Watch Donald Glover/Childish Gambino’s Short Film In Full

It features Flying Lotus, Chance The Rapper and pornstar Abella Anderson. It's pretty weird.

A couple of weeks ago, Donald Glover aka Troy Barnes from Community, aka rapper Childish Gambino, posted an eerie and abstract 50-second teaser to his Twitter page, accompanied by the words “director’s cut next week”.

The news followed half a year of Glover retreating from the limelight; he’d stopped updating his website, cleaned out his Instagram, and cut down on tweets. Meanwhile, it was announced that Troy Barnes would only appear in five episodes of Community’s fifth season; the actor was taking a step back to focus on his rap career.

And then three hours ago, this:

look around

Go to his website and you’ll find the full version of the film, which he wrote, directed and starred in: clapping for all the wrong reasons. At just under 25 minutes, it features Flying Lotus, Chance The Rapper, pornstar Abella Anderson, Trinidad James and Danielle Fishel — Topanga from Boy Meets World! It’s on a loop and streaming live, meaning you come into the thing halfway through the action, but you can watch it start to finish on YouTube, too.

I’ve only watched a bit of it so far. It is very prettily shot, and kind of hypnotic; the scenes cut between him and his friends recording in the studio, idly chatting about vaginas, and hanging around a huge and beautiful mansion and pool.

But watch out! All of a sudden Glover is in front of a bathroom mirror, pulling a long piece of bloodied string out of his nose. This is not nearly as fun as watching him be handsome and rich. Actually, it made me feel really sick.

Live streaming video by Ustream