Triple J’s Ben And Liam Have Taken An Epic Dig At Commercial Radio And It’s Glorious

Shots have definitely been fired.

There’s no question that triple j’s new breakfast presenters, Ben and Liam, have had to deal with incredibly high expectations. Triple j listeners don’t like change at the best of times, and the duo had some seriously big shoes to fill after the departure of the much-loved Matt and Alex.

Lately though, they seem to have been winning listeners over — and this latest skit might have just sealed the deal.

After one of triple j’s commercial rivals, Triple M, took a cheeky shot at the youth broadcaster for, among other things, its dedication to “sweet” alternative music and “drugs”, Ben and Liam decided to fire back.

The pair “tuned in” to the unnamed commercial station, which of course bears absolutely no resemblance to Triple M, to listen to some top-quality banter between the hosts: Zipper and The Shit-stick.

They were even fortunate enough to catch the seventh time the station had spun ACDC’s ‘Back To Black’ – which, if you’ve ever actually listened to a classic rock station for more than ten minutes, is a likely scenario.

All up, it’s a scarily accurate impression — listen to the full skit below.