Greens Senator To Tony Abbott: “We Want Our Country Back”

"Prime Minister, you are welcome to take your heartless, racist exploitation of people's fears and ram it as far from W.A. as your taxpayer-funded travel entitlements can take you."

[UPDATE: July 14 2017] Greens senator Scott Ludlam has just announced his resignation from federal parliament. In a statement the WA senator said it was “recently brought to my attention that I hold dual citizenship of Australia and New Zealand. Under Section 44 of the Australian Constitution I am therefore ineligible to hold elected office in the federal parliament”.

The story is developing now and most details are still up in the air, but it’s an announcement made all the most shocking by the impact the senator has had on Australian politics over the past few years. For many young people, his entrance to mainstream public consciousness came from this speech to then-Prime Minister Tony Abbott. We may now have a new Prime Minister, but many of the issues he talks about are still just as striking.

More details to come on the news here.

On the night of March 3, 2014, a few weeks out from the Western Australian Senate by-election, Greens Senator Scott Ludlam stood in front of a near-empty Parliament under the guise of inviting Prime Minister Tony Abbott to visit his state, and gave the Coalition one of the roundest shellackings you’re likely to be treated to.

Delivered flatly, calmly, just short of menacingly, his speech covers everything from environmental policy to penalty rates; from school funding to broadband; from the Trans-Pacific partnership to the shark cull. It includes so many incredible lines that it’s hard to pick the best one — but it’s probably the bit where he describes the Coalition’s leadership team as “blundering and technically illiterate”; the bit where he describes Abbott’s relationship with mining billionaires and media oligarchs as “awkward, and kind of revolting”; or the bit where he calls the current Government “a thin, greasy layer in the core sample of future political scientists”.

“Your thoughtless cancellation of half a billion dollars of Commonwealth funding for the Perth light-rail project has been noted,” he says at one point. “Your blank cheque for Colin Barnett’s bloody and unnecessary shark cull has been noted. Your attack on Medicare, on schools funding, on tertiary education; noted. The fact that your only proposal for environmental reforms thus far is to leave Minister Greg Hunt playing Solitaire for the next three years while you outsource his responsibilities to the same Premier who presides over the shark cull? That’s been noted too.”

He goes on to list the false assumptions that the Coalition has made about his state. “If your image of Western Australia is of some caricatured redneck backwater that is enjoying the murderous horror unfolding on Manus Island, you’re reading us wrong. Every time you refer to us as ‘the mining state’, as though the Western third of our ancient continent is just Gina Rinehart’s inheritance to be chopped, benched and blasted, you’re reading us wrong,” he says.

“Western Australians are a generous and welcoming lot, but if you arrive and start talking proudly about your attempts to bankrupt the renewable energy sector, or cripple the independence of the ABC and privatise SBS; if you show up waving your homophobia in people’s faces and start boasting about your ever-more insidious attacks on the trade union movement and all working people, you can expect a very different welcome.”

And it finishes as strongly as it starts. “Prime Minister, you are welcome to take your heartless, racist exploitation of people’s fears and ram it as far from Western Australia as your taxpayer-funded travel entitlements can take you,” he says, in a sentence which you can only imagine read very differently in the first draft. “We want our country back. Through chance, misadventure and, somewhere, a couple of boxes of misplaced ballot papers, we’ve been given the opportunity to take it back: just one seat, next April 5, and a whole lot more in 2016.

“Game on, Prime Minister. See you out West.”

Donate to Ludlam’s re-election campaign here. Compare him to pictures of Ben Wyatt here.

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  1. Boom.

    What a great speech.

  2. Daniel Rutter says:

    *2016… not 2015.

    Just thought you should know.

  3. Steph Harmon says:

    Thanks, that’s been fixed!

  4. David Somerfield says:

    Yes let’s hope people are listening. Did it get a run in the media I ask myself

  5. Ladyfingers says:

    Abbott, by dint of his utter shamelessness regarding his associations, prejudices and backers, may be the single worst thing that has ever happened to the Liberal Party. To which I say: GOOD.

  6. Ezra McCullock says:

    The ONLY way this speech could have been any better is if Ludlam had a mic, dropped it, and walked out of the senate. Bravo.

  7. Barry says:

    “We want our country back” . . . . . umm no one votes for you guys. Awkward.

  8. The Tree Sprite of Granite Is. says:


  9. vicki says:

    what eloquence! i could not be happier for this guy to represent what i’m thinking

  10. Katie08 says:

    WELL DONE, MR LUDLAM .. you have voiced the opinions of the rising millions of ordinary Australians who absolutely DESPISE and detest the internationally reviled and condemned fascist Abbott and his loathsome cabinet. What a hateful pack of callous, disgraceful hypocrites the LNP are .. their unspeakable cruelty and callous disregard for our environment and the welfare of the most vulnerable Australians and asylum seekers is criminally inhumane. Never before in our history has a government drawn so much criticism from so many sources (nationally and internationally) than this pack of moronic fools whose lack of viable, long-term decisions and incredibly short-sightedness attacks EVERYTHING in its relentless pursuit of power (for power’s sake) and their endless pandering to billionaire miners and multinational corporate predators. Abbott is AGAINST everything: the poor, the unemployed, the disabled, small business, transparency in government, honesty and factual reporting in our media, job creation within our country. His lies go on and on and on! He surrounds himself with a pack of cold blooded sycophantic “Yes” men (and one woman) .. the LNP rule by division, hatred, barely disguised misogyny, blatant xenophobia and fear. We need you, Scott! We need people like you with your empathy and passion to say and do what is RIGHT! Your comments are NOTED and so TRUE. The fact that this fascist crawled across the electoral line (like a disgusting cockroach) is the worst tragedy that has ever befallen this country. Abbott is completely without a moral compass; his destruction of our environment and our democracy is ongoing and relentless. Abbott’s stupidity and lack of culture and refinement is legendary, however he is dangerous because he is a megalomaniacal psychopath with the cunning of a sewer rat! He and his horrific party MUST be removed from office at the next election (if not sooner)!

  11. David Grant Lloyd says:

    Best speech since Gillard labelled Abbott a Misogynist (which he is)

  12. Gaetano Prestia says:

    Ludlam is an extremist statist. The last thing WA needs is to give a Marxist like this power.

  13. Katie08 says:

    You can bet your bottom dollar, David, that this speech will appear NOWHERE in the manipulative Murdoch press! After all, NEWS LIMITED is LIMITED NEWS ie news limited to the fascist, undemocratic, un-Australian views pushed out by the internationally condemned Murdoch. When Murdoch tells Abbott to bend over, Abbott gives his cadaverous smile and says “How low”? Abbott & the LNP are whores to Murdoch and in bed with Gina Rinehart and Clive Palmer. There is no deed evil enough or no depth low enough for Abbott to stoop in his constant and desperate appeasement to the corruption and environmental vandalism of corporate predators who seek to defile and plunder our nation for the sake of greed and power.

  14. Anne Kiew says:

    Scott Ludlam, you rock!

  15. you must be a right wing fascist murderer !! to make that kind of :poop: statement !

  16. agreed but how many intelligent people will get to hear it !!

  17. Gaetano Prestia says:


  18. Barb Brindley says:

    Ludlam RULES :)

  19. Bill C. says:

    Terrific speech, and the attendance in the chamber show the enormous respect paid to parliaments by the two major parties..

  20. Jack says:

    awkward because its not just them who want our country back, it is the Australian citizens that want it back.

  21. Barb Brindley says:

    We’ll have to make sure social media shares it widely then. I’ve already seen it on Facebook a few times.

  22. about time a few 100 thousand WA. voters realized the affect they can have on this country!! BTW which they are apart of ! ! and what this fascist right wing catholic government .has in store for you ! And if your quick answer involves any of the bogan one liners like” Not my Problem” please say that again when your state is fracked to oblivion by Gina and her greedy mates ! And ALL your fresh water is poisoned (not that you have much left !) Lets hope the original owners have more sense than the more recent arrivals or the CRAZY LNP !! FRACKING is more deadly and quicker than Global warming ! and that’s the TRUTH ! MIM 2014 ! Please !

  23. Heidi Leask says:

    Our next Prime Minister!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    BLOODY AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  24. Katie08 says:

    Don’t worry, Anthony. I, together with a lot of friends, WILL be marching in March! I am crossing my fingers and toes that this important and vital public display of our complete loathing and lack of confidence of his hateful government will be BIGGER than the Moratorium!



  27. Gaetano Prestia says:

    Can you? Yes? Then read the following article, because your “right wing fascist murderer” calls, aside from being abhorrently inappropriate and offensive, are comically misplaced.

    Here you go. Educate yourself:

  28. Sarah Somewhere says:

    Brilliant! Bravo!

  29. Lucy Roleff says:


  30. Barry says:

    Really? That’s funny because I’m pretty sure the Liberals won the Federal election by quite a margin. This is a democracy. You don’t own the country. The people of Australia own this country, and according to the rules of our democracy, the Australian citizens voted who runs this country. I don’t agree with all of Liberal’s policies, I don’t agree with all of Labor’s policies, but this is a democracy, and the process must be respected. The Greens acting like they should be running the country is ridiculous, since just about no one wants them to run the country.

  31. Troy Starr says:

    no one listens to the greens anyway

  32. Sim Reilly says:

    It must be hard knowing everyone despises your choices.

  33. Lynda Hill says:

    Thank you, Scott Ludlam – fabulous… and so true.

  34. thanks says:

    The idea that you are opposed to at least some balance in favour of the left due to the idea that socialism = nazism basically summarizes your stupidity.

  35. Joshua Rowlands says:

    More people didnt vote in the last election than voted for the liberals(3.2 to 3.1 million). Yes they polled 53-54% of the cast ballots, unfortunately that does not translate into a majority of the public eligible to vote. So they do not represent the views of the electorate. We were presented with two losers at the last election and more people voted against rudd than for abbott

  36. Lynda Hill says:

    Please, I wish.

  37. Barry says:

    Everyone . . . . . .hmmm seems like a bit of a generalisation.

  38. Jack says:

    They are just simply expressing the buyers regret that a lot of Australians are feeling. Some things I agree with when it comes to Liberal however the majority of it is rubbish. My personal standing is with Labor (personal reasoning behind that.) I don’t usually follow politics but now since Abbott is in, a lot of other countries are getting pissed off with him and that includes me. I know all of Australia doesn’t see it my way but I wish they did.

  39. Lawrence Winder says:

    …except the Liarbrils are not running it for the country ,only for Murdoch, Rinehart, Forrest, BHP et,al….we can no longer afford them!

  40. Gaetano Prestia says:

    That’s not what that article suggests, though. What that article raises is, firstly, how stupid it is to call any contemporary politician in Australia, left or right, fascist, and secondly, how misplaced either way it is to combine fascism exclusively with “right wing”.

  41. Lawrence Winder says:

    We can no longer afford the Liarbrils!

  42. Neil Wedd says:

    Are you the people that backed the concentration camp on Manus Island? The Liberals never accepted losing and now are taking their revenge on Australians. Jobs, what do they care. Unfortunately they are just nay sayers, and being in power involves ideas for the future, not going back to some safe imagined past.

  43. Michelle Grave says:

    Beautiful!! He said everything that so many of us want to say, Didn’t pull any punches, Well done Senator Ludlam!!

  44. Trey Wilson says:

    Thank god these idiots will NEVER be in power. What a moron.

  45. Isabella Shuttleworth says:

    What a Legend!

  46. Trey Wilson says:

    March away. And let the rest of the country laugh at your and all your dole-bludging Greenie friends. Abbott was democratically elected as PM by the people. The fact that you idiots don’t respect the democratic process is why you’ll never be in power.

  47. Jeff Cook says:

    “apart” = separated; “a part” = joined. I know which one you’re trying to say, but you didn’t say it…

  48. Trey Wilson says:

    I never heard you Leftards complaining when Murdoch was openly backing Rudd in 2007. Such ignorance and hypocrisy.

  49. Trey Wilson says:

    The Australian citizens VOTED FOR ABBOTT YOU FUCKING IDIOT!

  50. trib says:

    Given your measure of “no one” equates to about 11 per cent of the population on first preference, you may need maths revision.

    Additionally, on whole-of-population vote counts, it’s actually the case that more people voted either Green or Labor than they did LNP. The LNP won on preferences, as that’s how our democracy works. And as it continues to work, and more people realise what a bad decision they’ve made, the current government, looks on some predictive maths, to be a one-term wonder. Thankfully.

  51. Trey Wilson says:

    LOLZ who votes for the Greens? Oh, that’s right. No one.

  52. K Wren says:

    Actually – the Liberals as a single entity party DID NOT win the last election. The COALITION holds power which is made up of the Liberal Party, National Party, Country Liberals etc. As much as the Murdoch press spouted about the badness of non-majority government before the last elections (casting aspersions on the Labor/Greens/Independent agreements), the current ruling government is exactly the same, only these agreements between these parties have a much longer standing that we forget that the Liberals are not a majority government, but a coalition of diffreent parties.

  53. Barry says:

    No, that would be whoever voted for Labor in the 2010 election, since the Labor Party re-opened Manus Island detention center in 2012.

  54. Marcia Thompson says:

    I just woke up in London & have shared it on FB. I participated in a protest against shark culling at Australia House on the weekend, with mostly Europeans. “Shame Shame Shame on Barnett” was a very catchy tune. Don’t worry, this speech will be shared across the world.

  55. Hey Yu says:

    TA was elected Member of Parliament for Warringah by some of the people in that electorate. He was NOT elected PM democratically by the people, he was appointed/elected by the Liberal Coaltion. Please note we do not have a direct election of the PM as your statement implies.

  56. Hey Yu says:

    A neck and neck race with John Howard.

  57. Hey Yu says:

    Only SOME of the Australian citizens voted for him, those would be located where TA is the Member of Parliament for Warringah. The rest of did NOT vote for him.

  58. Barry says:

    Their primary vote was actually only about 8.3% with a 3% swing against them. I was obviously being a bit whimsical in my comment with saying no one, since it also wasn’t really awkward. Regardless, the Palmer United party almost polled more primary votes than the Greens. The LNP winning on preferences isn’t really like winning on preferences. The Liberal Party, and Liberal National Party are the same party. Remove the Nationals if you want to be really pedantic and that’s still only half a million votes. For someone who really should have lost his seat in the senate, who represents a party that only got 8.3% of the vote, to act like he is the voice of the people of Australia is ridiculous. The Greens were beaten badly, their policies were beaten badly, the majority of Australians do not want their policies.

  59. Brad says:

    I believe you’ll be surprised with how many people are so unimpressed with Tony Abbott. It’s people like you, with opinions like yours that’s wrong with country.

  60. disqus_YFBsqJkgSu says:

    ‘dole-bludging Greenie’? Do you think this Green Senator fits your dated perception of people outside of your right leaning hatred? The fact you swallow the Lib lies of ‘jobs’, ‘economy’ not as ‘profit’ and ‘profit’ just shows how gullible you are. Trey, unless you own a mine or a big business – Abbott doesn’t care about you.

  61. J Train says:

    “WE want our country back”….. hmmmm seems like a bit of generalisation.

  62. Liberalgal says:

    BUT, like, guys come on! No one even votes Green. That must, like totally, mean that nothing this guy has to say is valid. I mean, like srsly, Like tbh, I didn’t even watch this, but he must be a moron right, because he’s not a liberal. Abbott4EVA. Some people call me ignorant but I know I’m right because you can always trust those in power to make the right decisions. (WWII duh)

  63. Katie08 says:

    Wilson are you totally mad? I used to WORK for News Limited and can tell you without hesitation that they have NEVER EVER been pro Labor EXCEPT for the election of Whitlam. Since then, the manipulative Murdoch has used blatant lies, omissions, deception and staggering character assassinations (the vile attacks on Julia Gillard were beyond contempt). The fact that you support the unspeakable, vile LNP says more about YOU than anything, you callous moron! Like most of the mindless, apathetic LNP minions, you are full of self-entitlement and disgraceful pathological contempt for those who do not share the evil, self-centred, myopic views of this hated regime. You are a signed-up member of the deluded ME-ME Party … so you get to sit up front in the Ship of Fools! Enjoy your ride into oblivion, pal!

  64. toushka says:


  65. disqus_YFBsqJkgSu says:

    Trey Wilson – busy on the board today. and I didn’t vote Abbott, or resort to name calling when someone voices an alternate view.

  66. Pinken Green says:

    this was probable the best realest speech i’ve heard yet but while the greens maynot win the vote at the second round of voting, he hit the nail on the head with regards to the whole LNP as a whole around the country, here in Queensland the LNP are policing the public to death and ordinary people are being victimised in the pursuit of revenue to the extreme. politicians as a entity seem to be no longer there to run the country for the people but to feather there own nests for a later date .
    with the Abbott government putting all their hopes of countries economic future in the mining sector is stupid. construction is having more down than up due to NO jobs . mining is relient on someone wanting our stuff when the dollar is good for them to purchase, when its not we stagnate and everyone is unemployed.
    their solution is to sell the whole countries assets we need the countries assets presurved or that makes the whole country FOR SALE.

  67. disqus_YFBsqJkgSu says:

    Show us the way Trey 2017.
    Nah, didn’t think so, just a serial whiner.

  68. J Train says:

    trib, in the house of representatives, LNP received 5.88M primary votes which is more than ALP’s 4.31M plus Greens 1.12M, but the system works on seats for formation of government, which is where the margin in favor of LNP is ahead is greater. I acknowledge the senate is weighed in favor of the ALP (4.04M) plus Greens (1.16M) against LNP (5.06M), but the lower house forms the government.

  69. Robyn Jones says:


  70. Rafira says:

    Marxist aka Socialism is what makes Australia so much better then america, socialist policies are what is allowing my to go to university and getting my major dental work done, and when i have my degree and can earn enough to pay taxes i will happily pay it forward for the next generation, More Marxist like people is exactly who we want in power.

  71. metha says:

    WHAT great speech ,you are the best !!!

  72. Scott Ludlam says:

    thankyou so much for all of your kind words, I’m absolutely blown away by the response to this!

    I’m doing an IAmA on Reddit tonight if you’d like to drop by – 6PM WA, 9PM EDT

  73. Jenny Gini says:

    well done!

  74. J Train says:

    Katie08, There are lots of pro labor articles from News about what Rudd in the lead up to 2007, each quite reasonable in their own right, but on balance showed a level of pro labor from News, perhaps most telling is the meeting between Rudd and Murdock:

    And I have seen more “vile attacks” on Tony in the past 6 months (including decapitation, against his religious belief, swimming outfit, his facial features, immediate family members, his intelligence, his genitals, motivation/hidden agenda, etc) than Julia received in 3 years. I am an atheist man who is very keen to increase the number of women in parliament in particular in the top job, and I think generally Julia did a okay job as PM, but the image of her being constantly attacked by “masgonists” just isn’t true, and I think it takes away from the gender equality movement. (by reflecting that Men hold Women back).

  75. Lou Fox says:

    Standing ovation!

  76. ThePete says:

    What a lot of sanctimonious drivel. Hope he misses out on hits seat.

    “We want our country back” is exactly what Australians said when they kicked the Labor/Greens government to the curb.

  77. Laree Verra says:

    he might have been alone in the chamber but we are listening and cheering now !!!

  78. walter says:

    Not much time for the Liberals but even less time for the Greens. Time to open season on the morons, soonest.

  79. S4R1N says:

    So let me get this straight, you’ve chosen to take a negative stance on this yet the only thin you have to say is criticizing a slogan? Not sure if you’re new to politics or not but there are sizable portions of the country that respond to slogans like that, if you need proof just simply look at the LNP or ALP Facebook pages and you can see how much people eat that inane crap up.

    Now unless you actually have something real to criticize, why don’t you take your holier than thou attitude away from a senator who is actually fighting for what the majority of the country is complaining about. He is against the atrocity of Manus island, NBN, against the TPP, against private information gathering, pro renewable energy, pro global healthcare, pro affordable housing, pro equality, pro fair pay, pro fair education… I could go on but I would just be repeating what is already known.

  80. Josie-Lee Harris says:

    He should have said “Ludlam out” at the end… And blasted off with a jet pack.

  81. Simon Lovelace says:

    The fact that you sir do not respect our great nation and its environment, history and people is why you are merely a troll and should, if I may be so bold, fuck off back under the rock from whence you came.
    Good day sir.

  82. Simon Lovelace says:

    I said GOOD DAY SIR.

  83. Josh Mickan says:

    Beautifully spoken, and very well said. we could do with a few people like himin South Australian politics.

  84. Simon Lovelace says:

    If you don’t get it, that’s more awkward Barry. So much more awkward.

  85. Ben Wilson says:

    Bit hard to determine sarcasm sometimes over the internet… but The Greens hold the representative seat for a second term running for Melbourne CBD, so their views certainly do have political weight in this country, they also make up the controlling interest of the Tasmanian State Government

  86. Simon Lovelace says:

    We ARE the Australian citizens you fucktard. This is THE forum. He IS the worst PM in Australian history. You ARE in the wrong century.

    I say GOOD DAY SIR…Again.

  87. Ben Wilson says:

    He’d need to be in the Labor party first, but yep I could get behind that

  88. Bob Hooka says:

    it’s on you fucking spastic

  89. Ben Wilson says:

    I sure as hell did not vote for this lying disgusting, evil, Republican in disguise.

  90. orangeandblueaussie says:

    What a load of rubbish. Some people tend to forget that all these do gooders trade off of the money brought into this country by investors and risk takers. People have had enough of the never ending price rises cause by new taxes and encumbering work place rules. Enough is enough. The age of the left wing, no idea greenie needs to die a quick death for the good of us all.

  91. Breece Gevaux says:

    Nice work Scott.

    We need more independent voices like yours representing our interests.

    When will we finally move to dissolve the antiquated three-tiered system of Government and move towards a more Regional-based approach with Federal oversight?

  92. Bob_in_Queensland says:

    Everything there needed to be said. I’ve never voted Green before, viewing it a a protest vote. You may just have won a convert.

    Too bad the Murdoch-dominated press won’t report any of it.

  93. Ben Wilson says:

    No only in a Representative Democracy which we do not have is when the President is elected. Australia does not have a President, they are appointed by the party that holds government majority. Countries like America & Poland elect their president after a series of party nominations which people vote on to pick the presidential candidate for the election. Countries like Poland and Russia have both a Prime Minister and President, the PM is still appointed by the majority government. Only a President is elected.

  94. expat says:

    Socialism is a political ideology that has destroyed every nation it has ever come in contact with. The west’s rapid decline is largely due to socialist policies that are driving tax payers to seek alternatives, as they say – socialism is all good and well until you run out of other peoples money.

  95. expat says:

    Political parties like his are the reason the TPP is being drafted in the first place. What people seem to miss is the Green’s economic illiteracy would not just send Australia bankrupt, it would most likely cause some serious regional conflicts.
    Do you know what the primary cause of war is globally? It’s when countries cease exports and we have seen this time and time again in the developing world. Yet the greens would do exactly that, which would make us rather unpopular throughout Asia.

  96. Morgan Paul Bomm says:

    How did Tony Abbott even get to be PM any way? He doesn’t deserve to be up their and he should never be elected again.

  97. HeWhoThinks says:


  98. Helmuth Haass says:

    So you would vote for Mr, Abbott, if there was an election held this year and if you were living in his electorate??

  99. HeWhoThinks says:

    … and…?

  100. Freya Mignot says:

    This needs to be seen heard, shouted and sung. Get it out there internet! Do your bit!

  101. S4R1N says:

    So what you’re implying is, one seat going to the greens could be the cause of Australia’s financial collapse, and on top of that we would also be igniting military conflict in the asia-pacific region.

    My apologies, I cannot take you even remotely seriously, especially after the primary cause of war comment which is astoundingly misguided.

  102. trib says:

    I certainly understand how the math works; I’ve taught this kind of civics in the past.

    The most recent election was a race badly lost by Labor (versus won by the LNP) behaving like a pack of self-consuming frenzied sharks. It’s a truism that you don’t win Federal government in Australia, you lose it.

  103. trib says:

    I suspect, Barry, that the Australian electorate’s experiment with micro-parties will go one of two ways. They’ll either decide it was dumb, and stop electing fringe-dwellers like the DLP, PUP, and the Motorists, and return to one of the three majors, or they’ll decide the experiment of the Senate was a hoot and elect an even weirder mob in the next half-Senate election. Either way, it’s why both the majors are so keen on Senate electoral reform.

    Personally, I’m all for a diverse Senate, and some way to ensure the Reps is equally diverse. We could do far worse than force previously large parties of government into broadly progressive grand coalitions.

    Sadly, the Greens will never have the numbers to form government thanks to a benighted electorate who not only fail to understand how the Westminster system works, but also barely understand what they are voting for as the pencil hits paper.

  104. Maskeladden says:

    Let’s not forget that the Australian people elected Abbott and the LNP. A population is just as much to blame for its own government.

  105. Cazza Jayne says:

    How unfortunate that people still feel the need to speak or write without first being sure of their facts. The ‘Liberals’ didn’t win shit! Labor actually got more votes than the Liberals. Don’t believe me? Perhaps you’ll believe the AEC?

    It was the COALITION and preferences from the PNP and Sex Party (and others) that got them over the line – and not by anywhere near what I would call ‘quite a margin’. Might not have even gone their way at all if it weren’t for all the dodgey missing ballots. It didn’t just happen in W.A either. Happened in Sophie Mirabella’s seat too. Only they were found in time to ensure that hideous beast was knocked off her perch. Funny that she was in the lead before those pesky missing ballots showed up.

    And it might be the case now that ‘hardly anyone’ votes Greens (and I have never once voted for them) but hold on to your hat Barry, because I think this pathetic and loathed Government could be the best thing that ever happened to the Greens!!

  106. elsieb66 says:

    I could not have put it better myself, and I am glad he got the opportunity to say what so many of us are saying out here in the “real world”. Abbott is an embarrassment to this country. He shames us on the world stage every single day. So thanks to everyone that voted them in. Thanks for destroying our environment, killing our hard-fought employment rights and our national health scheme, among other things. Welcome to Tea Party Australia.

  107. Scott Mcginn says:

    Guff!!!! Each party put forward an elected leader and say “look, if you vote for us, this guy is Primeminister”. That is how a Primeminister comes about, not the approach of Labor of “you vote for us, but we’ll tell you who the Primeminister is, and brace yourself as there may be a few”.

  108. nrmoz says:

    Everyone is entitled to their 15 minutes of fame. Now we can get back to real government cleaning up the mess left behind by the last few years of waste and overspending…

  109. Naomi says:

    I am so tired of blanket statements such as this: ‘the Australian people elected Abbott and the LNP’. No, we bloody didn’t! I certainly didn’t vote for them and made damn sure my preferences didn’t go anywhere near them. They also didn’t get in by a majority vote, but rather through preferences, presumably by ill-thought voters who simply did a 1-vote-above-the-line without knowing where it was going to go after that.
    The majority of the Australian public DID NOT vote for the LNP and we shouldn’t all be described as having done so.
    It boggles my mind that Abbott retained his seat in his electorate, perhaps I’m not exaggerating if I state that everyone in that electorate is a moron?

  110. Maskeladden says:

    And I am so tired of blanket “Not my fault” statements such as this, as we see time and time again with a population that elects a terrible, and obviously uncharismatic and unintelligent government that operate with their own interests at heart, and not that of the people.

    Their agenda’s were clear. Abbott’s personality was on display. His speeches and level of reasoning were terrible. Yet here he is.

    You may not have voted for him, but enough people did. Stop trying to excuse that, and hide it behind your national pride. If a population is not enlightened, they will vote stupid. You do not need to protect these people if you were not one of them, but rather, you should be concerned.

  111. expat says:

    I never said that one seat would cause conflict.. I was clearly inferring that if the Greens were to ever have their way that this would be the likely outcome. Nothing to worry about, I can’t take leftists seriously at the best of times. Some of you live so far detached from reality that I have wonder if it’s mental health related.

    What do you know about region conflict S4R1N? Have you ever been to a conflict region? As someone who’s business is closely related to war and conflict I can assure you it is far from misguided. Have you ever looked into the concept of economic warfare, it’s definitions and diplomatic effects?

  112. Rachael Johnson says:

    The majority doesn’t mean all…you are just one of the rest. Preferences or not LNP got in. It is up to Australians to educate themselves on the voting system so this doesn’t happen but sadly, the majority (and no, that doesn’t mean me OR you but it does mean most people) are too apathetic to bother. That’s the real problem.

  113. Az says:

    Last few years of waste? The Liberal government hasn’t even been in *one* full year yet.

  114. Ben Wilson says:

    Encumbering? so you support poverty wages? To work with the threat of being fired without cause? To work in unsafe and potentially deadly conditions?

  115. Ben Wilson says:

    No the majority only elected the LNP they did not pick Abbott as leader.

  116. J Train says:

    I agree with the fact that our system encourages “not losing” rather than winning an election. It is disappointing and encourages a lack of vision.
    So if you understand the maths, what did you mean by “whole-of-population vote” and LNP winning on preferences? Was this just inaccurate, were you referring to the senate (for what ever reason) or have I otherwise misunderstood you?

  117. Maskeladden says:

    Well the majority voted for and got a package deal my friend. That’s not an excuse for the end result.

  118. Naomi says:

    I’m not trying to excuse anything, I’m requesting that those of us who didn’t vote for them not be included in blanket statements. It’s not hard to say ‘Let’s not forget some idiots voted for the LNP’.

    I am very, very concerned. Three years is a very long time to be governed by these morons.
    There needs to be far more education on the voting system, and aimed at the voters who won’t search for the information they need. Unfortunately I can’t see this happening any time soon, the LNP most likely approves of a dumb public.

  119. Jodie Newman says:

    What was that comment I read about intelligent people hearing Ludlum’s speech? Why here’s one right here…. Unbelievably eloquent, too, I might add *insert sarcasm here*

  120. Maskeladden says:

    I’m not blaming you. I’m blaming the majority. And you are right; the LNP definitely favours a dumber public, as they would not be in power without one. He got the votes of low to medium income earners by ridiculing the other parties, rather than promoting what he would do better, and they fell for it. Abbott does not have their interest at heart.

    Don’t get me wrong, Labour’s messy internal back-stabbings had a lot to do with it, and plenty of people voted for the LNP to spite them. But it was not a wise decision, and they chose the greater evil as a result. The Australian election was the perfect example of how poorly the 2 party system functions at times.

  121. Jodie Newman says:

    Oh my dear Barry. I think you need a little re-education. I urge you follow this link and please if you could simply type in the word ‘democracy’, I’d be most humoured by it..

  122. Naomi says:

    Mores the pity. It would be nice to be given the choice, even if it was just between two members nominated by the rest of the party.

  123. Trey Wilson says:

    Um. Yes. Sharia Halal-Dung needs a lesson in fiction vs. non fiction.

    Anyone who thinks The Greens have sound policy needs to go neck themselves right now. There is no hope for you.

  124. Jodie Newman says:

    Scott Ludlam, you are phenomenal. Thank you.

  125. orangeandblueaussie says:

    No I don’t. But see, that’s not what exists here. What you are talking about is hyperbole. You are overlaying excessively negative words onto positive motivations.
    I support conditions that enable businesses to thrive. Remember that whether small or large, businesses are actually owned by people like you and me – either directly or through our superannuation. Healthy businesses do many things. They prevent unemployment, they provide income for the investor (like you and me) and if exposed to the export market, they bring funds into the country that can be used through our tax system to support a bunch of do-gooder schemes that you would like. They also contribute to our education and health systems through tax payments. Go big business!
    The law does not allow deadly conditions. The last actual, widespread deadly conditions i can recall was during the rollout of the pink batts scheme which was a Labor government run program and was not a “big business”. A lot of the big businesses today have already realised that a safe workplace is a more productive workplace. Not having to deal with union regulations and prescriptive government regulations allows them to more actively react to unsafe conditions and fix them.
    The thing about being able to be fired more easily is that it encourages employers to employ more freely because they are less afraid of being stuck with a bad employee or being stuck with workers when the economy goes bad. You might not believe this but making it easier to fire people actually results in more employment.

  126. Trey Wilson says:

    This clown is kidding himself. He will never be PM.

  127. DJW says:

    You may want to check that champ. The coalition had gained the majority before the preferential vote was even counted.

  128. Trey Wilson says:

    “We want our country back” is exactly what Australians said when they kicked the Labor/Greens government to the curb.

  129. doc eggbert says:


  130. chrisozman says:

    This coming from the most evil political party in Australia’s history. At least Abbott is upfront about what he does. The Greens should be re-named the “Reds”, pseudo-communists hiding behind a false facade of environmental care when their real agenda is to destroy our society at ever level so their friends in China can take it for themselves. They have done it with help from their little ALP mates incrementally over 3 decades now, destroying our education system, our societal structure, our defence systems etc, trouble is people are now so dumbed-down they don’t even see it happening, very sad. The other big problem is that when the CLP takes back power they don’t reign back in the damage done previously.
    I hate the Greens with a passion and will look forward to the day they eventually get theirs.

  131. Nigel says:

    Abbott is a Rhodes Scholarship recipient. He’s not stupid and he’s not inarticulate; he is an intellectual.

    Abbott’s personal views on marriage, religion, women and abortion are personal. Attacking them is juvenile. Disagreeing with Liberal policy is a separate issue that should not be conflated.

    If you do disagree with Liberal policy, as I think most commenters have demonstrated here with abundant hyperbole, it is because, for whatever reasons, they do not align with your interests. You, and your interests, are the minority, as demonstrated by a democratic election. Reading these comments, frankly, you sound like sore children complaining after receiving some loss.

    When the tables were turned, and Labor were in power, the executive was a laughing stock; let’s not forget so quickly how inept a Labor government is. I know I never will.

  132. Guest says:

    I find that rather hilarious Maskeladden…..”He got votes by ridiculing the other parties”….You just defined politics. I find it funny that you didn’t even read this article clearly just then you jumped to the comments, probably proclaiming how you wanted sarah palin the definition of destroying Australia in party. because LNP clearly stated what they were for, Labor party especially only had ads about how bad Liberal would be.

  133. chrisozman says:

    I am an “idiot” is it? A “Communist sympathiser”, a “traitorous Red” dressed as a Green? Who do you think you’re kidding Ludlam?

  134. chrisozman says:

    Typical Green voter, you “just woke up in London” what… were the drugs too good, slept-walked and ended up on a plane?

  135. Trey Wilson says:

    Well said. And you are 100% right. I love how The Greens think they speak for all Australians. They got less than 8.5% of votes at the last Federal election. There’s a very good reason why they are not, and will never hold power.

    The Leftards of this country still can’t simply accept the fact that the majority of Australians voted for Tony Abbott.

  136. Clare says:

    Are you okay chrisozman? You realise that both the Greens and communism (although they differ on levels of fundamentalism) are both considered to be in the left wing of politics don’t you?

  137. Maskeladden says:

    Of course I did. And I defined Australian politics in particular, as I never seen politics sink to this level (or as low) back home (Northern Europe). But you are blind and ignorant if you think this propaganda was one-sided. I don’t think I ever saw an ad where LNP proclaimed the changes they would make, but the focus was all on how terrible the other party was performing as visa versa (like I already mentioned). Check both party’s Facebook feed around that time. Absolute bottom level advertising and political play.

  138. Clare says:

    Here in Australia we vote for political parties, not individual politicians. Just so you know.

  139. Sun Wu Kong says:

    I’m jotting this ad hominem gold down. If I ever have a leucotomy, I’m sure it’ll come in handy.

  140. Clare says:

    I love your tin hat!

  141. James says:

    Meh. Who gives a shit what the article “suggests.” I can’t believe how many articles I’ve read about strawman leftists who apparently get all angry by the assertion that the Nazis were socialists, because they had it in their name.

    I mean, it’s a basic misunderstanding of how language works. Words don’t actually have an essential relationship to their referent. Language changes in its use, from context to context, and across time. As someone else notes in the comments, does the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea refer to it actually being a democracy?

    The Nazis also liked Wagner. That’s going to turn Wagner’s leftist fans incandescent with rage, I’m sure.

    So some people on the left call some people on the right Nazis. Who cares. You could ignore them. Or you could actually engage with the language of the term and see why that is. Or you could just write an article about how angry leftists get when you enlighten them with your massive brain about how history REALLY was.

  142. Powersofinvisibility says:

    Fabulous debating technique there, my friend. Looks like you’ve been doing some ‘slept-walking’ of your own..

  143. nykita says:

    his views are personal, therefore they should not be used in running the country. he needs to have the countries best interests in mind, not his own.

    what gives him the right to take away abortions? has he been in that situation? has he been put into a position where he cannot afford to support that child? where a man has forced themselves onto that person? he does not understand the pain that women has been through or what they are going to go through if they’re only option is to keep that child.

    he says he is against same-sex marriages. why? because its something new? what gives him the right to stop two people marrying one another? people choose to marry someone for their money, or where they live and yet people cannot love someone they love simply because they are of the same sex? it’s absolutely pathetic.

  144. Lynn Grady says:

    But did they!!! Rumours of big rigging

  145. MarcyLondon says:

    Haha, its coz I live in London. There is a time difference. A big one.

  146. DS says:

    Typical Greens//Labour hack. Tony Abbott will either be remembered as
    the greatest Prime Minister or the second greatest of all time to John

  147. Maskeladden says:

    Yet still just rumours. Please contain your excitement for proven facts. This is the popular opinion that convinces voters I am talking about. Stop believing the popular opinions and stick to the facts, regardless of what party you support.

  148. orangeandblueaussie says:

    Gee wouldnt the world be lovely if we could have all those things? You know what though? As a country we actually have to work to achieve those things. We need to generate income as a nation to do all that you suggest. And then we need to tax the bejesus out of those income generators and tax it and sink it into affordable housing and fair education and global healthcare. And we need to make it law that all pay must be “fair” regardless of how hard you work and how talented you are. And then those income generators can get very little reward for all the effort they made and risk they exposed their savings in.
    See it all sounds good to say what you say. And it makes people sound evil who try to add a little reality to the conversation. But that’s what happened to the last labor government. They started saying all those nice things and everyone loved them until they started to realise that they actually have to deliver and that some of the things that they start have unintended consequences live lower business confidence and unemployment.

  149. Jai says:

    apologies for being a bit crude but………………………… FUCK YEAH.

  150. DS says:

    Until you become a Rhodes Scholar, you have no right to call Tony Abbott inarticulate.

  151. DS says:

    maybe if you are judging who is going to be considered the greatest Prime Minister of all time

  152. Ross Cox says:

    Here, Here!!!

  153. MarcyLondon says:

    PS Have changed my name to make it more obvious.

  154. Lesley Grant says:

    Mr Ludlam, the senate room may have been almost empty, but your words are spreading far and wide. We hear you loud and clear. Great speech!

  155. Feyyore says:

    Oh wow we need someone like him in the UK. XD

  156. Darryl Jones says:

    Isn’t it wonderful how the loyal, Liberal Party voters turn to abuse when all else fails. The fact that there were far more people in this country who did not vote for the Liberal Party seems to elude you. My concern is that the Education System is such that there were enough of you to still put an absolute disgrace and embarrassment into power. Australia was doing quite well before Abbott and in just 6 Months, he has lost Toyota, Ford, Holden and at present is doing his best to sell off Qantas, the Post Office, destroy Medibank, the Great Barrier Reef and the Tasmanian Wilderness. Do we want him and his filthy rich, greedy supporters to Govern this Country?? I believe not and it’s just a shame that so many of you were not well enough educated to see beyong the Bulls..t espoused by the Liberal Party.

  157. Gavin Rider says:

    Great speech but you neglected to mention that Australia is a CORPORATION registered on the US Securities and Exchange Commission as “COMMONWEALTH OF AUSTRALIA” as is the UNITES STATES OF AMERICA CORPORATION.
    How many times have you heard Tony Abbott say “Australia is now under new management”? He is telling us that he’s the new CEO.

    When are the people going to realise that we are living under a rigged system where both major parties serve the same special interests, namely the banking cartel/cabal and the rest of the 1% oligarchy. Wake up Sheeple!!!

  158. TH says:

    I like you

  159. Elle says:

    Abbott is there for one reason get the TPP signed sealed and
    delivered..After this it wont matter who wins elections or what the
    people of this country want..Its all in the contract!!..Every political decision from that point on will be made to benefit and pander to big business and the top 1% …So if you think what hes doing now is unfair and unjust, OMG are you all in for a surprise…Fast track to a lot of hell on earth for the majority. Once its signed it cant be undone…

  160. Duncan says:

    Your country?! I genuinely hope the each of you Greens are given an estate of your very own. Two paces long and one pace deep. You have done NOTHING useful, there has been NOTHING practical in your heads so far; you just all have an opinion on what sounds nice and lovely, yet know bugger-all about how things work and always have in the real world. If Liberal has to pick up the threads of Labor’s time in management, I totally understand any initial hardships. God save Tony Abbot! And God bless your currently empty heads, uncalloused hands and bellies full of food provided by those that have to deal with the mess of reality and appreciate it.
    Thank you for your time, gentlemen.

  161. Powersofinvisibility says:

    You’re right. I will never be able to accept the fact that the ‘majority’ of Australians are clueless morons.. nor should the rest of us, for the record.

  162. Phill Kairys says:

    In just a short time we can see contemporary societys’ rapid return to medieval monarchy governance. People are societys’ greatest ingredient , not greed. Government, stop poisoning

  163. chrisozman says:

    It was tongue in cheek Marcy

  164. Powersofinvisibility says:

    Woah! Easy there, tiger. I think you need a little alone time, don’t you…

  165. Elle says:

    Abbott is there for one reason get the TPP signed sealed and
    delivered..After this it wont matter who wins elections or what the
    people of this country want or know is right..Its all in the contract…Power and greed at its finest…Let nothing or no one stand in its way…A path of destruction is its only contribution to our earth..

  166. Gitta Eske says:

    GO SCOTT LUDLUM !!!!!!! That was awe inspiring.

  167. Robert says:

    Well done Mr Ludlam. Fantastic. Calling it entirely as it is. This Abbott government has done more damage than I can remember in any term in only 4 months.

    As an Australian I feel ashamed and sorry for our nation. A malady is upon us, eating away at our very own country and people.

  168. Powersofinvisibility says:

    Please tell me I didn’t just read that drivel… I could go on for days with endless references to incredibly hard-working people, who are paid a pittance for what they do, purely because on a socio-economic scale, they are considered less for not having a university degree, or ‘professional status’ (whatever the hell that is ‘supposed’ to mean). I could also give you copious examples of the other end of the scale where hierarchy laws provide breezy positions of status for elitist ‘scholars’, who do little more than sit on their backsides and delegate all the HARD WORK to the ‘little people’ and get paid obscene amounts of money for the privilege.
    If you (and all the others who voted for the coalition government) honestly believe this is the only way a civilisation can effectively operate, the situation is far more dire than I realized.

  169. Elizabeth Schaffer says:

    Senator Ludlum, I thank you a thousand times over for your grace and intelligence as you say it all. I hope that you are right and all that you have so eloquently noted, is noted too by many other people at many levels. And I hope you are right that this governments attempts to appeal to the worst in Australian people will eventually turn, and bring out the best.
    My only regret is that I am not in W.A. to
    join you there for the fight.

  170. Powersofinvisibility says:

    Haha, some might consider it a little extreme to create a pseudo, just to make a (damn valid) point, but I like your style. Had a chuckle, too. Scarily, the majority of Australians are quite literally THIS stupid…. See current political agenda for further information ;)

  171. onelove says:

    the real world… we dont need the reality theyve created

  172. onelove says:

    ignorant asshole

  173. ozconservative says:

    Don’t worry… the real world (the parts of the country that feed the “good” Senator and those like him) we think Tony Abbott is doing a great job.

  174. ozconservative says:

    I call them “watermelons” green on the outside, red on the inside.

  175. tysongilbert88 says:


  176. Nish Pfister says:

    Respect, Mr. Ludlam, respect.

  177. Jack Mathew says:

    Well all I can say is ” thank god we finally have a politician who acts more like a person with sound logic and has the balls to say what needed to be said , and had the clarity and vision needed to see through the coalition smoke screen “

  178. Joel Roberts says:

    Interestingly, a man named Ben Wyatt is also a Western Australian politician.

  179. Hollie says:

    the majority didn’t choose abbot. the majority chose something that’s not the chaos of ‘rudd or gillard’.

  180. Deanna Torres says:

    Wonderful and poignant. THIS is the man we need to run the country, this is the man that needs to lead us into the future. I’ve never, ever dreamt of voting Greens in my life until this very moment. The man says what so many of us are thinking!

  181. Damien Rogers says:

    Another rude Watermelon. What a shock! Before you pigeon hole my comment. Let me tell you my experience with ‘Green groups’ I (and other locals) caught our local council running massive illegal (and highly polluting) tips into waterways, State forest, wetlands etc (big ones, more than 20 000 tons each). Council tries to lie their way out publicly, but eventually is forced to confess. But they don’t remove the polluting waste, instead getting the EPA to ok it all as “Clean fill” After they had already covered it all over. Then we keep finding more dumping’s, and the EPA keeps turning a blind eye. So this goes on for years, and all the usually loud green groups, what do they say (not a word) then what do they do (absolutely nothing!) They put their heads up the councils butt and kept kissing. You see they have a symbiotic relationship. Council implements their socialist agenda’s, and they give council the environmental excuses they need to grow their powers and revenues. They also let council sell off all the “sensitive” community lands (for development) that they had fought for over decades, demanding developers donate these lands because they were too environmentally special. Or important for the community. Like lookout points or parks. So many locals go to the council meeting to protest, and there is only one green there (the most rabid greens leaders) whose turn to speak comes. He gets up and starts taking about climate change (doesn’t even mention the selling of everything they had battled for over about four decades!) Interesting isn’t it!

  182. Guest says:

    I’m still perplexed about how and why people voted for Tony Abbot in the first place.. Any answers?

  183. Tu says:

    I’m still perplexed about how and why people voted for Tony Abbot in the first place.. Any answers??

  184. Stewart MacLennan says:

    Its so hard to believe that in the time since we were about to leave Australia, Kevin had just been elected as PM, all seemed good, and now as I say, in these years away, the country and its culture, reputation and ethos has gone down the toilet internationally and at home; a total disgrace. Any one and by that I mean everyone needs to rise up and shame these idiots out of their false premise that the country is in anyway happy with what they are doing, the at the next elections get rid of them.

  185. Mike Fitzsimon says:

    ChrisOzMan, I have some news for you: The earth is not flat.
    In fact it is round, like a sphere, rotating in space once every 24 hours. As it rotates, half is facing towards the sun and experiencing “daytime” while the other half of the planet experiences “nighttime”.
    Because the earth is round, it is very common for internet discussions at the end of a working day in Australia to be joined by folks who are “just waking up in London”.
    Chris, mate, you need to keep away from those LNP forums. You’re not learning anything there.

  186. Marcus says:

    Awesome! – Urban dictionary has not one but two entries for the word “Abbotted and they are both spot on:

  187. Des Embrey says:

    You may want to check your numbers – the ALP had a higher primary vote than the Liberals.

  188. Nigel says:

    You were a load of cum your mother should have taken in her arse.

  189. Michael says:

    This too will pass, something their colossal egos could not grasp; even the blinkered conservative die-hards are probably regretting that their Liberal heroes are such useless a shower of weak puppets. Australian politics has reached an historical low point.

  190. Duncan says:

    In the country we keep you ignorant people fed and you wankers have no idea of the hardships and how things need to run. You don’t have to keep animals alive, worry about whether your crop worth a year’s salary is going to survive or not. You live in comfort while we bake and freeze out in the bush carrying the country. If you would like to ditch meat, buy all your vegetables from overseas and prance through the trees with your willies out, be my guest

  191. Duncan says:

    Think about the country people! Without farmers and a healthy rural setup, you will all be buying from overseas and that will kill the greatest farming nation. These Greens are absolute peckerheads and I will not be impressed by some prepared speech. You are no smarter if you grasp at pretty speech from a stinking backside with no useful substance. Tony Abbot looks to the future and doesn’t prioritize giving you your gratification for the moment.

  192. Mal Bowker says:

    You are absolutely wrong there. The FOUR combined parties making up the LNP got 44% of the VALID votes. This last election saw the highest ever informal votes and those who chose not to vote. Overall there was 60% of the population who DID NOT vote for the LNP even though they had a candidate in EVERY seat in the country.

  193. orangeandblueaussie says:

    You know what… The world isn’t the way you hope it is. What you’re thinking of is closer to communism than any other model. I prefer a model where hard work and/or talent is rewarded. Where the people that sacrifice when they’re young don’t have to subsidise the lazy or those with more modest desires.

    All this Utopianism is just an excuse to take from those that are successful. I don’t mind paying my way, nor do I mind helping those that are disadvantaged but f&@k giving people who go home after a 38 hour working week part of my salary after I’ve worked 60 to 70 hours to ensure my company is successful or at least doesn’t fail.
    You people will send this country broke with your entitlement BS. The only drivel here is this left wing crap

  194. Mal Bowker says:

    People with short memories forget how the Libs went through FOUR leaders in the space of 23 months. From Howard to Nelson to Turnbull to Abbott. The fact that it happened in opposition just means it didn’t attract as much attention.

  195. asgardox says:

    Turn your brain on.

  196. Mal Bowker says:

    I still fail to understand how the government of Australia is in ANY way responsible for a boat sinking in international waters on it’s way here? Does that mean if a plane takes off tonight in Bangkok and crashes on the way here that is the fault of the Australian government? How stupid does that sound? About as stupid as comparing the rather mild situation when Howard was in power to what happened worldwide six or eight years later. More than a million people displaced by war, terriorism and famine. And who started the war(s) in the Middle East? Well that would be Howard, with Bush and Blair, based on lies that they knew about before any troops left our shores. Then our Navy is left to clean up the mess he helped create.

  197. Duncan says:

    ‘Homophobia’ is a bloody stupid word that doesn’t accurately describe any kind of person. There is no dignity in it, it is a forced on derogatory name for those with a different opinion. I don’t know anyone who is ‘afraid’ of homosexuals. Phobia doesn’t mean hate either. And on that note, it is ridiculously narrow of you to assume that one who disagrees with homosexuality or gay marriage is driven by hate. The haters are the ones who have to stick a degrading name on a whole range of people, rather than talk to us civilly and find out what our individual beliefs are

  198. James says:

    Claiming a word doesn’t mean what it means based on some superficial analysis of its constituent parts, that’s bloody stupid: pineapples are neither pine nor apple, but you don’t hear people claiming they don’t exist. “Disagree with homosexuality”! That’s like saying you disagree with black people. I find it both amusing and sickening that the homophobes’ latest tactic is claiming the very word is derogatory; you may be right, but not for the reasons you claim: it’s a terrible thing to be a homophobe, just as it’s terrible to be racist or sexist. It’s a terrible thing to try to take away people’s rights and to treat them as inhuman, as second class citizens, and all because what? You think your god says it’s wrong for two women to be in love? Or is it because you make a choice not to believe what actual science says and instead to believe the charlatans who bend and distort and warp science to suit the prejudices of others like you? Or is it just because the thought of two men kissing–or worse!–squicks you out just a little bit? Or maybe a lot? Whatever it is, the solution is simple: stop being a homophobe and I guarantee you that no one will every call you one again.

  199. Robyn says:

    Perhaps the debate should not be about whose fault it is that such a leadership was elected, but who is now prepared to help call for change and for a leadership Australians will feel proud to be represented by. It doesn’t help now to point fingers and create blame.
    I say this as I am living in the UK, but if the Australian public are passionate enough to argue over who is responsible, why not redirect that passion and take responsibility yourselves for changing your leadership to one you feel is successful? People are losing faith in politicians here too, that’s if they had much to begin with. Just look at the viral success of Russell Brand’s Jeremy Paxman interview.
    And like others have pretty much said before me, perhaps this will end in a silver lining of more careful voters in the next election. I’m no expert in politics that’s for sure, but you all seem to have some good ideas here, why not put them into formal writing and send them in a direction which will make an impact on more politicians and voters? It’s definitely worth a try.
    The opinions of the majority cannot be worth so little that a hated leader cannot be ousted. That is not democracy.

  200. Duncan says:

    But you will notice how every other phobia word refers to fear. You are assuming that I treat people badly. Race and gender are genetic, homosexuality is a mindset. And I know people have come out of it and are happier than ever. I love all people and value them equally, and while my Christian beliefs and desire to share something that belongs to all may not belong in a political forum, I have every right to uphold traditional marriage, which is built on the physical and spiritual compatibility of a man and woman, and the family unit. Please don’t deny my rights either, mate. This ‘every opinion is valid except when…’ bullshit is unfair, and we Christians have every right to stand level with all others. This nation was born into Christianity, and while you can choose what you accept, it deserves as much respect as any new system.

  201. Michael Sultana says:

    MR LUDLAM, you are in the minority and so are your supporters, the 10% or so of mindless Australians of voting age. Communism does not work here, get over it and yourself. The Senate, to quote Keating, “Unrepresentative swill”.

  202. Ben Hermann says:

    I suggest that everyone who is concerned takes action! This can be in the form of actually discussing political matters around the barbie or at work, not shying away from it. Show your position, don’t hide it. Before elections join a door knocking team, man a polling booth as a party supporter, write letters to newspapers, or join the party of your choice. On the bottom line: Participate in democracy!

  203. eleanorrubymoon says:

    Provide some facts, some examples, some supporting data, something other than your emotional vitriol. Until you do that, you don’t make one point, you just rave on like a little old lady.

  204. Andrew Thompson says:

    I think we shouild be appalled that almost everyone voted for either the Liberals or Labour, both of which were obviously not qualified for the job. It’s nitpicking as to which of these ridiculous parties you voted for – if you voted for either one you’re part of the problem.

  205. eleanorrubymoon says:

    Duncan….allow me to invite you into the 21st Century. You do not “carry the country”. Time for you to catch up on about the last 50 years of life in Australia AND ITS PLACE IN THE WIDER WORLD. LOL, like the country runs on meat and vegs.

  206. eleanorrubymoon says:

    Put down the crack pipe.

  207. mrkamu says:

    Most of those things you mentioned is none of his doing. Lets not crank out hyperbole now. The proposed cuts to education and health spending ARE this government’s fault and inexcusable in this sort of climate. Our education standards are worse than what they were ten years ago and they want to start cutting! That and the privatisation fetish, destruction of NBN and their pretty much sure-thing signing of the TPP. We’re in for some big problems.

  208. Peter Farrell says:

    Sounds like every result to me!!so why the sour grapes?

  209. sheffpixie says:

    I wish we had someone like this in the UK but sadly, we haven’t.

  210. Sofiana Alford says:

    That was the best speech I have herd from a politician .. Well done .. Abott is quiet happy to take money out of Perth but not willing to spend it where we need it .. Instead they have their perks and what not .. shame on him and his liberal pals .. Perth would be a rich state if we didn’t have to send it over east .. We should be a state on our own .. Perth is an awesome state but we get made to look like we are backward rednecks .. We are far from that .. Stop spending money on shit and spend where it’s needed .. Like homelessness ..

  211. ozconservative says:

    This guy has no idea how much the Greens are despised by people outside urban areas.

  212. ozconservative says:

    You don’t think it could of been 6 years of incompetence and waste by Rudd/Gillard/Rudd Labor governments could it????

  213. Tony Vass says:

    Labor politicians should take note. This is how it’s done.

  214. ozconservative says:

    Yep….alienate everyone outside of urban areas…..that’s how you do it!!!

  215. Andrew says:

    They also forgot Abbott won the leadership by 1 vote over Turnbull, who was then assigned to a humiliating and hopeless NBN policy in order to taint his reputation. Even Turnbull doesn’t truly believe in the backward, stone age policies he is promoting.

  216. ozconservative says:

    Here comes the hate from the “tolerant” left

  217. ozconservative says:

    It’s all about the ideology for the “greens”…….the environment is just the vehicle they use.

  218. ozconservative says:

    Grow your own food do you????

  219. James says:

    The word homophobia has been around for decades and it has an accepted definition. You may as well argue that “strawberry” is a meaningless word because they don’t grow in straw and technically they’re not even berries. Also, you are gravely mistaken about gender: it is not genetic; it is cultural and social. (Biological) sex is genetic, but even sex has a cultural component. In one sense you’re right that sexuality (all sexuality, not just homosexuality) is a mindset: the brain is the most important sex organ, as they say. But all reputable science, in every professional field, agrees that sexuality (all sexuality, not just homosexuality) has, at minimum, a genetic component, and that attempts to change it are dangerous and unsuccessful. Your claims about “traditional marriage” are equally misinformed. Even if you restrict your chosen definition of marriage to what can be found in the Bible, you’ll still find that it has never been “one man and one woman in an egalitarian relationship to the exclusion of all others for life.” As just one relatively benign example, the Bible prohibits interfaith marriages; would you have those outlawed? As for your political rights, well. You can think whatever you want, even if it means ignoring scientific knowledge and fact. You can base your life on your favoured intepretation of the writings in an ancient book. What you don’t have the right to do is force everyone else to live by your religious views, just as no one has the right to force you to live by theirs. Australia has separation of church and state, and I think you’ll agree that’s a very good thing: if it didn’t you could conceivably find yourself one day living in a place where you’re forbidden to eat pork or drink alcohol, or where failing to profess the state religion could get you executed.

  220. blonny says:

    Bravo sir. Sounds like Australia’s PM and Canada’s PM should get together and go bowling.

  221. Stacey Kendall says:

    Tongue in cheek must mean something totally different where you’re from. :P Tone is pretty hard to convey over the internet, from where I’m sitting it looks like you’re trying to insult someone.

  222. Duncan says:

    There you go attacking Christianity again when all I said was that we should be treated equally! I think you need to shut up and give your angry eyes a good rub. I’ve got no more to say to you as you haven’t stopped talking to me like a piece of shit since the start. It just shows what sort of miserable person you are and I pray you get over this and find the truth.

  223. Ben Harrison says:

    Correct. Same thing National does here in New Zealand. The worst part is that it works because the majority of voters are not critical thinkers, but those who are happily entertained by a pint and a game of rugby. Which leads to “schoolyard” politics.

  224. Maskeladden says:

    A nice Abbott style arguement. No response or debate, just a degrading answer. He has taught you well. Unfortunately it does not work in your favour.

  225. Fed up with left wing rhetoric says:

    Pathetic comments from standard left wing, uninformed individuals. We have a government that is cleaning up the major problems that the departing labor/green government left behind. The majority of the population support the coalition (hence the election victory) and are happy to let them get on with the job.

  226. James says:

    1, I’ve been nothing but polite. Pointing out that you’re wrong isn’t treating you like shit. 2, where did I attack Christianity? I didn’t even mention any of the most objectionable forms of marriage in the Bible, such as the requirement for a rapist to marry his victim. And 3, you want Christians to be treated equally? Exactly how are you not being treated equally? You already get to define marriage however you like when it comes to your own personal views and the views of your church. What you don’t get to do is define it for everybody else under the law. The same applies to LGBT people: they don’t get to force Christians to marry them in their churches. It’s fascinating that when you’re confronted with the illogic of your own argument you resort to claiming I’m rude, angry and miserable; still doesn’t make you right, though. I’m sorry if you don’t understand things like sexuality and law and science and the constitution; there’s no crime in that, of course, but I’m afraid if you try to debate those things without understanding them, well, you’re always going to come off looking dumb.

  227. Robert says:

    Incorrect. Coalition vote was higher

  228. Robert says:

    Clever, witty BUT Self serving, pompous, disrespectful, erroneous arguments. Typical Green – play the man, not the ball

  229. azurenightmare says:

    Look at all the angry little conservitards spouting their pathetic nonsense. Fight on my Australian friends! Reclaim your wonderful country from that fiend Abbott!

  230. azurenightmare says:

    Are you seriously trying to use a religion that teaches acceptance, forgiveness, and understanding to justify your desire to alienate and disenfranchise a certain minority based upon your own irrational fear of them? You are a wolf in sheep’s clothing and an agent of the devil himself! Repent and pray to Jesus for forgiveness from God, for you have sinned.

  231. Damien Rogers says:

    No problem. I set up a face book site to show some of these cases. Because council were also attacking disability pensioners with false evidence at the same time. It all ended up being referred to the ICAC and a NSW Parliamentary enquiry (into “Private unkept lands”) by the disability Minister. Where all public submissions on these cases were then publicly suppressed! You can read the stories and see pictures here.

  232. He has just become the sexiest man in Australia!!! Way to give that big eared freak a reaming!!

  233. Guest says:


  234. Iam Gamblor says:

    Yep it was a media driven campaign and and all media associated with big tycoons were pro-liberal.


  235. Iam Gamblor says:

    LOL, being a Rhodes scholar doesn’t mean your fit to govern as we all can plainly see by his actions.

  236. Guest says:

    No one likes Gillard or Krudd…..or Labor for that matter…. They caused more mess

  237. Iam Gamblor says:

    LOL lefties so 1950’s. O.K. Mr.Rightard when has Tony Abbott ever honoured a promise?? Remember he did say on camera “Never believe anything I say unless its written on paper.”

  238. Iam Gamblor says:

    An election won by democracy doesn’t mean the right person is governing the country may I remind you of a President G.W.Bush..Looking at Abbott is like looking into the mirror of G.W.bush’s bathroom a total idiot

  239. Iam Gamblor says:

    LOL now who’s generalizing…I didn’t vote for the prince of fools.

  240. Katie08 says:

    Let me tell you Iam, any cretin could become a Rhode Scholar in the 1970s! Back then the only criteria was that you had to be good at sports, male, wealthy with mediocre intelligence! I know people who attended Sydney University with Abbott and told me that he was, indeed, mediocre at everything he did. In fact, he was absolutely despised as a thug and a notorious bully on campus who used to stand outside the women’s debating room screaming out sexist and homophobic “jokes”. He had a reviled reputation as a loose canon and a short fuse (bad temper). He was in trouble many times for his sexist, intimidating behaviour, eg punching a wall right next to Barbara Ramjan’s head because she beat him (easily) at a student election:

    In addition, he was charged with indecent assault against a fellow student, Helen Wilson!

    Abbott has not changed! He is still a loathsome thug, notorious bully and his misogynistic, homophobic and xenophobic ideology sadly remains intact! He is an unrepentant elitist with fascist ideals. The morons who helped put this revolting creature into power are prepared to overlook all of this serious criminal behaviour! It is staggering!

  241. Iam Gamblor says:

    LOL. And yes we are now seeing just exactly how the LNP would of handled the GFC by slashing and burning jobs big business infrastructure and hoping all will work it’s self out. He is inept at geopolitics and Julie Bishop is an oaf as foreign minister and lets not talk about Christopher Pine the silver spoon boy who is now screwing the education system already! LOL and Joe Hockey as treasurer well his actions speak louder than words.

  242. Iam Gamblor says:

    Nigel your level of intelligence gives you away.

  243. Iam Gamblor says:

    Hmm No

  244. person says:

    Wow! Well said. But the only thing more dangerous than Abbott for the country is the Greens. Join another party or become an independent.

  245. Katie08 says:

    You are quoting the TELEGRAPH?????? HAHAHAHA! The Telegraph is a Murdoch rag openly favouring Labor at the expense of factual reporting! Prestia, you are an idiot!

  246. person says:

    How is it that people even voted for such a party, when they didn’t even have any policies? Their 9 point plan was “I’m going to get rid of the carbon tax” 9 times and they probably won’t even do that.

  247. Katie08 says:

    Cast your mind back to 1975 when the democratically elected Whitlam government was disgracefully put out by the combined effort of Fraser and Kerr! The LNP have a long, sorry history of ignoring the democratic process, Wilson! It would be brute irony to kick the most hated Crime Minister of our times to the kerb before the election. Sadly, it probably won’t happen before a LOT of damage is done. EVERY DAY brings another horror story with this despicable government. Now they are selling off our QANTAS airline to the highest bidder. Have any pro-LNP idiots stopped to think what THAT will do to our international security … WE ARE AN ISLAND RELYING ON THE AIRLINE ???? Even tiny countries like PNG, Tahiti and Fiji have their own airlines! An island nation like Australia MUST .. absolutely MUST have our OWN airline. Our safety and security demands it!

  248. Katie08 says:

    Let me tell you that it didn’t take much to be a Rhode Scholar in the 1970s. The only criteria was that you had to be male, good at sports, wealthy with a mediocre intelligence. A friend of mine did the same Law/Economic classes at Sydney University with Abbott and told me that he was, indeed, mediocre at EVERYTHING he attempted to do. He was a reviled, despised bully on campus who had a reputation as a loose canon with a short fuse (bad temper). He was regarded as an ultra right wing fascist

  249. chrisozman says:

    Look at the photo of him, he pretends he’s Clark Kent, but underneath he’s The Joker.

  250. Aleta Tulk says:

    Everything and more that so many of us are thinking and want to say to Tony Abbott. I applaud you Scott Ludlam!

  251. Katie08 says:

    No Wilson, that is NOT what people said! Some people were deluded enough to believe the blatant lies and distortions in the Murdoch rags of News Limited (ie Limited News that is steeped in fascist propaganda). They voted in haste and now repent at leisure. The same voters are standing in front of their mirrors desperately trying to remove the words: GULLIBLE TWIT off their foreheads! Have you managed to remove the words from your neanderthalic forehead yet, Wilson?

  252. chrisozman says:

    Well yes, that too, Green supporters. They remind me of those who followed the Nazis during WW2, believe everything they’re told and idolize the party. Underneath the facades of their neatly manicured leaders though, are people with a traitorous agenda.

  253. chrisozman says:


  254. Kiwi in Oz says:

    @ Ben Harrison, being a New Zealander who lives and works in Australia, there is no comparison between the Liberal party here and the National party in NZ, NZ legalised gay marriage last year during the reign of a National Party, that has not happened in Australia under either major parties, I love working in Australia and the life it has given me, but it is definately a MUCH more conservative population than that of NZ.

  255. Lee Brown says:

    Wait, Australia has a government? I thought y’all were run by a parliament of superintelligent Kangaroo.

    Kidding. This was a pretty hardcore takedown. Very impressive, and somehow so polite and never bombastic. Nice.

  256. fms says:

    Sorry did you just compare Green supporters to Nazi supporters? ‘bangs head on desk’…

  257. Philip Knowles says:

    Here’s a couple of challenges for you and this applies to close on 75% of the people commenting on this thread:
    Go, read, get educated and stop trying to appear smart, it is clear that a large percentage of you are merely spouting uneducated bull crap.
    Tell us all the viable alternative, and the first one to say Labor needs to go think again.
    In the short time I haver been in Australia it is clear to me that Australian politics is more about politicians personal careers that guiding this great land to a bright and prosperous future.
    Abbot has made some unpopular decisions, some were necessary, some were ill-conceived, but have you all banged heads and now suffer from amnesia because it is not too long ago we had a labor government hell bent on spending us into three generations of debt. They too pulled funding from major projects when it suited their agenda.
    The problem we have is that there is no viable alternative to our current government because until there is a leader surrounded by people more interested delivering strong leadership and guiding Australia in the right direction, we can only hope that the next announcement from government is one that shows we can depend on them to get it right.
    Politics in general seem to be nothing more than a popularity contest in Australia, people do not vote on policy, they vote on whether or not they like the individual, for goodness sake folks it’s not about nice people, it’s about strong leadership and if the best person to deliver that has buck teeth, is bold as a coot a wooden eye, then vote for them and not the one with the nice smile and shiny teeth.
    The biggest political decisions are made in the polling booth, before the next election, do some homework and let your vote count for something. Rant over.

  258. julianterris says:

    An excellent speech, -but I think Mr Ludlam’s invitation might be a little disingenuous :P

  259. Hoek says:

    Totally agree, especially about voting on looks and popularity. I think many people in this country have no idea about politics and when their handouts start getting effected they go crazy without trying to get an understanding as to why it was done. If these people had any say about this country we would probably end up a 3rd world country in no time. The Labour Govt screwed us hard but many fail to see it because they got their handouts and thats a good thing to them. The handouts always seem to come around election time too.

  260. Hoek says:

    just give them a handout and theyll shut up

  261. Katie08 says:

    It is clear that you don’t have the courage of your convictions otherwise you would have the balls to put your NAME next to your anonymous and ill-informed remark! When you see the overwhelming number of anti-Abbott statements on this page as well as the forums of thousands of other blogs, not to mention the +300 likes to my anti-LNP statement (above), it appears that it is YOU who is out of step “Guest”!

  262. Frances says:

    I thought we had educated men running this country. Buy the look of this pic i have provided obviously not. Greed and evil men are governing this country. I despise them all.

  263. Hoek says:

    You cant fight them mate, the propaganda is to strong, they will fight for gays like crazy because the media etc told them to, they wont allow you to have your own choice, you must obey them and do what they say or you will be attacked. I have nothing against gays but im against the propaganda that is being shoved down our throats, its no different then having religious people constantly telling you to do this or that because its their way of thinking. I get sad seeing how dumb humanity is to fall for this, fine you support gays, but look how you are acting, getting all worked up because someone disagrees with your choice, this propaganda is ruining our culture and society, its just creating hate!

  264. Michael says:

    Whether you voted for Abbott or not is irrelevant. What is relevant is that you voted. In doing so you gave your consent to the winner of the contest forming government. Only those who did not vote on principle can genuinely claim to have not given their consent to his, or indeed, any government.

  265. eleanorrubymoon says:

    That is rubbish. Until anyone becomes a Catholic, have they the right to call Catholicism wrong for abusing altar boys?

  266. Sharyn Wilson says:

    Well Done !!!! you have voiced what most every day Australian’s think. I don’t think you could have said it any better

  267. Sven says:

    This is the most valid statement in this whole thread. Period.

  268. Naysayer1 says:

    A tip for next time: When you overstate things your words tend to mean nothing.

  269. Naysayer1 says:

    Well, the Australian people did vote for the LNP as much as they vote for any party that has ever won an election in Australia. It’s how our democracy works.

  270. Steve says:

    election results, 90 seats LNP…55 seats ALP…1 seat Greens…Others 4, and they didn’t win by a majority?…Go figure!

  271. Kylie Fitzwater says:

    Gave me shivers. Scott Ludlam for PM
    He is like no other

  272. Steve says:

    i find it amusing, you’re saying there was a majority of voters that voted in the LNP at the last election, and Naomi clearly says there wasn’t, but yous are on the same side of politics?

  273. mambobananapatch says:

    When your “individual beliefs” include consigning homosexuals to hell as aberrations in the eyes of God, and denying them basic human rights, then why would I be interested in talking to you civilly?

    You are a homophobe, whether you accept the use of the term or not. You obviously hate them, whether you have the nuts to admit that or not. And, I’m pleased to say, you and your medievally-inclined ilk are being left behind. Gay marriage is becoming legal all over the world, and the shrieking from people like you is like music to the rest of us.

  274. Maskeladden says:

    Does it matter when they had enough votes to win (which either way would have been a significant number). Can people on the same side of politics not disagree, and not agree wholeheartedly with their party’s ideas and initiatives? I prefer to step out of the left-right bubble and choose the best option regardless of party. That still does not mean they are ideal.

    Too many treat politics like a game of football and take sides. Thats not the way to go.

  275. Trey Wilson says:

    Well, if there are – the only places I’m seeing it on on internet threads like this.

    Actually, I think YOU’D be surprised at how many people are actually happy with the Coalitions performance. The silent majority. We’ve elected Abbott and his team to get on with the job, and that’s exactly what they’re doing – much to your horror.

  276. Steve says:

    90 seats LNP…55 seats ALP…1 seat…Greens…4 seats Others. %’s can be very misleading Mal, the numbers for seats won speak for themselves mate. The LNP won in a majority, and the figures showing the number of seats the LNP won don’t lie! People who are arguing this fact are in denial.

  277. Muffinman says:

    ‘His term will pass and we need to keep our eye on the bigger picture.’ God speed the Green Revolution. It’s way overdue.

  278. Trey Wilson says:

    You mean, short memories like the billions in debt Labor hiked up. The barrage of Labor/Green policy failures, the in-party feuds, backstabbing, corruption and scandals… I could go on. In fact, I will.

    The carbon tax is a total flop. 1. We’re beginning to see the fallout now with Qantas, SPC, Holden, etc… More will come. It also drove up the cost of living as all suppliers and manufacturers passed on their carbon tax to consumers, who already had their own on utility bills.

    2. The Big Polluters kept the Carbon tax compensation as pre tax profits and passed on their carbon tax to consumers. Awesome! Gee, that sure saved the planet. Nice policy Greens.

    3. The tax supposedly reduced emissions by a puny 0.1% after 17 months at a cost of $15 Billion to Australians, through Industry and job losses. But this means that to get a full 1% reduction, Australians will have to pay $150 Billion in carbon taxes, and for 20% ,$3 Trillion in carbon taxes (3 years of the total income of Australia entire!). The Carbon tax is a stupid, unaffordable way to tackle climate change. At the end of the day it’s just another tax, spent on who knows what.

    4. Despite Australians paying $15 Billion in carbon tax to tackle climate change, the tax did not even stop one bush fire in one States National Park last summer. Assuming you believe man made bush fires are really related to climate change.

    5. Bill Shorten planned on signing up to the European Emissions Trading Scheme, where the Greedy European Banks will be allowed to carbon tax Australia, it’s Industries and People, back to the Stone Age to finance a European agenda! Australians will have NO democratic control over this European Governing Body that Bill Shorten will allow access to Australia’s economy. Lets not be mugs, reject this carbon tax, because it means loss of Aussie jobs and Industries, big unemployment and social unrest around the corner

    The most recent IPCC report on Climate Change has stated
    that Climate Change cannot be ‘tackled’, we can only delay it’s effects. The carbon tax was brought in to ‘Tackle’ climate change, but clearly thats now irrelevant. We must ‘adapt’. We must pay for this ‘adaption’ by keeping the money in Australia, not sending carbon tax monies to the Greedy European Banks running the ETS. The Coalition’s Direct Action Plan keeps Australia’s money in Australia and away fro Greedy European Banks that brought us the GFC and then annual bonuses of $1.6 million. The Coalitions Direct Action policy is all about “Adaptation” to climate change and saving Australia for Australians, not funding European agendas

    Man caused global warming is the greatest scam the world has
    ever seen. The IPCC has failed to produce evidence of any kind to support the theory. There has been no warming for 2 decades, a period during which man released one third of all CO2 emissions.

    The carbon tax is Labor/Greens nonsense.

  279. Trey Wilson says:

    Don’t hold your breath mate. I think The Green revolution already happened back in 2002. The time for sound policy and reason is upon us. Enough with progressive ideology and socialism.

  280. stephen says:

    Im no longer proud to call myself Australian. This govt. has only just started their plight…. But i think the entire government has failed us all. It wasnt much better under labor, It just seems we are all after FASTER LIVES AND MORE MONEY. And Tony Abbott wants all the money first and NOW ,,,,,,,,,,,,Stop the Government fro Raping yhe country, after all its ours not there’s ……..

  281. Amiz4Eva says:

    I think a big reason that Abbott got in wasn’t necessarily that people voted for him (I don’t even know many Liberal voters who like Abbott), but that these sorts of things happened…

    1. People are uninformed about how voting works and there are far too many parties to choose from (e.g. Pirate Party, Hemp Party…..seriously??) Even if you vote under the line, your vote might still be going to Liberal.

    2. Approximately 25% of young adults between the age of 18 and 25 aren’t even on the electoral, which baffles me. It is their fault, of course. But schools and parents should make sure that students over 18 are signed up, rather than leaving them to their own devices. I remember when I was 18, I wouldn’t have even known who to go to when I first signed up if my parents hadn’t gone and gotten the forms for me. When you turn 18, your first thought is hardly going to be “yay! Now I can vote!”

  282. Trey Wilson says:

    You are not just wrong about your assumptions, you are wrong in a way that makes me question your sanity as a person. Thank god I will never meet you. You are crazy.

  283. Matthew Ducker says:

    I’m just going to put out a positive rather than a negative here.

    Thanks to Tony Abbott More and more australian’s are now aware of Environmental issue’s and are rising up to protect it. More Australian’s have risen up and fighted for the environmental protection of the great Barrier reef.

    More and More Australian’s are now more awake than ever before.

    Thanks To Tony Abbot the green’s will have a fighting chance and may actually be party not to mess with. And will be the fighting force to not only save our country, but change the world.

    Keep opening up your mouth Tony, Keep telling us all the bullshit. Just keep doing what your doing right now.

    It just might give Australians the kick in the backside they need to get up and do something.

    What’s happening right now may very well be temperary. But what happens right now will have a very long lasting impact on our future.

    Thank you Mr Abbott for changing our country. Thank you Mr Abbott for giving many Australians like me a slap in the face. And got me thinking about what really is important.

    Thank you Mr Abbott for showing me your true nature.

  284. Trey Wilson says:

    So Labor and The Greens got us into this mess. Australia elected Abbott to fix the mess. Now that they are doing that, you’re not proud to be an Australian?

    Good. Then fuck off.

  285. Trey Wilson says:

    “The LNP rule by division and hatred…”

    So, explain to me the Labor party from the last six years.

  286. unknown says:

    live with your asylum seekers yourself!

  287. Amiz4Eva says:

    People need to stop treating voting like a joke too. I don’t know how many people I’ve come across who voted for the Sex Party or the Pirate Party solely because their names sounded funny. But do those voters even know the parties’ policies? Do they know who their votes really went to? I doubt it.

  288. Trey Wilson says:

    So Labor and The Greens got us into this mess. Australia elected
    Abbott to fix the mess. Now that they are doing that, you’re not proud
    to be an Australian?

    Good. Then fuck off.

  289. Trey Wilson says:

    LOL, there’s an unusual amount of Leftards on the interwebz today. Mustn’t be Centrelink payday.

  290. Trey Wilson says:

    Pathetic comments from a standard left wing, uninformed individual.
    Katie08, we have a government that is cleaning up the major problems that the departing labor/green government left behind. The majority of the population support the coalition (hence the election victory) and are happy to let them get on with the job.

    It has nothing to do with Rupert Murdoch. And of it does, you should hand back your Foxtel subscription.

  291. Lee says:

    Impressive, articulate and beautifully delivered…and on a lighter note, his choose of tie colour was duly noted. Congratulations Scott.

  292. Susan Brown says:

    Nice to see you guys having a respectful discussion. I respect you both for that.

  293. John says:

    Katie, I’ve read your barely coherent rants with some amusement. You do your side no favours – capital letters, personal insults, unfounded, blanket statements – and you say you used to work at News Ltd. What as – a cleaner? A few facts for you to consider – firstly, the single Manus Island death was a ‘refugee’ who was, by his own family’s admission, a qualified architect who wanted to sneak into Australia because he couldn’t find the right job in Iran. Is that right? That the tens of thousands of real refugees, waiting in camps with no money, get pushed further back in the queue because of self serving economic opportunists like this guy. Second – you’re so concerned about Qantas – currently, only 16% of international flights leaving Australia are QF. Why? Because they have priced themselves out of the market through high prices and poor service. Frankly, the frequent traveller just doesn’t care. Please explain how our ‘safety and security’ are remotely linked to personal ownership of passenger jets. Now, why not pack yourself a cone, make a cup of organic tea, put on a ‘sounds of the forest’ CD, and chill a bit. And maybe listen to the overriding advice of most religions and prophets in the world – ‘live and let live’

  294. John says:

    That speech was nothing but a political stunt, designed to score points against an undeserving man. A disgraceful slur.

  295. Margaret Dungan says:

    I believe that most people who voted for the Coalition was because they were voting against the Labor Party and the Greens!

  296. Maskeladden says:

    So you replaced a jester with a fool…wise.

  297. Ben Hermann says:


    The Labor party did not rule, they governed. The did not do so by division and hatred either. They were divided internally.

    You are either deliberately or unconsciously using the polemic that is one of the techniques described by Wikipedia as those characterising propaganda ( This is the communication method widely used by the current government under Abbot. It appeals usually to those who are too complacent to think for themselves or lack the IQ to do so.

    From your rhetoric it can’t be deducted which group you belong to, take your own pick.
    You have disqualified yourself with above reply to Katie08 and appear as a nuisance in discussions.

    Lastly, with your closing statement you are not different at all from the millions of people who blindly followed Autocrats or dictators such as Pinochet, Hitler, Stalin or Mao. These followers were behind their idols 100% as well.

  298. Katie08 says:

    Trey Wilson, you really ARE a pathetic example of the hateful, ME-ME sycophantic sociopaths that follow Abbott & his vile nasty pack of fascists! You are a moronic, brainless little troll – clueless, heartless and without an iota of empathy for anyone or anything! The long-term vandalism to our environment, the unbelievable contempt Abbott has for Australians (even idiots like YOU who foolishly believe that Abbott represents them .. he doesn’t!). He only represents the top 1% and catering to the insatiable greed of billionaire miners like Rinehart and Palmer. You and the DIMINISHISHING band of naïve, gullible fools that support the most reviled government in our history just go on and on defending the indefensible! You live in your own self obsessed little bubble without a thought for anyone but yourselves. Selfish, self entitled – you and the psychopath, Abbott, deserve one another!

  299. Katie08 says:

    I feel inordinately fortunate not to have to meet you either, Wilson. You are a small minded, nasty little cretin. Like Abbott, it appears you haven’t got a single redeeming feature. Does your mother know you are up late annoying good citizens on the internet like a vicious little troll?

  300. Kim Burnett says:

    Greens have my vote, you have given me hope, Scott, fight hard!

  301. Kim Burnett says:

    Hear hear!

  302. Timmoux says:

    The way I see it, everyone who wanted to vote for Abbot voted for him, but everyone who didn’t want to vote for him didn’t want Rudd either, so they voided their votes or voted independent. This way the LNP had the most proper votes and therefore won. Now we are all paying the price.

  303. Gitta Eske says:

    Well. Seems like I’m being blocked from making comment. Let’s see how we do now?
    Politicians ( NOT ALL)
    Are out to line their own pockets.
    No matter who’s butt they have to kiss or what they need to do to achieve their own goals.
    When we. As Australians. Stop giving lifetime handouts to former politicians.
    And instead give them a handshake and the proverbial gold watch like everyone else.
    Our economy would pick up enormously and there would be more than enough change in the treasury to provide schools elderly unemployed etc. with all they need.

  304. Dave Robinson says:

    I agree with Mr Ludlam on all the points he mentioned and also agree with a great many of the comments on here regarding the last election and how/why Abbott and his mob got into power.
    I am surprised however that no-one has mentioned looking for an alternative to the two party system or Labour v Liberal (ALP v LNP). There is one so I would urge you to go to the Australian Sovereignty Party website and study their vision for Australia and read the policies.

  305. Trey Wilson says:

    Cut and pastes a Wikipedia link to justify his argument? Hitler? Yeah, I’m sure Tony Abbott’s endgame is to eradicate 6 million Jewish people. What a ridiculous rebuttal. However, I wouldn’t expect anything less from a clueless Leftie.

    Dude, stop. Please, just stop.


  306. Trey Wilson says:

    LOL, where’d you get those figures from? Albo’s webpage?

  307. Dave Robinson says:

    J Train; that wouldn’t have happened if T. Abbott had in fact been genuine and not back flipped on every election promise he made. He is a liar and his foreign minister is just as bad.

  308. Dave Robinson says:

    Pity they haven’t got it back and never will under this mob.

  309. Pat Kcirtap says:

    Wow! He is articulate, though they are actual lies, 1/2 truths & scaremongering from the greens that sound so real this time! I hope the Australian people are smarter than this? Just remember the greens major funders are from the Islamic sector that pay heavily for a voice to question / shake our values & address agendas for their interest! The freedom we love. Personal choice, sexual equality, religion & sexual freedoms & peace are all in serious jeopardy. Look at the crimes that are happening here? Find out the race, religion & you might be shocked! In Sydney the 14 year old girl who was gang raped in Feb this year. Groups of people that do not believe in our ways of life do not need to be here!We do not need to challenge even more an already challenged society! We do not need our society torn down any further or undermined & changed for any reason that does not benefit Australia as a whole! Freedom of personal choices, sexuality & religion are under-sedge by the green agenda! The green have not been true to there name of conservation for decades! Facts please people! Also remember we voted in the libs on the promise that they would get rid of the carbon tax! A tax for the rich to trade on & make obscene amount of money on! The only party to insist on its practice were the greens! Where huge profits could be made by trading carbon credits! The other two parties could see how it did nothing for the environment! Also the character of Tony Abbott with women & with the Gay/Lesbian/Transgender communities speak volumes when you look at him & his family. He has been married for decades with daughters that love & support him! If he was so bad to women why are there so many women around him that speak so highly of Tony? Also look at Colonel Cate McGregor who has been friends of Tony Abbott for decades She is a transgender that speaks so highly of him! Why would she so publicly do that if Tony was so anti Gay/Lesbian & transgender. He obviously personally supports this topic & loves women! There are so many false points that lying Ludlam or Dudham statements in his speech. I simply don’t have the time to inform you on! I’d have to write a novel! I hate writing so please research facts not fiction for your selves! Eloquent words are just cheap. Good luck on the facts everyone!

  310. Dave Robinson says:

    Wait until they go ahead with the TPP agreement and then you will realise what we are all complaining about; Abbott will sign away our rights to making our own laws and we will be beholden to the Corporate giants of the world.
    Incidentally, Julia Gillard and Rudd both refused to sign or agree to that document, your heart-throb Tony and his mob are doing it in secret so we cannot see the implications for this once great nation. Until September 2013 that is.

  311. Gitta Eske says:

    Great statement. Eloquent words are so cheap.
    This statement is very eloquent.

  312. Dave Robinson says:

    I am not a lefty or a green supporter or voter; I am for a better Australia where I can hope that my children and grand-children will be able to live in peace in the future. I cannot see that happening under a Liberal government I am afraid. If I was a retired Tycoon or Businessman or in deed leaning to the right because I had money then I might feel differently (not) I have a hope for an Australia that will see us self sufficient, that we will have our constitution returned to us with a bill of rights incorporated that will protect the individual. I want to see fair taxes, a system that will mean if you earn more you will pay more tax and not the other way round. I want to see our armed forces used to protect our borders instead of fighting other peoples wars and I want a banking system that works for me and not the big bankers.

  313. Powersofinvisibility says:

    I think you’re mistaken there. I know full well the world isn’t that way. That was the whole point of my comment and the other point of it, is that the reason it isn’t even close to being that way is because of self-righteous people like you.

    To address another point you make, the only entitlement BS I see here is coming from you…

    So, what DO you propose for those people who are disadvantaged and unable to work, because I don’t see Abbott in their corner either, do you?

  314. bleh says:

    you’re all lambs heading to the slaughter….. it truly baffles me how
    stupid the pubic majority is this age, so let me get this straight….
    There is an upcoming vote in WA, this “greens” candidate slanders &
    comments negatively against abbott bringing up “every” little thing the
    media has complained about…and he’s a hero??? Here’s what i see little
    sheep, another useless politition spouting garbage out his mouth to win
    “favour” with the medias brain dead fanbase shortly before an
    election.. the Greens are useless & only a greens fanboy will tell
    you otherwise. Labour was an unwanted Government, if any of you payed
    attention to the poll, they got in via preferences from bogus alliances
    that they did nothing with & didn’t keep their word too. I see many
    messages blaming abbott for our economy???are you all seriously THAT
    stupid!?!?! “LABOUR” crippled our economy by throwing free money at
    anything & everything, of course it’s not going to be great at the
    moment, these things take time to repair, EXPECIALLY when run into the
    ground as much as labour crammed it. All this mysogenist and sexist crap
    is garbage & it’s the only argument all opposition can spout out to
    raise hate out of the little sheep we call Australians, He has
    Daughters….do you really think he’s going to do anything that would
    remove any free rights they have?? its complete & utter garbage
    & anyone that buys into it….well they arn’t worth a pellet of bat
    he’s not perfect (obviously) but seriously, name me one
    politician who is? he’s doing the best with the resources at his
    disposal. Culling sharks is a waste & pointless but seriously i
    could name a few other USELESS policies that were brought in by other
    parties eg “the baby bonus”…boy that helped people didnt it????it sure
    did we saw a mass increase of drugged up young bogans bursting out kids
    for grog money and a new big screen t-v!!! what a waste, it should
    never of seen the light of day. you know why people hate abbott right
    now?? and i can tell you EXACTLY why…. it’s because he’s a tight ass,
    he’s making cuts to everything & refuses to throw free money out
    anymore thats pissed of 25% of the populace, another 40% of the populace
    is pissed that they now have to “WORK” for their dull (god forbid….)
    about 10% are pissed about animal rights like the shark culling etc
    (fair enough) and the rest dont even know why they’re pissed, they just
    need something to whinge about. He was voted in o do a job, shut up
    & let him do what he was voted to do.if you dont like the results
    after term, vote him out… welcome to the system sheep!!!!!

  315. bleh says:

    you’re all lambs heading to the slaughter….. it truly baffles me how
    stupid the pubic majority is this age, so let me get this straight….
    There is an upcoming vote in WA, this “greens” candidate slanders &
    comments negatively against abbott bringing up “every” little thing the
    media has complained about…and he’s a hero??? Here’s what i see little
    sheep, another useless politition spouting garbage out his mouth to win
    “favour” with the medias brain dead fanbase shortly before an
    election.. the Greens are useless & only a greens fanboy will tell
    you otherwise. Labour was an unwanted Government, if any of you payed
    attention to the poll, they got in via preferences from bogus alliances
    that they did nothing with & didn’t keep their word too. I see many
    messages blaming abbott for our economy???are you all seriously THAT
    stupid!?!?! “LABOUR” crippled our economy by throwing free money at
    anything & everything, of course it’s not going to be great at the
    moment, these things take time to repair, EXPECIALLY when run into the
    ground as much as labour crammed it. All this mysogenist and sexist crap
    is garbage & it’s the only argument all opposition can spout out to
    raise hate out of the little sheep we call Australians, He has
    Daughters….do you really think he’s going to do anything that would
    remove any free rights they have?? its complete & utter garbage
    & anyone that buys into it….well they arn’t worth a pellet of bat
    he’s not perfect (obviously) but seriously, name me one
    politician who is? he’s doing the best with the resources at his
    disposal. Culling sharks is a waste & pointless but seriously i
    could name a few other USELESS policies that were brought in by other
    parties eg “the baby bonus”…boy that helped people didnt it????it sure
    did we saw a mass increase of drugged up young bogans bursting out kids
    for grog money and a new big screen t-v!!! what a waste, it should
    never of seen the light of day. you know why people hate abbott right
    now?? and i can tell you EXACTLY why…. it’s because he’s a tight ass,
    he’s making cuts to everything & refuses to throw free money out
    anymore thats pissed of 25% of the populace, another 40% of the populace
    is pissed that they now have to “WORK” for their dull (god forbid….)
    about 10% are pissed about animal rights like the shark culling etc
    (fair enough) and the rest dont even know why they’re pissed, they just
    need something to whinge about. He was voted in o do a job, shut up
    & let him do what he was voted to do.if you dont like the results
    after term, vote him out… welcome to the system sheep!!!!!.

  316. ozconservative says:

    “Socialism is the philosophy of failure, the creed of ignorance and the gospel of envy. Its inherent virtue is the equal sharing of misery”

    Winston Churchill

  317. Powersofinvisibility says:

    Ah yes, your brilliant articulation and social competence clearly shows how much weight your opinion holds. Bravo.

  318. Bill McCann says:


  319. Trey Wilson says:

    When a population has a good percentage who reply on Government handouts and benefits (let’s face it, many of whom are Leftards and Green supporters), they’ll always complain when a conservative Government steps in and cuts back on all the waste. It’s only natural the Lefties are pissing and moaning about ‘taking their country back’ like they’re in some bad sequel to Braveheart. Abbott has made no bones about supporting those who actually need it – pensioners, veterans and the disabled. NOT asylum seekers – many of whom are not genuine.

  320. ozconservative says:

    Voting for the “greens” is like buying a 1974 Alfa-Romeo. Feels good at the time but the end result will come back to haunt you.

  321. Sherylle A Allen says:

    well said kate08 go get him I hate this hitler like ba….d and his side kicks
    Mr Abbott you are a asham to all Australians YOUR BLOODY WELL FIRED AND KEEP GOING SOME WHERE DON’T CARE.,JUST GO but no one would have u lying creep

  322. Help our fish stocks come back says:

    That’s GOLD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    This guy makes me proud to be an Australian, unlike the feral Rabbott.

  323. Trey Wilson says:

    When the Howard government took office in March 1996 the Qantas share price was around $2.20. And when the Howard Government lost office to Labor in November 2007, the Qantas share price had risen to a healthy $6.00.

    But when Labor was thrown out of office in disgrace last September, the Qantas share price had collapsed to around $1.25. Now Labor wants to further harm Qantas and their employees, by playing political games and preventing Qantas from competing on a level playing field. In addition, Labor are punishing Qantas with an annual penalty of $100 million plus by blocking the repeal of the Carbon Tax.

    Who to blame?

    Well, aside from the disgraceful Bill Shorten, this Carbon Tax policy was originally the brainchild of The Greens’ number one whacko, Bob Brown. The embarrassment that is Christine Milne, also had a hand to play in it. They should all be sent to Siberian concentration camps, along with Kevin Rudd.

    And they pretend they are the friend of Qantas – what a farce.

    This is simply one reason why The Greens will NEVER hold power in this country. It has been proven countless times that their loony policies do way more harm than good.

  324. andrew36 says:

    What a F w i t you and ludham

  325. Sherylle A Allen says:

    well said and to the others this discussion was about Mr Ludlam ‘s speech, with was so spot on, the polies seem to forget they are there by the people for the people and are very highly (over paid) public servants, so fir the bloody lot. (how I wish) the devil you know is sometimes better than the one you don’t, just how do we get rid of them, as by the end of three years what are we going to have left ????????????????

  326. andrew36 says:

    So you were all to stupid to realise TA would be PM, that been the case your to stupid to be allowed to vote

  327. andrew36 says:

    Um, its opposition you loser, if you cant see the difference you truly are a d i c k

  328. Animalib ForAllanimals says:

    I didn’t vote for anyone because I no longer want to be responsible for putting people in government who do not represent the people. Governments only represent their party and their personal agenda we the people are not represented in anyway. They get into government and do what ever the hell they want, we are not involved with any decisions they make. They take no notice of petitions or protests they simply ignore us. In fact I think we should be voting for which company we want to run the country because by the looks of it depending on which company donates the most to a political party gets what they want done not what we want done.

  329. andrew36 says:

    Im not surprised you don’t understand, your postings show a severe lack of IQ. Ill say it slowly so make sure you read it slowly. When you have a policy that encourages people to jump on leaky boats then that policy is partly responsible when those people die. If your policy doesn’t give the rewards the people want then those people wont risk there lives.

  330. Sherylle A Allen says:

    no not jews just us poor disable , aged pensioners , peoples jobs al Australia stands for , because you see when no we are old they are trying to kill us off with bloody fear, I go to bed at night with tears because I don’t know how I am going to make ends meet its hard enough now, those who will have super don’t count on having a high life in retiememt because u could end up JUST LIKE US POOR.

  331. andrew36 says:

    Wow Katie what a sad sad deluded F b i t c h. They supported Rudd and Gillard you stupid F moron, they told the Australian people to vote for both of them. They gave rudd the longest honeymoon period of any PM. They have numerous articles by labor ministers past and present, how many articles in Fairfax from LNP ministers. Please point to all the vile attacks from Murdoch on Gillard. Fairfax continuously attacks abbott but hey you couldn’t give a f about that could you, you hypocritical b i t c h

  332. andrew36 says:

    Please Dave, point out all these backflips. Please amaze us with your superior knowledge.

  333. Trey Wilson says:

    If you are poor blame Labor for their six years of economical mismanagement. It’s hardly Abbott’s fault. He simply inherited Labor’s mess.

  334. andrew36 says:

    Wow, you really are a atupid f w i t arnt you. Everyone knows there a f coalition, in 99% of seats they don’t run against each other because there coalition partner holds the seat. If the National party etc folded who do you think there votes would go to you moron. By the way isn’t labor in the country called the Country Labor Party. Are they a separate party as well?

  335. andrew36 says:

    No Neil it was the labor party that backed manus island, don’t you remember.

  336. DJK says:

    Senator Who? Nice one champ – reference Wikipedia. With your intellect you could be writing policies for your mates in the Socialist party. Oh and “lastly” you’re a complete spastic.

  337. Sherylle A Allen says:


  338. Katie08 says:

    Numerous spelling corrections for the benefit of an uneducated illiterate moron: capital “I” instead of “i” for the pronoun (you can look up the word pronoun in the dictionary, bleh!); “politician”; “Labor” NOT Labour; “paid” NOT payed; “especially” not expecially; “Misogynist”; aren’t. Perhaps you should stay in school, bleh, instead of pretending to be a grown up and voicing the typical Liberal hateful, xenophobic propaganda on this forum! Your sense of social conscience and empathy is almost as appalling as your literacy skills, pal! Didn’t you see the attachments in my email above showing Abbott’s attacks on female students at Sydney University and his ongoing scandalous moronic remarks on just about every current political issue:
    ARE YOU REALLY THAT STUPID???? Oh, yeah, right …. (giggle) …you probably are!
    The despicable way Abbott carted his daughters around right before the election didn’t fool anyone – it was a blatant political ploy to try to win votes from 52% of the female population of this country … it didn’t work because a recent survey has disclosed that a huge majority of women now find Abbott’s callous policies intolerable. Every time a reporter tried to get near his daughters, Abbott muzzled them (his daughters) because he couldn’t even trust them to say the right thing. The fact that the horrific LNP cabinet have only got ONE woman and that he (Abbott) has astonishingly appointed himself as Minister for Women’s issues is absolutely disgusting and hypocritical to the extreme!
    Let me ask you Bleh, are you a billionaire miner? are you a CEO of a multinational corporation? are you a newspaper mogul seeking to push your propaganda on a naïve public in return for biased reporting at the expense of the truth? Are you in the top 1% of earners? …. if NOT, Abbott has YOU in his sights for target practise dear! YOU are the one who is a sheep and it is people like YOU who will be hit the hardest.
    For your information, my husband and I ARE in the top 1% of earners – we are both university educated and my husband is a CEO of a large company but the BIG difference between you and us is that we have a social conscience and CARE about people less fortunate than ourselves. We are willing to pay our due taxes to support those who require our assistance because WE believe that a country can be judged by the way it treats its poor, its defenceless, its women and its most vulnerable citizens (the unemployed and the disabled). YOU on the other hand typify the mean spirited, callousness of the LNP sycophant who is very short on charity, empathy and generosity but HUGE on self entitlement. Shame on you!

  339. andrew36 says:

    Another stupid F W I T. What Cazza, didn’t you know they were a coalition. Of course labor got more votes then the liberal party by themselves because the labor party has a candidate in every seat. The liberal party doesn’t have a actual liberal candidate in each seat because they have a coalition partner as their candidate in many. Seriously how f high is your IQ that you cant understand that.

  340. andrew36 says:

    So Ian your idea of democracy is that if you like the guy them democracy is good if you don’t it sucks. Not everyone thinks like you dhead.

  341. Sherylle A Allen says:

    IT was a great speech it must have taken gourage and I for one are grateful for your honesty , as this is how so many people who have no voice are feeling especial the old and frail , as women suppose to out live men he his attaching older women and men, we need you thank you

  342. paul68 says:

    Your bias is loud and clear, why don’t you talk about facts rather than scare mongering. Ask yourself how many refugees have drowned under the current LNP policy and how many are sitting rotting in detention centres compared to that of the former government or better yet find the facts on it. There is a correct and proper way to come to this country and why should people who jump the queue have more rights than those who try the lawful way. Whee were you when the former government announced their ridiculous policy on this matter (head in the sand I’m guessing). Where were you when the previous government lead by the greens had the opportunity to knock the dredging on it’s head but chose to defer the decision 3 times? You and people like you who are not willing to get off your arse and work for a living unless you can do it at leisure and get paid 150k are what is destroying this country sending all our manufacturing overseas and this does not happen over night. I have seen countless business’s go under due to unions not letting the workers negotiate their own conditions and you live in the dark ages if you think the employer just wants to screw the employee they are just trying to make a buck for all. I could go on but you will not understand or listen you are too far gone it’s bread into the way you think you will rant and rave as per your previous comments without any facts.

  343. andrew36 says:

    100 – 44 would be 56% Mal. The ALP Got around 35% so that’s 65% that didn’t want them. The Greens got around 10% so that means 90% didn’t want the greens. So exactly what is your point. The coalition got a lot more votes then the ALP or the greens, the only reason the ALp got anywhere near 50% is because of preferences.

  344. andrew36 says:

    So they didn’t know Abbott was the leader then Ben, give new meaning to the term low info voter. Talk about being in denial

  345. Darryl Jones says:

    The fact that all of those companies I mentioned have pulled out of Australia since this Government were voted into office can only be attributed to the fact they are getting out before the Ship of Fools Sinks. Thankyou, all of you who voted for this disaster….

  346. andrew36 says:

    Wikipedia, your f kidding right. You do know any f looney can write on Wikipedia its not based on any facts. Hes 100% right, Katie is a batshit crazy bitch hypocritical bitch and the fact that you defend such a obviously crazy loon says a lot about people on the left.

  347. Anna Eppel says:

    Dont let this country get worse… 2016 is too far away and there wont be anything left to fight for!!! Get rid of the moron who can do no right, the man who has a lesbian sister but denies same sex marriage; the guy who has a New Zealand wife and denies equal rights for kiwis living in Australia.. where is his common sense and sense of justice for the environment and the people that pay his wages????

  348. paul68 says:

    LNP received more primary votes than that of any other party, Who the hell should be in power then?
    There is a lot of talk about how crap they are please provide some factual accounts of policy you don’t agree with I am truly interested.
    Asylum seekers I don’t think so.
    Dredging, surely not as the ALP could have done something about that.
    Holden, nah Ford had gone already and with unions running wild in this country its only a matter of time before it’s all gone.

  349. andrew36 says:

    wow, you people actually believe the BS you type. You really believe low info and poorly educated people vote LNP, and hear I was thinking the ALP had always prided itself on being the party of the little people, the party of the downtrodden and poor etc etc . I guess I was wrong as you are trying to say they are voting for the LNP.

  350. andrew36 says:

    So are you going to correct her spelling and grammar as well Katie?

  351. paul68 says:

    You are probably calling most of your friends & family dumb too. Again tell me specifically what you have a problem with. I have some problems with them as well as with previous governments but they are real problems all hype beat ups that you and your mates would call negativity when the ALP were in.

  352. andrew36 says:

    Hes the idiot, go and read what you just said again, stupid idiot.

  353. paul68 says:

    ALP are very clever, they are not saying anything they have all you brainless twits who have 0 idea of what they are talking about.

  354. J Train says:

    Dave, I am not saying people need to be nicer to Tony. I am responding to the comment of vile attacks on Julia were beyond contempt, when these are no more vile than we see against Tony or Scott or many others. Question election promises is healthy, but to say Julia was a victim diminishes her power and I find it more sexist than anything said of her.

  355. Katie08 says:

    What a hateful, despicable little coward you are, unknown! You haven’t even got the guts to publish your real name because you know that your xenophobic, racist comments will bring a tsunami of criticism at your door! Stay unknown you shameful callous hypocrite! Until then, may I suggest you sit back and have a good LOOK at the video in the following link which may change your mind about vulnerable asylum seekers. Even the most hardened xenophobic racists (like you) who initially hated asylum seekers were forever changed by their experience of stepping in the shoes of these poor, defenceless people! Only for the grace of God are you here and NOT in their shoes! Where is your compassion, your empathy?

  356. andrew36 says:

    No, what it shows is that they realise what a insignificant, stupid F W I T ludham is.

  357. andrew36 says:

    Yeah that must be why 10% vote for the greens right.

  358. andrew36 says:

    seriously you use WWll as a example of bad decisions.

  359. andrew36 says:

    Your not wrong, did you see what they voted for the 6bn years before this govt. Thank god they woke up this time right Powers

  360. andrew36 says:

    Your a dickhead, a dangerous f dickhead at that. Maybe why on reddit you can tell everyone what your policies are, please tell everyone what you are going to do to to help the economy, tell everyone what policies you have to create jobs.

  361. Anna says:

    I can’t believe how many people do not know the election results – THE MAJORITY DID NOT VOTE FOR THE L/NP of those who cast a proper vote (Not counting the % who didn’t vote or who voted informal,) nationally the L/NP got 45.6% of the primary vote – the MAJORITY voted for either the ALP, the Greens or Independents. The rest is down to preferences. I agree – we are paying the price for people who wanted to vote against the ALP without a thought for going out of the frying pan into the fire. Interesting that in the ACT where they know the politicians first hand the ALP got 42/9% of the primary vote and Abbott only got 34.5% – draw your own conclusions. Election results are at
    And this is one of the best speeches ever made – proof that not all politicians are the same – if people listen to this and STILL think they have no options to make their vote count they are right only because they believe they are.

  362. pomegranate1 says:

    Magic words. Delivered from a rather magic man. Thank you Ludlam. Will you be our PM?

  363. drgauss says:

    While I do not agree with everything this government stands for, their position on boat arrivals is absolutely right.
    The uncontroled migration to Europe and north America (legal and illigeal) is fast eroding the moral and enlightened acheivements made in the west since WW2.

    Australia is just a few steps behind.
    Asylum seeking on steroids is an INVASION pure and simple.
    Multiculturalism is an invention of the weak, blind and corrupt politicians who hate their own cultures, import voters, and are criminally naive.
    True, Australia has a lot to answer for re the savagery on Manus island.
    The fact is that the “Asylum Seekrs” were taunting the local guards threatening to kill them, rape their women and other such ‘fun’ offerings. When the locals reacted and an Iranian got killed the government of Iran jumped up and down. Could it be that the guy was actually sent by them to “Asylum seek”?
    Australia is importing and doing business with racists of the worst kind.
    Ignoring ethnic cleansing in West Papua, promoting racist airlines like Etihad,
    giving a mouthpiece to Jihad TV Al Jazeera and on and on it goes.
    So please start educating yourselves in history, religion and other cultures before you call other Australian voters ignorant.

  364. Katie08 says:

    Andrew, is the 36 next to your name an indication of your IQ quota? I guess it is! Go back to your village, they are missing their idiot!

  365. orangeandblueaussie says:

    Umm, now you’re confusing me. You’re accusing me of being self righteous? This web page is dripping with self righteousness and commentators blaming the liberal government for this country’s woes regardless of the fact that nothing the government has done hasn’t had its root in the previous labor government
    The speech of the green senator is self righteous. I like how he says “noted” in a way that suggests that he speaks for us all. As an aside, he even accuses Tony Abbott of cutting university funding (“noted”) after Julia Gillard cut a massive $2 billion from it and allocate the funds to Gonski.
    As for entitlement, i can honestly say that 22 years of being employed, i have not received a dollar of welfare or allowances from the government that were not work related. I’m not complaining about that – i earn my own way – but so should many others.
    The disadvantaged? As an example, Tony Abbott has been one of the loudest supporters of the NDS. He was a bigger proponent that Gillard, who tried to use it as a wedge against him. My concern with a scheme like this is that it opens itself up to all sorts of rorts such as what happened with Pink Batts. Worthy cause, targeted to the right part of society, needs to be carefully managed.
    I’m not opposed to helping the disadvantaged and nor do i think the coalition is, but when they oppose something it’s often bemoaned as if they don’t want to do something rather than that they don’t know how to achieve something.
    Personally, i’m just sick of good causes being spoken about like the left is the sole owner of all things good. When it comes to these ideas, they rarely come with a cost attached, nor do they often come with a means to pay for them that doesn’t involve sending australia into debt.

  366. Evan Vernon Giles says:

    The TPP has been in existence since 2010, and they have already been told to go jump by the Labour government over plain cigarette packaging and were told by the AG to piss off as they had no jurisdiction to hear the matter anyway, they only replied out of courtesy.

  367. Help our fish stocks come back says:

    I keep clicking on the link which I’m pretty sure takes me to the COALition’s website, and when I do I get a pic of the Wacky Rabbott but there are no policies to be seen.
    That means I must have the correct website address doesn’t it?

  368. Scott Mcginn says:

    in opposition it means nothing, you’re not the person people wanted as Primeminister, which means in essence you are on borrowed time.

  369. What_Tha says:

    The LNP not only approves of a dumb public, but more so, rely on it.

  370. LPS says:

    Thank you Bleh. I am glad to see that there are well informed people out there. Labour supporters continue to take the credit for what the LNP did (including John Howard stabilising our economy before the global financial crisis) The ALP was barely in power and idiots do not recognise the fact that they had nothing to do with this. While ALP was in power they progressively destroyed the Australian economy and did nothing but fork out money to people who didn’t deserve it. Then the icing on the cake they turn around and blame the LNP for the state that our country is in. It took 6 years to mess it up and now it will take a few to fix it. The ALP supporters are children who mismanage their own money with large credit card debts and believe the country should also behave like that. It is disgraceful that some of the country cannot put aside their personal hatred for Tony Abbott and instead judge the LNP on their successes.

  371. andrew36 says:

    That’s exactly why they havn’t been able to clean up the mess yet.

  372. Evan Vernon Giles says:

    You Philip Knowles are an absolute fuck tard, can you not understand that when K Rudd was elected all the financial markets had frozen and no one was lending money, so K Rudd agreed to protect your savings you fuck tard and to help our banks out and the general public, he gave a small handout which helped cushion the impact of the GFC, your idol that fuck tard Howard wasted 190 Billion with his stupid baby bonus which he gave to everyone, despite being told by Glen Stevens his own appointed head of treasury to stopping doing it because it was forcing him to put up interest rates.

  373. Help our fish stocks come back says:

    That is so well put Ben!

  374. andrew36 says:

    Even more of a misogynist then all the arabs that Gillard gave a speech to a few weeks ago right David. What ever happen to calling out misogamy wherever she saw it. Bloody hypocrite.

  375. andrew36 says:

    I guess it was because labor were such a good, competent govt then. Obviously Australians hate good competent govt, so they voted them out.

  376. andrew36 says:

    With a bit of luck he will be available early May.

  377. andrew36 says:

    No, cant be that or they would be at centrelink collecting.

  378. Evan Vernon Giles says:

    A lot of businesses have already realised that a safe work place is a more productive workplace, how in the fucking hell do you think these safe work places came about you absolutely ignorant turd, its was the Hawke/Keating government that introduced the Workplace Health And Safety act you moron as well as the EEO and the anti discrimination Act that stops some pervert from sexually harassing you, this is the sort of shit that you Liberals sprout time and again which only shows how retarded you all are, you seem to think that all this magically came about, how about doing some reading and actually educate yourselves.

  379. andrew36 says:

    Wow evan, your way to dumb to understand that you just proved Phillips point perfectly.

  380. andrew36 says:

    Good luck with that, most of the people commenting here wouldn’t know a fact if it bit them on the arse. There sheep they wont look up anything.

  381. orangeandblueaussie says:

    Senator Ludlam, may i present one of your constituents.

    Evan, i don’t know what hole you live in but i can only assume that you don’t work for a living.

  382. andrew36 says:

    LMAO you stupid woman (I use that term loosely) You do realise you have the number 8 after your name, so by your theory, your IQ is 8. That means Im still a dam site smarter then you idiot.

  383. andrew36 says:

    wow, your actually got the hide to call someone a hateful and despicable coward after most of the hateful drivel you put on here.

  384. Evan Vernon Giles says:

    Dear Sir, you are also an idiot the Greens leader Bob Brown MD, yes he was a GP before he joined the Enviroment Movement and saved many young men from being killed in Vietnam, you sir are an odious and disgraceful example of a human being.

  385. andrew36 says:

    You don’t want intelligent people to see it, they will see though it for the BS it is. What you want is for the low info, low IQ mob of sheep to see it. You know people like yourself and the group you hang out with.

  386. andrew36 says:

    Its a pity there wasn’t rocks thrown.

  387. andrew36 says:

    You forgot pro not living in the real world, pro destroying business, pro destroying trade, pro not making any money to implement policies, pro animal or land rights over human rights, pro living in caves. Were do dheads like you thing the money for the f****** green policies is going to come from

  388. James Morrison says:

    Abbott is doing a far better job then JuLIAR and KRUDD who were hellbent on destroying our way of life- he stopped the boats something labor and the greens couldnt do!

  389. spend spend spend says:

    I can’t believe what you morons are arguing over. The problem started when labour went on an uncontrolled spending spree and blew our surplus! And now Abbott is trying to fix it. And all you can focus on is what he’s not spending money on. Australians are so dumb. They love spending money they don’t have. If it wasn’t for the conservative migrants we’d have a national debt crisis. You’d have Abbott run the country like you run your households… in debt! Stupid Aussies.

  390. sejana1975 says:

    I just heard a lot of rambling – typical Greens….always whinging and never offering any viable solutions – 7.5mins I will never get back…

  391. Roscius says:

    What a fucking idiot.
    Because Hitler is simply known for the murder of Jews right?
    He is likening the methods persuasion used by the Abbott government to a tyrannical party such as that of Hitler.
    If you needed clarification
    Your teenage internet lingo is not impressing anyone either.

  392. Roscius says:

    Just because Wikipedia is open to public does not mean it carries no legitimacy or legitimate information you idiot. Stop spouting the pathetic bs that some idiot told you. The information on wikipedia is as a majority “based on facts” hence the references on the bottom.

    So use your intellect and critical judgement to ascertain whether something carries any weight or not and not some blanket statement because you are too lazy to click on the link.

  393. Rorzza says:

    It would be great if just once – just once, a Lib Gov could come into power
    with a surplus left

  394. I want Scott Ludlam to be a senator. In fact, I want him to be our Prime Minister.

  395. Peter says:

    Haha… the Coalition won the 2013 federal election.

  396. Evan Vernon Giles says:

    To Mr Wilson, I have been gainfully employed as a self employed person (Taxi Driver) for nearly 20 years you fucking arse wipe and yes I have been on the dole on and off for a few years after leaving high school in 1981 and if you were alive then you know I went through Fraser/Howards great recession we didn’t have to have, your are a sanctimonious prick like most Liberals.

  397. Dan says:

    Typical political stooge talking crap just to get votes.

    This guy has no more character than any other politician in this country. It is laughable when I read the comments and see that people actually seem to be fooled by the fakery that defines politics.

    Starting thinking for yourselves people! None of these politicians have your interests at heart. None of them care about refugees and poor people. I am guessing that most of you don’t, you are just being political stooges just like the guy in this story.

  398. Di Baker says:

    Perhaps an example of why voting should NOT be compulsory

  399. PaulMurrayCbr says:

    The LNP didn’t win the election – Labour lost it.

  400. Trey Wilson says:

    The fact that you’re both even equating Abbott to Hitler tells me all I need to know about how moronic you both are.

  401. Clive Hulett says:

    What a magnificent response to a magnificent speech. Scott Ludlam has developed into a wily and tactically clever politician. Inherent honesty and sincerity are terrific attributes that decimate duplicitous and dishonest opponents. All strength to him for a win in April and onward consolidation of his position into the future. Australia will be well served by Scott Ludlam.

  402. Trey Wilson says:

    I want one of you Leftards to prove to me that socialism works. Show me some hard evidence that mass immigration has not crippled the EU and UK. Don’t tell me how you FEEL about it, give me some facts…. Prove to me how big business generates less jobs and wealth then the public sector. I find it funny how every immigrant seems to be leaving their theocracies for capitalism…yet all you Lefties want socialism, while you tweet on your iphones, Facebook on your tablets, and enjoy a free and clean nation based on the spoils of capitalism. And you love the Government hand-outs each fortnight, don’t you? You love your Foxtel, yet you complain about Murdoch manipulating the free press. You are the definition of ignorance and hypocrisy.

    If The Greens ever come to power (not that they ever will, but for arguments sake), Australia will become a much worse place to live. It’s quite ironic actually. Many of their policies are about sustainability, yet they are totally unsustainable.

    And for all you idiots on here complaining about how Abbott is ruining this country, maybe you should simply leave.

    It really is that simple.

    Please leave.

  403. Des Embrey says:

    What did I say – ALP had a higher primary vote than the Liberals – I said naught about the other members of the Coalition. If the conservatives want to go on about a coalition of Labor and Greens being an invalid option, then each party needs to be analysed separately. So go to the AEC and check the figures for Primary Votes –

  404. Guybrush says:

    How about you get your nose out of our politics and take some of the 40,000 Kiwis back to New Zealand!

  405. david baden says:

    The Greens and their supporters are nothing more than complete social,political and financial anarchists,that have no place in this, or any society, and hopefully in any coming election state or federal they will be relegated to the scrap heap of history where they belong.

  406. Katie08 says:

    Your stupidity is staggering, Wilson! For your information, under Gillard our economy had a AAA rating and Swan received international awards as a treasurer … something that the try-hard Costello could NEVER achieve. As for in-the-hock Hockey who removed the debt ceiling and has our economy spinning into a recession .. well, I wouldn’t trust that cretin with the meagre contents of a piggy bank!
    If it wasn’t for Keating floating the dollar and regulating the banks we would have been in the same terrible downturn that negatively impacted on the USA when their housing loan industry went belly up! John Howard (the war criminal) committed this country to uncounted BILLIONS of dollars when he decided to play the world stage with his moronic buddies, George Bush and Tony Blair. They committed thousands of young Australians and billions to an ILLEGAL war in Iraq; they marched into Iraq against UN advice and what for? For the sole reason of OIL and Bush’s desire to maintain control over Iraqi’s huge stocks of oil. For this, thousands of innocent people have lost their lives and this despicable war has caused the destabilisation of the whole middle east region! Australia is STILL paying for this war and one day Howard (the insignificant snivelling little war criminal) will be forced to take responsibility for the total and ongoing COST of this war to the Australian taxpayer. Did you know that Abbott was a pathetic little minion of Howard who was despised and loathed even by members of his own party? Malcolm Fraser once said that when Abbott first joined the LNP as a crawling little Howard wannabe, most of the LNP cabinet could barely hide their contempt for him. Abbott was the butt of a lot of internal condescending jokes and wasn’t taken seriously. He was considered to be an ultra right wing, bible bashing hypocrite and a complete nutcase by everyone in the LNP at that time.
    The war criminal was his mentor and Abbott has adopted Howard’s incredibly cruel policies against asylum seekers and turned them into something even more evil and reprehensible. Abbott is a remorseless, malicious dog who has influenced foolish people like you and turned this country into a meaner, nastier place. If you care to educate yourself and read international news about this vile creature, you will learn that Abbott has dragged Australia’s name into notoriety as a cruel, inhumane nation. Abbott is, beyond doubt, the most internationally reviled and despised PM in Australia’s history.
    You rattle on and on about Julia Gillard quoting verbatim the indoctrinating lies and character assassinations of the attack dog, Abbott and the dime store rags published by Murdoch. Of course, idiots like you don’t even CONSIDER how the Iraqi war has and continues to impact on our economy, fool! Gillard inherited this on-cost of Iraq. Despite this, to her credit, she managed to push ahead and attain a AAA rating on Australia’s economy which was in the top five of the OECD countries. Those were the HALCION days for our economy (under Gillard) … now those days are gone! Your loathsome Abbott and Hockey plan to sell off every single asset we have for the sake of a transient, short-term profit that will, in all likelihood, be expended within a year. After THAT, we will own NOTHING!
    Abbott stood on the world stage banging his chest like a deluded ape, shrieking ”WE ARE OPEN FOR BUSINESS””!! HAHAHAHA! What a fucking joke! The jobs lost under Abbott are in the THOUSANDS and still counting. Abbott is desperate to dismantle unions so that people without a voice have no power to claim equality in their working conditions. If YOU are currently enjoying superannuation, long service leave, four weeks holiday leave, holiday loading, sick leave, OH&S, maternity leave and some of the best working conditions in the OECD, then you have UNIONS to thank for that, you stupid man! If you want to hand back ALL of these benefits that you acquired because of union action on your behalf, then do so (but, of course, you won’t will you, eh?). So STOP your pathetic, juvenile ranting against unions because it is UNIONS that have contributed so much to the quality of life and working conditions of ordinary Australians.
    If you want to see what working conditions are like without unions, move to China and work for a pittance whilst the top echelon of business managers grow fat off your diminishing wages! Gina Rinehart even had the audacity to suggest that we should import workers from third world countries to work for $2.00 per day in her mines!!! That will give you insight into the staggering, endless avarice of Abbott’s cronies.
    You really DO need to stop, slap your forehead and THINK before you open your big, flapping mouth, Wilson. You are embarrassing yourself and drawing a lot of ridicule on this forum! Aren’t you ashamed? Your pathological defence of the indefensible is beyond pathetic ….

  407. david baden says:

    Do you really believe all the rubbish you just posted?

  408. William_C_Diaz says:

    Germany, Finland, Denmark, The Netherlands, Belgium, Canada, Norway, Switzerland, Sweden, Japan, England, Taiwan, S. Korea and will throw in ‘France’ so you can try and argue something possibly familiar to you.

    I am far more interested in seeing any successful examples of either Libertarianism and/or ‘Neo-Luberal’ ‘Austrian’ economics.

    Care to give that a swing?

    Have a great day!

  409. Vicky Diamond says:

    Brilliant speech Scott Ludlum! I am so glad that Western Australia is having a by-election and I sincerely hope you secure your seat as well as dilute the liberal vote with a vengeance. We have to stop Tony Abbot and Co from destroying our country and driving the desperately poor to even greater despair! Please try your hardest to leak their May budget plans to the public before the WA election

  410. Captain Obvious says:

    How about you take your Howard-parroting bogan-talk back to the 90’s and get out some lonely planets so you can learn about the world around you, you pleb. My Australian partner would be sickened that one of his fellow countrymen was still spouting that nonsense. Chances are I and ‘Kiwi in Oz’ (although he/she should probably rethink that username) know more about Australian politics than you do.

  411. ben is no greenie says:

    Typical greenie that thinks money grows on trees.
    Your party and Gillard put the country in to debt.
    If we are to get our country back we gotta stop wasting money on over seas banks where you borrowed all the money for.

  412. Robert says:

    Surely you have to add the Liberals vote from Qld where they are known as the LNP. Please add some if not all of that 8.92%

  413. Ali D says:

    wow that was the worst unintelllegent assumption I have ever heard. “the LNP favours a dumber public and he got the votes of the low to medium earners…” WOW fucking WOW…are you really saying that!!! Countries are run by those low to medium workers…they are the back bone of most countries. they are the ones that pay the most taxes to the country as a complete group. Unfortuntately, as a complete group, they are the majority. I consider myself in that group…the medium earner. i am classed as having a profession working in emergency services. and I work hard at what I do. I have a bachelors degree so in no way do i consider myself or any of my colleagues dumb, though we all sit in that medium earner group. i am very curious to see where you sit Maskeladden?

  414. Maskeladden says:

    Your problem is that you think how much you earn, as well as having a bachelor degree, is a sign of intelligence (I have 2, and a Masters, and all that was required to complete them was a pulse). Everybody (!) has a degree these days. They are no longer accomplishments, its a human factory option, thanks to the mass production education style we see today thanks to the greed of universities. Do you think stupid people are incapable of working hard and socializing? My argument still stands: yes, I think anyone who were swayed and influenced by the speeches and personality of Tony Abbott, unable to see his obvious agenda, and now complain about the results, are lacking in intelligence.

  415. Nik Bergmans says:

    Good speech but again we always have to bring in Racism and the aboriginal’s equal rights is about everyone no matter sex or colour or culture being TREATED the SAME and NO special conditions.Then yes once we can do that then we all will be EQUAL and move on.Other wise if certain people want to keep bring up the past and living it actions done we will forever remain in the circle that we have now created.

  416. B63 says:

    Thank you Scott Ludlam for your carefully planned and delivered speech. The best that has happened so far is that you have made people stop and think. I hope that what you have shown us, is the beginning of a successful long term in Australian politics, It is so refreshing to have an orator, as well as someone who cares about Australia, the people and the environment.

  417. Ali D says:

    your last statement is different from your first….” anyone who were swayed and influenced by the speeches and personality
    of Tony Abbott, unable to see his obvious agenda, and who now are
    surprised about the results, are lacking in intelligence.” instead of marginalizing that group to the lower and medium earners.Oh and you were the one who said the medium and lower earners were dumb….equating what they earn to intelligence!!

  418. Jim Boyer says:

    This speech shows what is wrong with Australian Politics, both sides scramble to lay the heaviest critism on the other, the result is disfunctional. Imagine working in a workplace where the only feedback you got was critism of what you were doing, regardless of what it was or how well you did. How could anyone perform well in that enviroment? Yet thats what we do to our countries leaders (on both sides)
    Senator Ludlam would do well to work with Tony Abbott in a positive way and influence by way of skilled targeted co-operation and compromise.
    We need less of this showmanship critism in parliment not more.

  419. Glory says:

    Thank you for saying everything I wish i could say to the Prime Minister, though much more eloquently and also impressively menacingly :)
    I don’t get to vote to show my support so instead count me in as a campaign contributor.
    Good luck on April 5th.

  420. Maskeladden says:

    You are misunderstanding and misreading my statements. The reason I mentioned my astonishment for him to convince low to medium income earners was because he does not have their interest at heart. Still, he managed to get plenty of people in that group to vote for him (!), mostly use through popular opinion, ridicule, false promise and political banter. I find that people can fall for such nonsense in this day and age of information disturbing.

    Plenty of high, medium and low income earners did not vote for the LNP and Tony Abbott. I’m not saying they should have voted Labor, but I was glad they did not replace a jester with a fool. I commend them for that.

  421. Trey Wilson says:

    Wow… Just wow. I’m literally laughing myself off the chair here.

    Your blatant disregard for facts is profoundly staggering. Congratulations, you just spent an hour formulating a post that is nothing but Leftist dreck and empty rhetoric. You really think I care what a bunch of Green loons on the internet think?

    For a party who loves to drone on about sustainability, none of your ideals are sustainable. Notice I call them ideals because that’s what they are. They are not policies. Your party is based on pseudo-science and hippy ideals that died during Woodstock. No wonder your party is struggling to hold seats.

    Katie08, some of us have to actually work for a living, so I’ll keep my parting comment to you as brief as I can – I hope you fall in front of Abbott’s motorcade when you try protesting
    at your little silly march Greenie next month. You should sit back, stop
    complaining and let the adults in Government do their job.

    Good luck.

  422. Ali D says:

    the irony of this is I believe we probably have the same feel about politics…or more so politicians. I dont trust anyone in govt has the best interest of the people at heart or they are very few and far between. Some people vote on the idea that a change is better than nothing….sometimes the choice between the parties is essentially like choosing between black, black and black! I still believe there should be a box that says “none of the above” on the ballot form. People don’t vote because there is nothing or no-one to vote for. So that leaves a small group left to vote and it doesn’t really matter who they vote for because no real changes will be made to help the people that really need it.

  423. Kellie says:

    well done, well said Mr Ludlam. A voice for many. We all need to stand up and come together and make Australia a better place, its all our responsibility to take back our country and stand as one. power is within the Australian people.

  424. eleanorrubymoon says:

    Don’t be rude, there’s nothing to be gained by it. Don’t think borders insulate you from the ills that affect the entire world. What happens in the US, doesn’t, unfortunately, stay in the US. It dribbles everywhere, most sadly, to Australia.

  425. eleanorrubymoon says:

    Well, I have to agree with you there. Two Bachelors and one Masters and still, “I think anyone who were swayed….”.

    I say this in all good humour because I agree with your post in substance but just couldn’t resist. I hope you take it in the spirit it’s offered.

  426. Maskeladden says:

    Sway: to control or influence (a person or course of action).
    “he’s easily swayed by other people”

    Is this not a correct definition? If not, no amount of degree’s will make me impervious to mistakes, particularly when English is my second language.:) But please enlighten me, its the best way to learn.

  427. eleanorrubymoon says:

    Well, friend, this is why the longest view is always the best and now that you have provided me with a longer view than that which I had, I can see that the mistake which I point out so inelegantly is all too easily understood. Your choice of the verb “to sway” is not in question. It’s a good choice. I was demeaningly pointing out the declension of the verb, which I see now – knowing English not to be your first language – to be very minor indeed. It would more correctly be, “I think anyone who was swayed….” rather than “…who were swayed…”. Minor, but as you say, perhaps something you consider worth learning. At any rate, thank you for your kind response.

  428. Maskeladden says:

    Thanks Eleanor.:)

  429. Trey Wilson says:

    That’s exactly what we’re doing. That’s why we voted for Tony Abbott. We want to fix the problems Labor left us, and make Australia a better place.

  430. Trey Wilson says:


  431. Fiona Ayerst says:

    get rid of abbott any way you possibly can… this will help !

  432. Gerard Kelly says:

    Good to see someone voice the real concerns of Australian, we need tackle the cost of housing as well but it all comes down to extreme greed that has caused the imbalance of wealth and the total sell out of our nation..Abbott/ Joy your days are indeed numbered.

  433. Phillip Robertson says:

    I hear what you’re saying Gaybrush, but then nothing would get done in Straya!

  434. Maddy says:

    It’s so heart warming to see someone in our government speaking truth and standing up for what is right. Well done Ludlam. To Trey Wilson (if you are a real human being) I am truly sorry to see that you have unfortunately been trapped and brain-washed by the system’s power game. Its a real pity but I guess there are people like you out there somewhere who can’t open their minds and hearts, driven by the illusion of money. I just haven’t ever met anyone with views like yours before (probably because I choose to be around beautiful, loving people). You only think you are in a majority. Not all ‘Greenie friends’ are dole-bludgers and it is very shallow to think so. I support the Greens and I’m not on the dole. Please keep your power. We do not want it. What is really valuable is truth, love, generosity and respect for fellow human beings, animals, and our planet. As for your comment ‘anyone who thinks the Greens have sound policy needs to go neck themselves right now’….how can you speak so cruelly about people you have never even met just because we have different views to you? Try to think before you speak. Also, i’d recommend that you try to escape your bubble! You wont know how good it is until you try :) Do something nice to someone you don’t know. Smile! You will regret not doing this when do come to die someday. All the best with your life :)

  435. Maddy says:

    How do we know our vote actually counts? Because we are told this?! Could it be possible that someone with a great deal of power and money could pay for votes in order to get things their way to support their big business plans? Just throwing that out there as a possible theory…not saying it’s right or wrong…i’m just saying we can’t always believe what we are told. :) Perhaps the majority of Australian people did not vote for Abbott …and the American people may not have voted for Bush.

  436. Maddy says:

    I agree with you Naomi…there are too many morons in the electorate and I highly doubt that there is a majority of morons who voted for them. Votes can be influence by people with power and money.

  437. Kym Brice says:

    another mashed up and overkilled rant from a bitter labour die hard. get out of that dark doomed hole you speak so hatefully from and just live your own life.

  438. Franny Priest says:

    Well said Katie. My sentiments exactly. Abbott and his government are fascist no doubt. And yes, they should be removed ‘sooner’. I thought there were no leaders but then I saw Mr Ludlam’s speech. WOW. Someone who clearly stated that there is a massive fascist elephant in the room.

    I am on the dole (thanks to Tony) and I sent Mr Ludlam $100.

  439. Franny Priest says:

    Yes this astonished me too. Maybe he got in on a Bush count – you know, keep recounting until you get the number you want. I hope those who voted for him are suffering like all those who didn’t vote for him. Although…I only know ONE person who voted for him. No one else wanted him.

  440. Franny Priest says:


  441. Trey Wilson says:

    It amazes me. This idiot talks as if he represents mainstream Australia. He doesn’t. The Greens have always been in the far left corner, a very niche political party. But they will never hold power. They are fringe dwellers at best. A small minority that appears to be shrinking rather than growing. It’s clear this Ludlam moron has decided to stand up and make this speech because there’s an upcoming election in WA. But what lies he tells.

    Because Abbott has traditional views on marriage, he’s somehow ‘Homophobic?” Exactly when has he ever shown he’s homophobic or racist. And he’s probably spent the most time with our indigenous people than any other politician in Australia. Has Ludlam? I doubt it.

    “We want our country back!”

    Really? So he’s implying that we take the country back from who? The Liberals who we democratically elected six months ago? So… according to this clown, Abbott is an illegitimate PM?

    Oooookay then. Good luck with that.

    Seriously, is it any wonder the Left are the laughing stock of this country?

  442. Peekaboo says:

    Kudos Mr Ludlam, It is a shame that Labor will not back the Greens in the senate election but after a speech like that as a now former labor man I will change. I always believed that labor was the social concious of the Australian people but now realise to late I might add that their is very little difference between the two parties. To get up and tell it like it is shows what is missing in our politics that is ethics and absolute truth.
    All the best and may you continue to fight the fight.

  443. Michael says:

    I mostly agree – if you vote you’re responsible for the outcome no matter who you voted for because the voter turnout provides a mandate. If 80% refused to vote out of protest then the winner of the election wouldn’t be considered legitimate.

    Where I disagree with you is that the people can ever be represented. There is no such thing as ‘the people’ only individual interests. Majoritarianism / democracy, is supposed to be some kind of consensus, but it isn’t. The system is designed so that narrow interests can command particular outcomes.

  444. Caro says:

    fantastic speech

  445. Jason Wardle says:

    If war is what the rightEst bigots want, War is what they will get.

  446. Nomdy Ploom says:

    Given the forthcoming election, that farcical and grossly libellous attack on Tony Abbott was perfectly timed. It was great for all of Australia to see for themselves what a deranged, irrational, cowardly, delusional psychopath Ludlam is. Keep up the good work, Scott, and see you at Centrelink real soon!

  447. Nomdy Ploom says:

    Not true, Michael. In truth, “those who did not vote on principle” give their consent to whatever government wins the election, whether they like it or not.

  448. Nomdy Ploom says:

    Given the forthcoming election, that farcical and grossly libellous attack on Tony Abbott was perfectly timed. It was great for all of Australia to see for themselves what a deranged, irrational, cowardly, delusional psychopath Ludlam is. Keep up the good work, Scott, and see you at Centrelink real soon!

  449. Nomdy Ploom says:

    Yeah Luke, a “great speech”! Given the forthcoming election, that farcical and grossly libellous attack on Tony Abbott was perfectly timed. It was “great” for all of Australia to see for themselves what a deranged, irrational, cowardly, delusional psychopath Ludlam is. Keep up the good work, Scott, and see you at Centrelink real soon!

  450. Nomdy Ploom says:

    Duh, NO, “the fact that it happened in opposition just means” it did NOT happen while the focus SHOULD have been on governing our country! DUH.

  451. Nomdy Ploom says:

    You deluded fool. Rudd had the Murdoch press in his corner in the lead up to the 2007 election.

  452. Nomdy Ploom says:

    There’s a valid reason they call them “leftards” – Katie provides overwhelming proof of the validity of the tern.

  453. Nomdy Ploom says:

    Soooooooooo, ummmmmmmmm, “08” is YOUR actual surname, Katie?

  454. Nomdy Ploom says:

    The fact that this pathetic little leftard chooses to resort to cowardly playing the “troll” card irrefutably proves she’s lost every ounce of credibility.

  455. *pats head*

    Okay Nomdy.

  456. david baden says:

    Take a deep look at the Greens and their agendas -they are nothing more than social,political and economic anarchists of the worst kind.

  457. david baden says:

    Yes,we are all feeling the results of the peoples’ choice -with a new confidence in the immediate future of our country ,despite the despicable efforts of the old labor/greens alliance to destroy it.

  458. david baden says:

    Boy what a hate rage! may I tactfully suggest that you seek psychiatric help before you do some harm to someone including yourself.

  459. Luke51 says:

    andrew36, Not poorly educated, just unthinking morons, you can be highly educated and still be an unthinking bigot, just look at Abbott.

  460. Marie says:

    This is a fantastic speech! Intelligent, articulate, and spot on! It gives me hope that there is at least one intelligent politician in this country. The only things he forgot to mention were Abbot’s misogyny and sexism.

  461. Marie says:

    Hear, hear…

  462. Marie says:

    If political issues were debated in the media in an intelligent manner and people actually understood what’s at stake because they had access to factual information, they might be able to vote responsibly, but with a diet of misinformation, lies and propaganda most Australians remain ignorant of social and political issues. They are sucked in by fear campaigns and blatant lies. And some people are downright selfish and nasty and don’t care about the rest of the world as long as they are ok. The majority is not always right, as in this case. A benign dictator would be preferable to Abbot’s so called ‘democracy’. Australia has become the stupid country.

  463. Nomdy Ploom says:



    Just when you think they couldn’t possibly get any more delusional . . .

  464. Terry Tatham says:

    Just as a matter of interest, how many of you brainless, witless morons have a job, or are you are all on the dole and living off the freebies of this country. If you don’t like the government go and live in one of the “real” left wing countries, say: Russia, China, North Vietnam? I’m sure you’ll be made welcome!!!

  465. Sin Mariani says:

    Brilliant, articulate and inspiring. Thank you so much Mr Ludlam, I will support you.

  466. Az Iskoladat Neked Madek says:

    No majority, instead, preferences and the Murdoch papers. This weekend will show other Austalians and the world what only the cavalier and hubristic would dismiss. Let’s force his parties hand. Every protest, every person, go.

  467. Cazzie says:

    Well said. As a parent with a young 28 year old daughter, languishing in our public hospital system because after a brain tumour and stroke post operation, she just isn’t getting better soon enough, I am disgusted with Liberal politicians and voters whose love of the dollar goes ahead of basic human rights in this country. Shame on those who can’t see past those who are less fortunate.

  468. Cazzie says:

    A better place for the rich and those who exploit? Some of us actually want to help our fellow men working as nurses, ambos and teachers. None are high paying jobs and the rich wouldn’t ever dirty their hands helping someone less fortunate. They are merely disposable factory fodder. I want Australia to be a better place too – better for the disabled, and those who’ve come on hard times.

  469. Nomdy Ploom says:

    Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!

    So WHERE were the ACTUAL “facts, examples and supporting data” from that ignorant, delusional Ludlam clown??? That entire joke of a speech was “emotional vitriol” from start to finish, but THAT doesn’t seem to bother you. The hypocrisy of the left is truly hilarious!

  470. DiamondJoe says:

    Make it over 440 likes on that post now. While little astroturfing Eleanor Rigbies and Boltist cult followers like those two (“Nomdy” and “Trey”) keep jumping up and down screaming that somehow such arguments don’t have any “credibility”, and otherwise trying to drown everyone out with the same bunch of abusive catchphrases ad nauseum.

    Without even trying to mount any meaningful counter-arguments to any points made by you or anyone else here, of course. That’d be a task light years beyond their cerebral capacity :)

    PS- I often wonder why those from the moonbat right just can’t help turning up in discussions like these to get dacked over & over again like they do. Perhaps they’re just really ardent masochists, who like being pantsed and flogged on a regular basis…

  471. Katie08 says:

    HAHAHA, well put, DiamondJoe. Actually, it is also likely that “Nomdy” and “Trey” et al are probably Avatars for the one person remaining on the planet that still has any type of respect for Abbott, ie Fay Abbott (his mother)!

  472. Mark Jackson says:

    Valid enough to say Abbott being elected had bugger-all to do with Abbott himself though, that’s for damn sure.

  473. Fireman01 says:

    Andrew do you REALLY think that people fleeing a war in Afghanistan know anything about the policy in Australia? You think they subscribe to the Herald Sun or watch the ABC? Policy means squat when you are running away. Abbott has stopped the boats, he is just hiding the facts and redirecting them elsewhere. Like I said, Howard started the war that caused the problem in the first place so you Liberal lovers can live with that fact. Over a million civilians killed in their OWN LAND long before they had a chance at a leaky boat ….

  474. Fireman01 says:

    You have a mouth Andrew, too bad you don’t have a brain to go with it. Why does it matter when the party is in disarray? If you can’t see that then you’re an idiot. Well you’re an idiot anyway

  475. Fireman01 says:

    It’s good that someone here does SOME research and reading but it’s a pity that most of yours was in Murdoch newspapers which are extremely biased toward the right.
    1. Tony Abbott tried to blame the carbon tax on job losses and prices hikes but each of the CEO’s one by one debunked his comments and he had to back away from them. In the end most admitted that it was high wages that have cost them the business. You probably didn’t see that printed in a biased Murdoch paper.
    2. It wasn’t just a Greens policy. In fact in the 2 weeks that the 3 Independent MPs held talks with both the LNP and the ALP about forming a government, the LNP ALSO offerred them a ‘carbon tax’ which they called an Emissions Trading Scheme. Same thing, different name. Which is WHY the talks took 2 weeks with the going back and forth with the details.
    3. The money comes in before the emission reduction. The projected figures based on what was already happening was a 7% reduction, from the same agency that supplied the figure you used.
    4. It’s taken a hundred years of pollution build up but you expect to see results about temp change in months? lol, really? We had a hole over the Ozone layer over the southern pole and Australia some years back. Banning CFC’s in spray cans resulted in the Ozone repairing itself over 10 years. It takes time but it can happen. We already have positive proof of that where as sceptics have nothing.
    5. Governments need money to run. If they remove one tax and a form of income they will just replace it with another to get that income back or they have to cut out services that they can no longer afford. So either the polluters pay or we do. And if the polluters pass it onto everybody then where is the difference? Either way we pay the same tax.

    So the Carbon tax WOULD have been an LNP tax had the 3 Independents gone with them. The country would be in a far bigger mess. And don’t forget that 2 of those Independents were originally members of the Libs, so who knew them better?

  476. Fireman01 says:

    44% of the VALID vote. Try and keep up. When the informal and those that did not vote were taken into account the LNP got 40% of registered voters. The point is 60 % of the population did NOT vote for the LNP even though they all had the chance too. 40% is not a mandate, it’s not full support. They don’t have the trust of the nation

  477. Fireman01 says:

    You have your argument backwards Steve. Seats can and have been stacked for many years. That’s how the Libs stayed in power with a crooked Govt in Queensland, it’s called a Gerrymander. Small seats in the blue ribbon areas and larger seats in your oppositions areas. The number of votes is what counts. 100% of the nation had the chance to put the LNP first and 40% of voters did. A lot of others were conned. My ticket had 9 independent candidates on it and I’ll bet that most voters didn’t look past the first 4 to see where their preferences went as they don’t know the system. They don’t realise that all those candidates with a minority of the vote get wiped off and it comes down to the last 2 or 3. The ticket was stacked with community leaders who gave preferences to each other right down to number 10 which then went to the Liberal candidate. So basically they tried to win the seat by deceit, but they lost it anyway. I wonder how many others they did this in?

  478. Katie08 says:

    Now that the despicable, regressive budget is out, paul68, how is the LNP working out for ya! HAHAHA!

  479. fraternity says:

    Abbott might not believe what Ludlam does, but the people of Australia voted for Abbot and not for Ludlam, so guess who is representing the people. Unions have too much say in our politics with only 1 million unionists they have controlled the parliment for 8 years and even now they plan to thwart the will of the people by stopping the scrapping of the carbon tax! If ever a party had a mandate on an issue this is it.
    Ludlam must believe money grows on trees and that the government can just print more of it without any consequences. He sounds like a liar and a bully as most of what he is complaining about is not even true and Abbott is not responsible for the mess Labor has put us in so that he is forced to make these changes.

  480. Katie08 says:

    Why don’t you keep your sick, twisted, self centred neoliberal views to yourself, you sad pathetic loser! Abbott is a loathsome little fascist who is losing popularity faster than the bloated cow, Gina Rinehart, can fall without a parachute! What remains of the dumbed down, knuckle dragging, reprehensible sycophants that STILL form Abbott’s cheer squad (people like you) are total oxygen thieves. Abbott’s LNP is sinking into a filthy mire of never ending corruption, sneering arrogance and absolute contempt for Australia’s democracy and our egalitarian life. Abbott is a crawling obsequious servant to British imperialism, elitism and the callous, fascist agenda of Murdoch’s IPA! The LNP are a pack of morally bankrupt psychopaths – no heart, no soul, no foresight, no remorse! Now go back and curl up in the foetal position you LNP minions favour when you don’t have Herr Abbott and his moronic band of self entitled Pigs at the Trough to tell you what to say and think.

  481. Katie08 says:

    Listen fraternity, when are you CRAWLING LNP sycophants EVER going to grow a brain and WAKE UP!!! Abbott crawled across the line (like vermin) on a FRAUDULENT platform of character assassinations and reprehensible LIES! He couldn’t tell the truth if he had a frickin gun to his head .. not ONE member of the LNP has a single redeeming feature and they will, absolutely, have their arses kicked at the next election for their staggering dishonesty, ongoing corruption and LIE after LIE after LIE. This mob of misanthropic mongrels make Gillard look like a SAINT by comparison. Mind you, Julia Gillard was everything Abbott is NOT … articulate, well respected overseas and compassionate! Abbott is about as articulate as a trained monkey and is internationally condemned and despised. Only the most cretinous Neanderthal would back the LNP now knowing just how vile they really are!

  482. Katie08 says:

    Terry, there really is only ONE word to describe people like you and you may refer to your hero: the spineless, puerile, prissy, crawling mongrel Whiney Pynie … his tactless, insensitive “C” bomb describes, to a T, the heartless, despicable vermin you admire and is also a fitting description for the gormless, sociopathic, oxygen thieves, like YOU, that form his cheer squad!

  483. Katie08 says:

    Oh dear, another brainless, moronic, sociopathic LNP cretin! They just keep crawling out of the woodwork like rabid vermin … can someone PLEASE pass me the Mortein! What’s wrong Ploom, haven’t you been taking your meds? Take a chill pill, grow a brain and look up the word “psychopath” .. it describes Abbott and his rabble of puerile sycophants (like you) perfectly! Now go back to your village, dear, they are missing their idiot!

  484. fraternity says:

    you greenies (Communists) really hate the fact that they have stopped the boats don’t you and you bile is spilling out for all to see. Keep it up and we will see who looks like a saint if history is written by an impartial judge.

  485. Katie08 says:

    Fraternity, you are well named: A fraternity (Latin frater : “brother”) is a brotherhood, although the term sometimes connotes a distinct or formal organization and sometimes a secret society. You have named yourself appropriately because, like you, the hated Abbott regime are filled to overflowing with misogynistic fascists, operating with a total lack of transparency, totally corrupt and running an agenda based on blatant propaganda, relentless LIES, paranoia and unmitigated deceit! As I said, fraternity, only the most cretinous Neanderthals STILL back the LNP .. so if the cap fits, wear it!

    The fact of the matter, fraternity, is that the empty, mindless three word mantra “STOP THE BOATS” is only believed by the most gormless, knuckle dragging moronic sycophants this side of the Milky Way! It is a despicable LIE that Scott MoralsNone (a slithering psychopath without an iota of compassion) has NOT, repeat NOT, stopped the boats. They are still coming this way filled with desperate Hindu Tamils who are being systematically tortured and killed by the vile and notoriously inhumane Mahinda Rajapaksa who’s collaboration with Abbott/MoralsNone is the subject of international condemnation and derision! Mahinda Rajapaska is also the subject on ongoing human rights abuses and is notoriously corrupt and callously cruel (in THAT regard, he shares common ground with your loathsome heroes, Abbott and Morrison, eh?). Your complete and absolute lack of empathy is typical of the crawling, heartless, misinformed, uneducated and self-entitled bogans who form the cheering squad for the current bottom-of-the barrel LNP! Have you EVER been outside the country in your life, fraternity? Mmmm, I didn’t think so!

    Are you even AWARE or even CARE that now the notorious political leper, Scott MoralsNone and Abbott have done a backyard, underhanded deal to now toss asylum seekers (like human garbage) and their vulnerable children into the hands of the despicable Hun Sen of Cambodia who was once a high level military general in the Pol Pot regime? No? Mmmm, I didn’t think so! Of course, you are right about ONE thing,

    I stand as a proud Labor/Greenie because we are the ones who have a heart, a brain, a soul and foresight! Alas, you represent the dark side, my dear! I am NOT a Communist but I am a socialist and proud of it! I have travelled extensively throughout the world many times having visited over 98 countries and, unlike you, don’t wallow in parochial, short-sighted xenophobia! This country was BUILT on migrants, you sanctimonious fool! In fact, the despicable Abbott was a boat person himself … a snivelling British-born servant to imperialism who’s ultra right wing father managed to con himself and his family on to taxpayer subsidised ten pound immigration scheme despite the fact that he was a wealthy orthodontist who could afford his OWN package … it seems like LEANERS and corrupt self entitlement run right throughout the Abbott family, eh?

  486. fraternity says:

    ad hominem is not a basis for truth, so leave those arguments to the Russian department of Disinformation to throw at religious leaders and the CIA.
    If you are so compassionate then how may died at sea with your party’s policies of open boarders that encouraged thousands to risk their lives on the open seas in leaky boats to jump the queue of immigration quotas? (answer = thousands).
    Did you realize that most of them were economic refugees who were only looking for handouts and better opportunities. Many were criminals who had thrown away their passports to disguise their identities. Most have no skills or even the ability to communicate in English. Labor loves them as they are totally dependent on government handouts and so are rusted on as Labor voters.
    All this is a big drag on the economy, which is why Labor failed to provide a surplus during their time in charge.
    You have traveled a lot around the world and I encourage you to keep it up as we will all be a lot better off with you living in either a socialist or communist country that you would obviously love more than the Christian based freedoms and laws that this country provides you at present. Live by your principles and live in a country that has your politics and take the rest of the greens (reds) with you! China and Russia are welcome to you.

  487. Katie08 says:

    Everything you have said has been PROVEN over and over again to be the despicable, inhumane LIES pushed down the gullible throats of reprehensible, callous LNP sycophants like yourself by this hideous Abbott government that is sinking in a filthy mire of its own corruption! LIE after LIE after LIE … have you been watching the news lately, pal …. how’s it working for ya? Hockey even admits that his phony Economic Emergency was a TOTAL LIE …. but, of course, people like myself and world leading economic organisations like the IMF, KNEW this all along! Its the rusted on gullible minions like YOU who are taken around by the nose and played like a violin … God, can you be more pathetic?
    WHY do you think MoralsNone is now moving young children (who’s first words are “guard” instead of “mum”) OUT of Nairu … because there is going to be an independent UN investigation and this frickin monstrous pack of mongrels are going to be RESPONSIBLE for their crimes against inhumanity, you insufferable idiot!. Let me say this slowly (because, obviously, you haven’t got the intelligence of a telegraph pole): People who are NOT desperate (ie economic refugees) do NOT, repeat NOT, risk the lives of themselves and their children to come out on leaking boats – it is completely and absolutely illogical! Only the most DESPERATE, terrified LEGAL asylum seekers arrive by boat and let me inform you (sigh!) once again, that ALL .. repeat ALL … asylum seekers who arrive here by boat OR plane, are LEGAL .. get it? L-E-G-A-L! Have you any idea about the indescribably torture and conditions that are happening right NOW in Sri Lanka, No? … Mmm, didn’t think so .. you really need to leave your couch and stop watching “Big Brother”” or the revolting bigotry of The Bolt Report (or the other mental chewing gum that people like you pass for entertainment) and start watching the unpolluted representation of the news on the ABC or SBS … you are TOTALLY manipulated and misinformed, my dear!
    Do you have ANY understanding at all that the overwhelming majority of ILLEGAL economic immigrants that come out here .. and not to be confused with the LEGAL desperate vulnerable people that come out here on the dangerous passage of leaking boats … are the thousands who overstay their visas who arrive by PLANE .. yes, PLANE not boat, many of them from New Zealand, eastern Europe, China and Korea? Further, HOW MANY TIMES must people like YOU be informed that this frickin LYING government have NOT STOPPED THE BOATS, they have just stopped REPORTING about the boats. Everything the LNP has EVER does is steeped in blatant, reprehensible LIES, lack of transparency and secrecy … WAKE UP! Where the hell did you get news that there are THOUSANDS of people dying in the water … this is absolute CRAP! PROVE IT!! Oh, wait, you were reading the Daily Smellograph, The un-Australian .. right?
    You really should stop polluting your mind, grow a brain and STOP reading the propaganda spewed out by Murdoch’s Daily Smellograph! Obviously you haven not got discerning tastes. You are just another rusted-on, moron who believes EVERYTHING this internationally condemned and despised FASCIST government wants you to believe. There is NO POINT debating with someone like you, because you are DUMBED DOWN to the point of idiocy so I don’t want to be dragged down to your ignominious level. Now go back and curl up in the foetal position you ignorant minions of the most hated government in our time and wait for your Fuhrer to tell you what to say and what to think …. silly, silly boy!

  488. fraternity says:

    I am an Australian retired Physics teacher and I have seen the people drowning on TV and if you have the numbers of ships leaving Indonesia and the numbers that do arrive here you can work out how many died. You need to face up to the fact that those who supported this policy that attracted queue jumping refugees to take their chances on the high seas are guilty of luring people to their deaths and that is a form of murder.

    i once used to watch ABC and SBS, but they have not followed their charter of non bias for the last ten years. The papers you mention are just as biased and that is why I look to the Internet selectively so I can find the real news. I could mention many things that mainstream media have never reported because it would not be helping their heroes, Kevin, Juliar, Bill, Eddie, Craig, etc.

    I don’t say that Labor doesn’t have any good people as I always used to vote for them until recently. Since Keating left they have all been university graduates of politics or union organizers and none of them have done a days work themselves or run their own business so they are detached from the real world and use spin doctors to give non answers to real questions we need answers to. Their whole purpose is only to get elected and they will trash our country for their own sakes. Keating and Hawke understood that you need an economy that is working to provide most of the jobs we need and still balance the budget.

    If you think Bill knows how to run the country better than Tony then go ahead and vote for him, but you will never get me to vote Labor again until they give the people a vote when choosing their representatives. The unions have it all wrapped up and they are never going to give up their strangle hold on the party. It is sad that we have both parties worried more about getting good press that doing a good job, but you should try to get the facts for yourself instead of watching biased TV.

  489. Katie08 says:

    You refer to Julia Gillard as a LIAR yet IGNORE the fact that the Abbott government have not kept a SINGLE promise since the last election … they have amassed a pile of LIES and broken promises that blitz Julia … besides the carbon pricing system (which economists have proved would have had minimal impact on the cost of living) name ONE other promise or lie told by Ms Gillard! You say you were a physics teacher then how the HELL can you justify that this regressive, neanderthalic government have not even got a SCIENCE MINISTER on their cabinet …. Progessive LNP is an entrenched OXYMORON and any teacher or scientist worth their salt would not even consider voting for Tony Abbott who is the worst cretin to have EVER parked his butt in parliament! If you are a physics teacher with ANY hope to attain a progressive government that values science and will fund science/education, WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU VOTING FOR THE REGRESSIVE LNP for? How do you justify the withdrawal of funds from education and the trebling of university fees putting our youth into debt for decades .. this in spite of the fact that the LNP cabinet got all their tertiary education for zilch under Whitlam! The hypocrisy of this government is staggering.
    A DROVER’S DOG could run this country better than the fascist, neoliberal Abbott and if you think that anyone could be WORSE, then you are morally bankrupt. I find it incredibly amusing that you point a finger at politicians saying that they have never worked a day in their lives (Bill Shorten, btw, worked as a lawyer for many years), university lecturers and teachers are some of the most insulated professions in the world …. the old saying: if you can’t do, teach .. rings true. When have YOU actually held a job outside of the cloistered environment of a school or university?
    You accuse the ABC of bias? That is the most ridiculous statement that has come straight out of the mouths of the LNP LIARS and the hysterical news limited press! The commercial stations like Channel 10 (owned by Gina Rinehart) run some of the most staggering pro-LNP bias EVER seen, eg the disgraceful, bigoted Andrew Bolt!
    As a matter of fact, I do research my own news and, unlike you, I don’t just Google nonsense from Wikipedia but go to the source. Independent organisations like GetUp and Crikey do intensive research into the background of news stories and their interviews with doctors and medical staff that have been on Nauru and Manus Island is devastating! The treatment of these people is absolutely inhumane .. Shame on you!

  490. fraternity says:

    When you lie, you are a liar, regardless of what others do. She got just enough votes with the traitorous support of two independents from conservative electorates (both resigned before the following election rather than face their angry electorate) by making that statement, so it was a very BIG lie and had a drastic impact on politics for the next three years with Craig Thompson and Peter Slipper helping to keep her in power. You call that good!
    I am a physicist, worked in ten different positions and companies and I have also run my own business for over a decade. I have never been on unemployment and rejected the opportunity to do a law degree because lawyers are often thought of as a despised group who live off other’s problems and are as dishonest as the day is long.
    i support this government because i do not accept “Global warming” or “Climate change” as anthropomorphic due to my own research into the evidence. Most scientists that work in the areas of physics and meteorology hold the same view, but the scientists who do support it are either not working in this field, are paid to provide supporting evidence (IPCC) or don’t know how to use the theory to test it’s claims using past data. btw, past data shows ACC theory doesn’t work.
    Cretins do not get Rhodes scholarships, both Hawke and Abbott have this in common, but I doubt you would call Hawke a Cretin. Your bias is showing!
    I did vote for Gough who made uni free and put up teaching wages by 50% in 1975, but I also sat on the wooden benches to watch Kenny Irvine at North Sydney oval for years too. We all make mistakes. We all liked the song, “It’s time”, but forgot that they had no experience after so many years of Menzies, Holt and Gorton. Gough was a good speaker, but he had no idea of finance and Murphy’s changes to the laws on divorce and sundry offenses act have had a major influence in destroying the moral fiber of this country (This was because they were following Russia’s instructions and it was their desire to destroy our country that way). His ministers were also inexperienced and they spent more time partying than working. Even so, I was angry with Kerr’s Kerr at the time of the dismissal, but looking back it was probably the best thing for the country and Labor at that time. I also didn’t like the way Hayden was replaced by Hawke just before a “Drovers dog” could win the next election. The LNP had become complacent and lazy and Labor was ready to take over this time.
    The ABC’s bias is so open many ex-presenters run as candidates for Labor or the Greens. If you think 10 is conservative then you haven’t seen “The Project”, “Modern Family”, “The Simpsons”, their morning show with 5 women, including Jessica Rowe (a Feminist Greenie), and one man, etc. btw Bolt used to be a commentator on the ABC on Sunday mornings “Insiders” and worked for Hawke as an advisor during two of his election campaigns. If he is biased then there is not much hope for any of us. Greens are made up of disgruntled former Labor members who thought that Labor was too far towards the center of politics as they had communist leanings or were actually members of the communist party. They should have made that clear by calling themselves the Reds. That would show their bias properly, but who wants to tell people you are a hated communist when you can use the euphemism of socialist?
    Don’t assume I use any source you state as I have many scientist friends of my own. Getup is a union/communist sponsored and controlled group and that can be verified by looking at their financial statement.
    Those who complain about the problems of off shore processing should encourage those who come here without permission to go through the proper authorities in their home state or make application by email directly to the Australian Immigration department and get in the queue with all the others who want to immigrate. It’s our country and so we should be the ones who give out the invitations. Would you like your home invaded by criminals?
    If you could keep your posts to one point at a time then we would not have to write so much in each post and we could deal with that topic properly. Your debating technique is not only ad homonym, but also called a scattergun approach, like Ludlam has used, where one throws out so many objections the opposition has no chance to answer all of them properly and so the audience thinks they are not able to answer those objections they have not addressed, whereas this may not be the case, but just the limits on their time are the real cause.

  491. Katie08 says:, the more I read your replies, the more I believe you are a screaming member of the lunatic fringe, the mumbling incoherent crazies of the flat earth society! No wonder you love the Troglodyte Abbott! HAHAHA … you have just lost all credibility! You are the only “psuedo” scientist I know who doesn’t believe in climate change … and you are wrong, DEAD WRONG … the OVERWHELMING MAJORITY of REPUTABLE environmental scientists who are, after all, specialists in the field, ABSOLUTELY believe in CLIMATE CHANGE (which includes, but is not restricted to, Global Warming), you regressive idiot! Stand back and have a good, long look around … the radically changing weather patters, the melting ice caps, more frequent and severe cyclones … I now seriously, seriously doubt that you are, in any way, a reputable scientist .. what a frickin joke! And you hate lawyers too, eh? Do you realise that just about EVERY member of the LNP has a law degree? And not ALL lawyers are disreputable although I would agree that all the ones in the LNP certainly are!
    Another thing, any knuckle dragging idiot could have become a Rhode Scholar back in the 1970s! The ONLY criteria you had to have in those days were as follows: You had to be male, you had to have gone to the “right” school, it was certainly beneficial if you came from a privileged background, you had to be good at sports and you had to have a mediocre intelligence … Abbott, certainly had that … a MEDIOCRE intelligence. A friend of mine was in the SAME law/economics classes as the mongrel, Abbott and he was very, very mediocre. He was absolutely universally DESPISED on campus; a miserable, crawling, bully who used to scream out homophobic and misogynistic “”jokes”” outside the debating room on Sydney Campus! His was a vicious, small minded little pariah who loved to intimidate anyone he thought was vulnerable (nothing has changed there!). His appalling behaviour culminated in his smashing a wall right next to Barbara Ramjan’s head when she convincingly beat the bastard at a student election! I guess this type of thug appeals to you, eh Fraternity?
    It is clearly evident that you are just another regressive, sanctimonious misogynist with your pathetic 1950s views in relation to divorce and “”Moral fibre”” … you are pitiful!
    The least qualified of any treasurer in HISTORY of the country is the woefully inept John Howard and even worse, the current catastrophic idiot, Sloppy Joe!
    Look, I can’t be bothered trying to debate with idiots .. you will just beat me with experience, eh? Now go and play TROLL with somebody else. You are too frickin stupid for words! Don’t bother replying, you have ZERO credibility … I seriously doubt you are a physicist .. you haven’t got the intelligence to be a street sweeper, pal!

  492. gibbon says:

    take our country back indeed! especially from american influence. the artificial fears that abbott is responsible for will become reality as he sends troops and planes to irak and syria.
    obomba says send troops tony and he replies “yes sir! how many would you like?” all this for a cia/mossad constructed/financed/controlled ISIS. which stands for Israel Secret Intelligence Service.

  493. Terry Wrist says:

    Ludlam wouldnt even be in parliament if the votes didn’t go missing.You’re gone next election Ludlam.

  494. Terry Wrist says:

    character assassinations? Shorten would know all about that.

  495. M_Mackzy says:

    do you know why in your opinion we have a barely fuctioning economy is because labor fucked it up. spending billions of dollars ( we didnt have) you mindless twit

  496. M_Mackzy says:

    what do you mean. of course. abbot made changes he said he wass going to make. he may have gone against promisies but did it far less then fucking labor.

  497. M_Mackzy says:

    abbott has done better than labor ever did. labor just plunged us into debt

  498. Maskeladden says:

    Just like the conservatives in the states, that is just about the ‘argument’ thing i hear regurgitated by the liberals. Do you realize the entire world has gone through, and is still recovering from a global recession? Did you realize Australia was one of the few countries that managed to keep the economy alive and not collapsing during that period, and that it wasnt cheap (Because if the economy collapsed you guys would have been bitching endlessly)? Have you compared Australias debt to the GDP? Stop listening to that moron Abbot and Hockey who have magically tripled the nations debt since they got into power by pulling debt figured out of their ass so that it appears they are saving Australia by taking your rights and safety nets away. All while they give themselves handsome payrises…. Get real. Im not saying labor was competent, but with your current party representing you you have become a laughing stock internationally. Stop treating politics like a game of football by taking sides AND LOOK AT WHAT YOUR POLITICIANS ARE DOING REGARDLESS OF PARTY. Man…

  499. Matthew says:

    I think the general population needs an education in neo-liberal economics…nothing more. Armed with facts, I believe there would be hell to pay and both sides of politics would scampering for cover. We should be screaming as loud as we can so all can hear that as our government tries to lower the minimum wage the us is trying to raise theirs because after multiple decade of economic neo-liberalism they realise that it suppresses the economy. There are a million examples like this. That’s what people need to know. Their ideology is fundamentally wrong if they truly want a functioning society (tho I’m pretty sure they’d like to be back in 17th century Britain)