Waste Half Your Day Looking Up The World’s Earliest Tweets

The new website Topsy lets you search through the early days of Twitter. Find out who used #YOLO first!

Twitter, that now ubiquitous social media site/lifeblood of the internet and lonely folks, was officially launched in March 2006 by creator Jack Dorsey to help lazy people communicate with each other in child-speak. For maths dummies, that’s seven years now. Since I’m like this guy at technology, I can’t tell if that’s a surprisingly long time or a surprisingly short time, but I guess it’s impressive?

What’s more impressive, though, are the visionaries who’ve been using the service since its early days. Topsy, a new website that archives every Tweet since the site’s launch, now exists to help honour those early-adopting, tech prophets. You know, like the person who said “penis” on Twitter first. As if you’ve never wondered about that!

Come, let us search through the origins of some now pervasive internet terms…


5-09-2013 11-47-45 AM

Congratulations Nic, you should be immensely proud.


5-09-2013 12-49-40 PM

Zach Snyder probably owes ‘Sinister’ some royalties.

“Kevin Rudd”

5-09-2013 11-53-09 AM

Wow, there were parody accounts way back in 2006? That’s incredible. You are a true visionary, (Fake) John Howard.

“Tony Abbott”

5-09-2013 12-18-27 PM

“Federal Health Minister”, lols. But what’s the drug??


5-09-2013 11-58-53 AM

Of course it’s about Apple products.

Game Of Thrones

5-09-2013 11-45-59 AM

You have no idea what you started, defunct Twitter person. So let’s give it to Brynn White instead.


5-09-2013 1-12-47 PM

Behold, the James Joyce of Twitter.


5-09-2013 1-07-49 PM

It all started as a typo? That’s kinda perfect.


5-09-2013 12-48-02 PM

I have no idea what either of these people are talking about.

“Can women have it all?”

5-09-2013 11-57-38 AM

Geez, good one, Kate Longmoore.


5-09-2013 12-05-55 PM

And it’s a company about organic dog products! These guys are real internet prophets.

“Miley Cyrus”

5-09-2013 12-24-24 PM

Some things never change, Jason.


5-09-2013 12-30-07 PM5-09-2013 12-29-57 PM

Ah, the early days of pretentious tweets. These two tweets offer a useful insight into the way people commonly used this newfangled Twitter thing back in the ol’ days: one, to comment on the form; and two, to post ridiculously mundane shit.


5-09-2013 1-41-52 PM

Thanks for nothing, bald dude. More troubling, though, is that it was actually the Twitter tag for California’s Yolo County DA for a long time. Uh, I don’t think any of these stories constitute a #YOLO:

5-09-2013 1-44-10 PM

Thankfully, they’ve stopped using that now.

“Ron Swanson”

5-09-2013 12-03-00 PM

Poor real Ron Swanson.


5-09-2013 12-05-24 PM

Fake sincerity: alive on Twitter since Heath Ledger’s death. (FYI, this is the tweet he links to).


5-09-2013 12-34-17 PM

Goddamn, no wonder I ignored Twitter for so long.

Have fun wasting the rest of your day here.