Triple J’s Veronica And Lewis Have Made Centrelink Some Appropriately Brutal Hold Music


You know when you’re on hold for something important — being forced to wait and wait and wait to complete some gratuitously difficult small task that’s crucial to your life in some way?

You know how that time drags on and on and on with the frustratingly saccharine sounds of hold music that make you feel like everyone else, every other human in this moment on Earth, is having a much better time than you?

You know how that music — in all its endless loops and rhythms — sets your mind down a track and you subconsciously loop back on every single aspect of your life up until this point and your perceived place in the world and the system you’ve become forced into relying on in some way in all its lumbering incompetencies and denials of responsibility and fundamental inadequacies?

Well, triple j’s Veronica and Lewis have provided you with some music that may better align with this state of mind! The station’s drive-time presenters just released a clip made in collaboration with Melbourne metal band Twelve Foot Ninja. It speaks for itself:

I’ve never been into metal before but you know, I think I get it now.