clap At The End Of The Movie

Sure, they’re just a bunch of strangers who are a little cringe and enjoyed a movie at the cinema so they decided to clap. They’re harmless! But you still find that you and your friend can’t help but go, “Ugh! Please stop!”

#3 People Who Stand Up As Soon As The Plane Lands

Everyone wants to get off the plane, Bill. Keep your pants on!

#4 People Who Can’t Park Properly

OK, parking is hard, that is true. But, when there’s someone in front of you taking what feels like 10 years to park, it’s very frustrating. To keep calm in these sort of situations, think about how your car might be famous if this stupidity ever ends up on YouTube. Or, you can imagine how much pressure that person is under and empathise with their struggle. Either/or.

#5 People Who Walk Excruciatingly Slow

For some of us, walking at a fast pace is nice and it’s the worst when we end up behind someone who walks at the pace of a sloth. When there’s no room to get around them and the footpath is too narrow, you get the feeling of pure rage.

#6 People Who Won’t Let You In Front When You Have One Item

When you only have a magazine and a Coke Zero, and the person in front of you has a trolley stacked to the top, it’s just completely rude if they don’t let you in front of them. Like, there’s something wrong with you.

#7 People Who Don’t Smile Back

Plain rude! Everyone should just smile back. Unless it’s a really hot guy walking past and you’re seriously just too frigid to even keep walking, then it’s understandable.

#8 People Who Ask For Tedious Favours

The last thing you want to do is someone else a favour, especially if it’s someone you don’t really know too well. Or even worse, if you’re in the middle of something and they choose to ignore that.

#9 People Who Get On The Train Without Letting Everyone Else Off First

Everyone wants to get on the train, but it’s a social rule that you need to wait for everyone to get off first. That’s the way it works, don’t screw with the system!

#10 People Who Drive Way Too Fast When You’re In The Car With Them

Hello, my life is precious, thank you. Treat it accordingly xx

(Lead image: Real Housewives of Atlanta/Bravo)