10 Movies You Need To Watch Before Christmas Day

Time is running out!

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Christmas is just the best. It’s the most festive joyous time of the year and there is plenty to get around. From gingerbread houses to tacky Christmas t-shirts, and of course, all the movies.

Watching Christmas moves is by far the best part of Christmas, especially cause you can really only do it for 25 days of the year. Jam-packed with holiday cheer to melt any frozen heart, we’ve gathered the holiday’s absolute best movies.

Your pre-Christmas weekend has been sorted.

#1 The Nightmare Before Christmas

“What’s this? What’s this? I can’t believe my eyes, I must be dreaming”. Christmas is nothing without a screening of The Nightmare Before Christmas. With tinsel covered everything and presents for doing absolutely nothing, we’re dreaming too pumpkin boy.

Extra points for the perfect musical numbers.

#2 Home Alone 

This one is a downright classic! I’m yet to come across a human being who does not love this movie. While you’re at it, go ahead and watch two and three as well.

#3 The Grinch 

Calling your mum and/or dad ‘the Grinch’ for not letting you eat cookies for breakfast everyday in December? Just about as classic as this movie.

Nothing is better than Cindy Lou Who bringing out the goodness and Christmas spirit that was in The Grinch all along. It’s bloody heart-warming.

Also, shout out to those intricate Whovian hairstyles.

#4 Elf

This family comedy is a bloody delight. It’s set in the literal North Pole so you can’t get any more festive than this.

#5 Love Actually

Now maturity has sprung upon us, we realise that the dude confessing his love to his best mate’s wife, is in fact creepy and kind of gross.

But whatever, this movie is still awesome. If Liam Neeson doesn’t tug at your heart strings every time he opens his mouth, you’re lost on me.

Bonus points for Colin Firth swimming and Thomas Brodie-Sangster as the cutest child actor in the world.

#6 A Christmas Prince 

Look it’s filled with two-dimensional vanilla characters but it’s basically so bad it’s good. Hands up if you wanna go to Aldovia immediately! I know I do.

#7 Die Hard

Helllllllo Bruce Willis. The verdict’s out on whether or not this is actually a Christmas movie (minimal Christmas cheer in our opinion), but in the spirit of Christmas generosity, we’ll allow it.

Yippee ki-yay.

#8 Christmas Inheritance

Am I seeing double or are the characters really similar to A Christmas Prince? More two-dimension vanilla characters bringing you Christmas cheer from a made up small town. So hateable it’s watchable.

#9 Mean Girls 

Oh c’mon, Mean Girls contains one of the most iconic Christmas scenes in any movie ever. The plastics Jingle Bell Rock is holy ingrained in our Christmas spirit.

#10 Bad Santa 

A lot more crude than cute, this is a bit of an alternative to the usual Christmas flick. Definitely not one to watch with the ‘rents.

(Lead image: Home Alone 2/20th Century Fox)