10 Things Rory Gilmore Taught Me About Studying

Rory Gilmore is the patron saint of studying.

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I don’t care what you say, Rory Gilmore is the patron saint of studying.

While it seems counter productive, nothing will stir me into a bout of intense study more than watching a few episodes of Gilmore Girls. Rory makes study look so aspirational, so cosy, so… foolproof! All that study she did actually paid off. Small town girl got into Yale, after all.

I learned everything I needed to know about being a good student from that loveable, ambitious dork. And I’m super glad I did.

#1 You Won’t Get Anywhere Without Hard Work

Sure, Rory’s outrageous family wealth and good connections got her pretty far in life. But you can’t deny that she worked very hard along the way.

Rory’s extremely OTT study schedule reminded me that I could always push a little harder than I was.

#2 Don’t Pay Attention To What Your Peers Are Doing

The Paris and Rory rivalry was completely one-sided. Rory didn’t care what extra-curriculars Paris was taking part in or what grades she got, despite constant prodding. She just kept her head down and did her own thing, coming out on top at the end of it all.

When my uni mates would talk about how prepared they were, or asked me to share my grades, I tried to make like Rory and not buy into any of it. Uni’s not a competition. We’re all doing our own thing.

#3 Read More Than Just The Readings

The most admirable thing about Rory is her love of reading any and all books. We tend to get so stuck in our uni readings or – ahem – avoiding uni readings, that we forget there’s joy to be had in a really great book.

Girl definitely reminded me to pick up a novel that wasn’t on the course outline, and it did a world of good to how I structured my essays.

#4 Too Much Study Is A Thing

Rory is a grade-A stress nugget who has a habit of taking on way more than she can handle. It’s what I would call “what not to do” kind of learning.

No grade is worth a ridiculous amount of emotional turmoil. Take a break every now and then.

#5 You Have Permission To Be A Total Slob

Haul that hair into a top bun! Live with food on your face for a questionable amount of time! Smell like your little brother’s bedroom on a really hot day!

Who cares about personal hygiene and societal standards? You’re in study mode.

#6 What Is Study Without Coffee, Coffee, Coffee?

Ah, yes. The beverage that makes the Gilmore Girls so iconic: coffee.

And you know what? Their love of coffee is probably the most relatable part of the whole darn show. I didn’t once believe that I could also have a quaint, small town life bankrolled by rich grandparents, but I did believe that I shared their coffee addiction.

I mean, coffee is just so good, you guys.

#7 Don’t Let Anyone Interrupt You When You Need To Concentrate

Lorelai is constantly trying to lure Rory out of study binges and into watching TV but Rory always refuses. This is the kind self-control that I need when I’m drifting off into a daydream about Riverdale romances.

#8 Study Snacks Are Essential

Rory is a verified snack queen. She wouldn’t dare to power through heavy literary theory without a pack of Pop Tarts in one hand and a pile of Doritos in the other.

Same, tbh.

#9 Always Be Curious

Study never seemed to be a chore for Rory. She was just naturally curious about everything, in the way a great journalist should be.

Always diving deeper, asking more questions and never settling until you get to the bottom of things is a pretty good way to be. It’s also a pretty good way to approach an assignment.

#10 And Don’t Freak Out If You Haven’t Reached Rory-Level Success 

One of my favourite parts of the Gilmore Girls revival was the realistic portrayal of Rory in the real, adult world. She stumbled and made mistakes and got to a place where she was really unsure about what would come next. Watching the show for so many years gave me some unrealistic expectations about what I could achieve both academically and professionally, but if it Rory Gilmore herself struggled on her own, then surely my experiences were totally normal.

Rory is a fictional character who was dealt a pretty great hand by the Gilmore Girls writing staff. So if you feel like you’re studying your butt off but haven’t reached valedictorian level, don’t worry. No one can be like Rory. You’re doing really great.

(Lead image: Gilmore Girls/Warner Bros)