Watch This Man Propose To His Boyfriend On Stage At Adele’s Melbourne Concert Last Night

Paging Peter Dutton.

At a time when a small contingent of politicians and social commentators are doing everything they can to maintain an outdated status quo, it’s important to remember that ultimately, love wins. Last night in Melbourne, more than 77,000 Adele fans were reminded of exactly that, after a man proposed to his boyfriend right there on stage.

Adele was in the middle of her opening number (a little known ditty by the name of ‘Hello’), when she saw 37-year-old Chris crying in the audience. A short time later, she invited him and his partner Wade to join her on stage, where Wade got down on one knee and asked Chris to marry him.

Chris said yes, of course, and the crowd went absolutely wild.

“I had no idea that was going to happen,” said a beaming Adele after hugging the pair. “That wasn’t planned.”

To be totally honest with you, I tend to think public proposals are generally kind of tacky. But I defy you to watch the following footage without crying at least a little.

Hopefully a few people in Canberra are watching, too.